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YAY for trees! 
Come on folks: Share the post and get your own tree planted! Doesn't cost you anything... :-)

Would you like to have a tree planted for you in Australia?

I already have one, and it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, the knowledge that I've helped even a tiny bit to conserve the endangered rainforest species.

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Share, share! Let's grow a forest! :-)
*Who wants a Tropical Rainforest Tree?
Share this post for a Tree

On October 20, Treeforce will be planting Block 2 @ St Andrew's, Redlych, Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

Share this post and TreeForce will plant a tree, take a photo of tree, post photo of tree and tag it with your name.

We are the real deal!
650 trees available. Offer ends 5pm (GMT+10), 19th of October.

TreeForce plants rainforests!

We will be planting 650 Australian Native, Tropical Rainforest Trees.
Our trees are planted for conservation purposes only. They are planted to provide food and habitat to the critically endangered #Cassowary   , #TreeKangaroo and other endangered Rainforest species of Far North Queensland.
Our trees will never be logged/used for timber.

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Come on folks: Share the post and get your own tree planted! Doesn't cost you anything... :-)
Cairns is my favorite holiday destination in Australia and I assure everyone. If a tree is going to grow it will grow in Cairns. Even the cold days are warm in Cairns...Have a good day
thankyou so much for sharing this +Jaana Nyström  and everyone else who reshared. Your trees will be planted this Saturday.  Photos will be posted sometime next week. Thanks again everyone.
I've shared your new page already, copypasted the message.
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