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Time zones on hovercard / profile / posts

Dear +Google, I have a wish.

I would really like if you integrated everyone's time zone into the profile and showed it on our hovercards and posts. It would make life very much easier for engaging with people from around the world.

Planning meetings or business Hangouts would be more efficient.

Also for us non North America dwellers it's not so clear, what time is 2 PM EST etc.
GMT is used all over, wouldn't it be easier to use that instead?

My time zone is GMT +2 or Helsinki, Finland time.

Shout out to +Vic Gundotra and +Google Developers

...or is there an app for it? :-)
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Not all of us stay within our timezones though. :)
I want that clock. It makes me happy for some unknown reason.
Yeah, where can I get it from? Want! +joseph mathew It's not that bad, most of them are either relatively simple or easy to figure out since we all know how to read a clock :D
And please include this also in the Circle Sort By menu...
Guys, to all of you who want that clock, you can't have it. It is Sheldon's.

True. For example, some of these you have to round up. Like g is actually 9.81, but they've rounded it to 10. And tan of 45 is definitely not 1.
I'd imagine that we would decide who sees this in our profile, whether it is public, seen by just some circles or only some people. That is the G+ way. Great feature though.
Another improvement would be that when we have our stream translated to our native language, the translation would remain in effect when we expand the post... this could help... at present it expands and returns to the original language.
+Tobi Dnz, correction, I was in radians. Why then, it is exactly one. Which is I believe, pi over 2?
The time zone could also be displayed on a post, same as location?
Timezones! I would really like an indication of where/when soneone is posting from.
+Jaana Nyström You are right, the time is already displayed (your local time) and it wouldn't be too hard to add zone information. It would be useful even if it was displayed as relative to GMT (i.e. New York might show -5 and Austin, TX would show -6) but it might be more useful you show the difference between the time in the posters location and in mine. So, if someone in New York posted at 05:17, the person in Austin might see 04:17 (+1)
Good idea, but we would need to add "our" timezone in the profile, right?
Cool! A math clock! Is there a digital version?
Or add the actual time when one makes a comment e.g., one is my local time (GMT +12) and one is the time the comment was made, say the last entry by +Jaana Nyström was 11:26 PM my local time.
We have daylight saving at present (New Zealand), so GMT+13 and back to GMT+12 on 1 April 2012.
+Dennis Mackey And 12.26 PM my local time, just after noon... :-) But the daylight saving time problem would be solved with connecting the present location with the time zone, then it would always be correct.
My last two comments entered at New Zealand time 12:17 AM and 12:23 AM respectively. Goodnight everyone :D
This is a feature I'd love to see.
As as workaround until we get it, we can manually add our location and timezone to the information displayed when someone hovers over our name. (Edit Profile -> Employment -> Employer name)
Mine contains "Gold Coast, Australia, Timezone GMT+10"
The privacy about the time zone, would that be an issue? If someone does not want to display the present location as public, there's no reason why the time zone could be another option, too... To show it or not?
great tip +Steve Coles right now, on Android I am using an app called PolyClock World Clock, it will show you the local times of any cities and compares it with your local time, this has helped me a lot in planning hangout with friends from around the world. PolyClock World Clock is available for $2.99 in the android market here

a free alternative is World Clock & Widget by T M. it is similar to PolyClock but lacks the visual finesse. it is however very useful, you can find it here
it looks like clock of some Mathematician
+Chuck Poe What I meant was, if the time zone is tied to the "present location" and someone does not want to display that... :-)
An idea whose time has come!
+Chuck Poe Yup, there could be a choice between the general area of the correct time zone and the actual location OR then just choosing a time zone without giving any location.
I'm thinking about "sensitive" stuff, maybe in style of the "Arab spring" whereabouts...
+Chuck Poe Well, not everyone on Google+ lives in a safe environment, so they might not want to reveal their exact location because of political or racial differences with the ruling powers. Just an example. So instead they could use the more general time zone option. Do I make any sense? :-)
+Chuck Poe I agree with you. And as I have lived in all sorts of countries from Northern Africa to SE Asia, I know what I'm talking about.
Okay, I want one ... and it can't be just me.

