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Is anyone else having this same problem?

No sharing possible from your profile to your own Page?

This is strange and only saw it today: I wanted to share something from my personal profile to my Page but could not find any 'Share' button. Just the 'Do Share' -extension button bottom left next to the +1.

Why does it say post is locked?

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Elisa T
Yes, it's a bug - someone else mentioned it a couple of weeks ago that their posts were randomly locking themselves (including very old posts). I've no idea of a solution though :/
Elisa T
I presume you're not able to unlock them yourself?
If the post was a limited post it won't let you reshare as a public post.
Not an issue here.... hope it stays that way.
Yeah saw that a few days back with a couple of my posts
I've found the odd post of mine locked when I have gone to reply to a comment someone has left with an image of mine etc. I just go up to the arrow tag (top right of post) , click on it so it brings up the drop down menu and then click on unlock post and all is well again. It's very annoying though.
I always usually post public, but for the first time I had this issue ( I had actually locked a post a few minutes before hand, as I wanted to reissue the same post with a better picture) perhaps that is the problem....perhaps someone should test... Post something public, then a few
minutes later lock the post...then a few mins later delete that post then take a look at your other posts and see if anything got locked..
I never lock my Public posts unless I want to direct the comments to another post or a re-share so this must be a bug...
+Jaana Nyström Did you share public from your profile to your page? Or did you share it with your page only?
Elisa T
Sharing to and from pages is a royal pain - when I had pages going I would frequently hit the share button and then discover it had shared from the wrong "persona". Really Google, it's natural that we would want to promote our pages on our personal accounts, it should be far easier.
+Alex Garcia I shared normally in Public. Then I opened up my Page and searched for my name wanting to share a post. All the posts in my 'profile' stream, looking from my Page were locked... I'm in 3 of the Circles of my Page. My own Page.
Elisa T
+Jaana Nyström were they locked from your own page? That's even weirder, if only your page displayed them as locked...
Have you tried the old clear cache, close browser , open browser?
I know it sounds as stupid as reboot your machine solution, but you would be surprised the number of times it works.
Aaarghhhh! I'm on the iMac which is new and I haven't any clue how to do that here... Blonde moment? :D
I couldn't plus this morning...I was able to share but not plussing at all
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The easiest way I know to share back and forth from profiles and pages are to have both follow each other. The profile can easily open the page, and vice versa, via search, and the posts appear in each other's streams as they are posted.
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