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What size image is best for which Social Media platform?

For Google+ the correct sizes are:
Profile banner 950 x 180
Profile image 250 x 250
Post image without black sidebars 3:4 ratio, with 800 x 600 should be minimum, better is 1600 x 1200 size

Worry no more as here they are: Save this!

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I got dizzy just looking at Facebook's statistics. Google+'s layout is easier on the eyes and information is easily digested. I use Twitter as a news feed so its layout works fine for the purpose I use it for. Thanks for the info, it illustrates why I prefer one social network over the other.
I've used 252x252 pixel for the Google profile picture instead of the recommended 250x250 pixels. Maybe they are both fine. An excellent find +Jaana Nyström!
  Yes, the images can be a bit bigger but not smaller. Now a large image can be 'manhandled' to be the profile banner, but I prefer to make the banner myself in the Google+ Edit photo, +Seppo Alaruikka 
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