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+Natalie Villalobos has a bi-monthly post where we can give feedback of the features we'd like Google to develop for Google+:

Your chance to influence in the future Google+ updates

Here's the original post: Go and read the existing comments, +1 those you like and add yours if missing from the list.

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I added couple of feature requests related to picture sharing.
I submitted 9 suggestions to +Natalie Villalobos 's previous Power to the Poster post, took me over an hour to craft them, she completely ignored them!

I submitted some ideas also to the post before that one in the series, they were also ignored!

I. Am. Out!
I am with +Claude Rieth I don't get the feeling that this will be used to influence anything. Unless some kind of communication on such posts take place some kind of affirmation or acknowledgement of issues that are being broached on happens, I can't take this seriously at all.
Perhaps the comments are read by the teams?
I have absolutely no problem with being told that my ideas are complete nonsense, I however don't see any point in continuing submitting ideas without any feedback at all. And if the team reads them, they could comment, too!
+Yvan Da Silva "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" is a well know Kōan in Zen philosophy, and taken philosophically I shouldn't care wether or not somebody hears me felling trees.

As however I'm not yet a Zen Master, and this platform is all about communication and sharing, I still fail to see why I should continue to fell trees if nobody hears them falling. Communication should be bidirectional.

Again, I don't need anybody telling me how great or not my ideas are, or to discuss them in depth, a simple acknowledgement that the sound of the falling tree has been heard is perfectly enough.

Btw. what I just did, I answered your comment, so even if I do not agree with it, I did not ignore you and I gave you some kind of feedback . Took me some minutes, but at least you know that it has been read!
+Yvan Da Silva we have ALL been giving feedback for months and months. Many of the "known" problems are still ongoing.. by now we should have received better responses than "we are working on it". Some kind of feedback back is long over due.

We are not being told when new problems are arising although G+ are aware of them..instead we fumble through until we eventually another user who has happened to find the right Google employee who has officially confirmed they are looking into it.

I think its a mistake to leave users in the dark about these types of things. People get frustrated and leave ultimately.

I do understand they cannot talk about future projects..but they could talk about present problems and fixes and requests and ideas from users.
For me one of the biggest mistake FB ever made was ignoring its users.Even publicly saying they'll get over it.
I also appreciate that it is a hell of a job for one person to be the contact person for so many people..there should be more site managers.
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