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New on Google+?

Links for useful Google+ stuff:

What is Google+:

The Google+ Help pages:

Google+ videos:

Lots of info on my +Gplus Expertise Page

My webmag about Google and Google+:

See also my blog

I hope this gets you started. It may be a bit overwhelming in the beginning...  But persist!

New phone or email has no-one in them unless you add people: 
The same applies to social media.
You don't have to get your friends over: make new ones. :-)

Here you have even more resources:öm/posts/KQTnydTwpnu

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PS: Google+ was 2 years old on the 28th June 2013.
I joined the 29th June 2011.
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I was ignoring Google+ as long as there was Buzz.
Bingo!  Most of my friends and family still refuse to join or even acknowledge Google+.  They continue to be Facebook lamers.  :-(
Buzz. 1 post... It was "what the hell is this?" 
I'm the only one of my friends that uses g+ so for me I'm still first. Actually I don't know anyone in person that uses either.
I guess I should say. I still use all other social networks but I use g+ for apple hate and technology lol.
I use 2 - G+ & face-ache.  I'm also on LinkedIn, but I don't count that as a social network and I hardly use it.  I killed my Twitter account a few months ago because it was just too noisy.
I signed up for Buzz, but didn't really get into it until google plus started. 
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