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Here's an excellent resource by +Phillip Olsen:

Have fun and learn stuff while hanging out!

From games to quizzes and business apps, check them out and save the link!
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I'm really normal +Jaana Nyström and a polite guy thanks so much for pressing control V after copying a link to your clipboard !
Yeah, right... I´ll hang around by the station of the east, ok?
elles sont superbe les photos ainsi que la jeune femme
+David E Nebeker You can adjust the volume of the stream for each circle. Click open the nametab for the Follow circle from the left top side of the home (stream) page under your small profile pic and name. Then check the slider top right.
If you want to mute the circle, slide all the way to the left.

You can still visit the circle and see their posts but this way they don't swamp your main stream. Same goes for all circles, there are 4 levels of adjustment.
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