@Henno: The 11 part is hexidecimal.
I agree timezones would be nice, but I certainly wouldn't want to use GMT. I don't even know the time difference between here and there. Frankly, I would be facing the same problem you are now. Seems like there's no good answer...

On another note, that clock is badass (though using it might be the death of me).
We could all just switch to decimal or metric time, and then throw out the time zones.
tan(45) = tan (pi/4) = 1
sqrt(4) = 2
pi = 3.14159265, so when you round off(3.14159265) to nearest integer it is 3
log natural(e)=1 and therefore by laws of logs, log(e^4) = 4
Pythagorean (I assume all humans know this) 3^2+4^2=5^2 and therefore X=5
3 factorial is 6
6.9(recurring) is almost 7
16/2 and 3x3 (I dont think I need to explain these)
ceil function is least integer value greater than or equal to and g=9.81 (and ceil function returns 10)
0b in hexa decimal is 11
1100 in binary is 2^2+2^3 = 4+8 = 12
I just wish they would stop screwing with the American people with 'daylight savings', its outlived it's usefulness.
"Do you know how many time zones there are in the Soviet Union?"

It'd be a good feature as part of a general "share my contact details dynamically" option.
hi, from where comes the g=9.81 (what is g) ?
Sheldon Cooper has that clock hahaha =P it's so COOL =P
WELL g for gravity my frnd...g=9.8......
but it is gravity..n.its value is 9.8........
discussed this post in a hangout.
you expect Google employees to think beyond the shores of the United States? :( Totally agree with you, only Americans know what EST is, the rest of the world knows relative to GMT.
+Paul Brocklehurst Well, I'm sure they do know about the GMT, what with having offices around the world. I place a lot of trust in Google and the peeps working there. They've been listening to us all along. :-) Perhaps they just haven't thought about the need for time zones.
It's 6.9999999.... which is demonstrably equal to 7:

I agree, this would be a major step in social network if somebody besides the airline companies could master time zones. I believe that Google could not only master time zones, but also implement daylight savings without fucking up the network. Why? Because Google is that awesome.
so far the only the only thing I can read on that is the 3 times 3
+Kirthi Raman Doesn't 6.999.... = 7 since .9999.... = 1 not that it's so close that it rounds up to 7 but in fact it is 7, but everything else seems to be on point !
sorry g is wrong for 10 o'clock.because g=9.8
round it up and you get ......
10!!! Sheldon cooper's from the big bang theory
boo Jay
Awesome idea, +Jaana Nyström!

Now I'll know when to pester people at 2 to 4 am in the morning, their time!
it's amazing there are people who find mistakes in this clock :D and.... pretty funny... sorry to dissapoint you but there are NO mistakes in the numbers :P
+Stephen Halleck A simple electric clock mechanism can be purchased from many places. If you attach one to a black board, you could get students to come up with their own formulae for each of the numbers and change them periodically.
Should we do a Hangout to discuss this post?
+Jaana Nyström , +Chuck Poe If location is privacy issue for some people, Google can always use your present location's IP address to display your current time.
how boring!
try 2 undersatand what time is it??!?!?!!?!
I'd like to have a clock like this one...
I used to struggle to find answers to these formulas. Now the answers are given to me, and I struggle to understand the formulas.
Nice but... 16/2 could be 2^4, 3x3 should be ~p_cu where p = density. I'd like something more mathematical for 9.... anyone?
my teacher has one only it is black and looks like it is written with chalk
Well, Those math things on the clock should be changing at least once a day. Then, it's real fun lol
Dima Z
My dream!!!
+Harish G Unfortunately that's spamming when you link to a page which has nothing to do with the subject of a post.
By the time i find out the time, im gonna have to find it again
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