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Have you seen this? Perhaps yes, but it does not really matter as the big question is

have your FB friends seen this?
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haha spot on ..must share this...thank you again....Your No 1 #Fan:)
Hadn't I officially made my last facebook post on october 1th, I'd repost this over there. But as I now have 10 times more interactions here on G+, no need to post anything on my fb anymore. And yes, sooner or later they'll all end up here!
Sounds a little bit ominous, like Google wants to take over the world. LOL
+Laura Malick Smith Ominous my boot! :-) If being a member of Google+ community means that Google knows which kinds of ads to show me, well I'm just happy. Then I don't have to see all the uninteresting crap?
+Sean O'Reilly Rapey and wrong? Hmmm.

Of course no-one MUST use any of the Google services, but sooner or later they will all be integrated in Plus. Is that a bad thing? Perhaps better not to take it too literally?
+Jaana Nyström Just our opinions Jaana. I like Google obviously or I wouldn't be using it. But you've got to admit, they've got their hands and cameras in and on everything.

I still say it sounds like a takeover.
i think G+ is awesom!! its a lot newer n more functional to use!! looooove the whats hot section!!! :)
i think after a few yrs people will eventually leave FB n come to G+ or at least own an account for both!!! :)
+Laura Malick Smith Of course these are only my opinions and everyone is entitled to disagree: I'm looking at things from my viewpoint.
It would be quite hard to look at them from someone else's.
What do you mean by takeover? Haven't really thought about it from that angle, so really would like to hear your thoughts about it.
Well actually this video is not of my making, I just found it hilarious and shareable!
+Jaana Nyström Well, when the list everything they do and assume everyone's using it and then state that if you aren't you will be, kind of sounds like they're saying "we will be everywhere and in everything your do online"

And they're growing by leaps and bounds.

Here's a list of who they've aquired

Pyra Labs-Blogger

Neotonic Software-for CRM

Applied Semantics-for search

Kaltix Corp-for context sensitve search

Genius Labs-for blogging

Ignite Logic-web templates for law firms

Picassa-digi photo management

Keyhole Group-digital mapping

Where 2 Technologies-digital mapping

ZipDash-maps and traffic for mobile devices

2Web Technologies-spreadsheets


Dodgeball-mobile social networking

Reqwireless Inc.-Java browser

Current Communications Group-broadband internet

Android-software for mobile phone o/s

Transformic Inc-search engine for deep/invisible web

Skia-graphics software engineering

DMarc Broadcasting-digital radio broadcasting

Measure Map-analytics for blogs

Upstartle-Writely, document editor for the web

@Last Software-SketchUp 3D modeling

Orion-Referral search engine

Neven Vision-automatic information extraction from jpgs

Jotspot Ind-wiki platform for websites

YouTube-online video company

Endoxen-geomapping software

Xunlei-filesharing app for the web

Adscape Media-in-game advertising

Gapminder's Trendalyzer-presentation software

Doubleclick-ad platform for the web

Tonic Systems-document conversion technology

Marratech-video conferencing technology

Green Border Technologies-secure web browsing tech

Panoramio-photo site sharing for Google Earth

Feedbumer-RSS feed distribution analytics and management

GrandCentral-mobile voice management

Postini-communications security and compliance

They're working on Yahoo at the moment
+Laura Malick Smith But this is just business! Look at any company worth their salt and you will see the same thing.
It's not worth while to develop everything by themselves because there are companies with gifted people who do it better. The owners would not sell unless they wanted to... And get very good money for that, too.
After selling they can either retire or start another company which they can sell later.
+Josh Libby Oh very well said! I tend to agree with you as I have nothing to lose whether I use Google products or not. Perhaps if I DON'T use them I might lose somewhat... But that is again only my own opinion.
True. I know businesses acquire other businesses through aquisition and/or merger. And in this economy, the strong are buying the weak.

But there's a point when they will become a monopoly. I think that it's bad for any business to get too big. Microsoft tried.
+Laura Malick Smith However the doomsday prophets of the tech world seem to think Google will fail? If you compare the 800 million users of Facebook against Google+*s 50 million, which one is closer to Monopoly?
+Jaana Nyström Congrats! It's clear that What's hot is indeed awesome, useful, and of a very high quality! I take back every word of criticism I uttered about it ;).
More like irony ;). Seriously, though: congratulations! Very cool to be in the what's hot section!
You're in almost 7,000 people's circles, +Jaana Nyström That's not a "nobody." But yes, definitely cool that you're included, and not just the O'Reilly's and Scoble's of this world. Goes to show that it actually could become a meritocracy, with room for those who do their best to make an impact. Very cool - and well deserved.
+Saidin Abdullah You, sir, are spamming. Stop it or be cast into outer hell with your mony. Consider yourself to be blocked.
Dear +Jaana Nyström, I hereby officially ask for an handsigned autographed golfball once you reach the 7000! ;-)
+Claude Rieth Aaargh! Can I include a thrown driver club with some old, stinking-of-sweat golf gloves? ;D
+Jaana Nyström There will come a time when your old drivers and gloves will be featured in Hard Rock Cafés around the world... :-P
BTW: If I needed to recommend a Google+ expert of ALL the choices I have in my circles it would be difficult. The choice would fall on +Gabriel Vasile and if you haven't circled him yet, you should.
"You don't need to choose Google+ sooner or later you're going to end up using it", google = skynet?)
السلام عليكم يا صدقائي اريدوا ان اثعرفى اليكم وشكرا
Resistance is futile... you will be assimilated
Interesting video. I did chuckle at the mention of Buzz though. Also made Google out to be scarily ubiquitous and big brother-ish which I don;t think it is - it just keeps making the coolest stuff.
What starter as a troll turned into serius lulz!
Well, let's see: I will write a new post about this and share it over in FB!
Josh Libby > so as long as they are alive, I trust Google inherently. When one of them ceases or relinquishes control or sells or conveys control to another entity, I will reassess my relationship with Google.

That was so true of Hewlett-Packard.

I worked there from 1983 thru 2006. My dad worked there from around the mid 70's to early 90's when he retired (I forget which years specifically). In the 80's and to a lesser extent into the 90's, HP was still under the eye of the founders in one way or another, and life was good. But, as they ramped down, and especially after they both had died, HP became "just like (almost) every other place", not the special place it had been to work. And I mean work; it wasn't good because it was like a Club Med vacation. It was special because the employees were treated with respect and shared in the success of the company. Increasingly, we had CEOs with the MBA, button-pushing mentality that cost-cutting was the only/primary way to success (not that all MBAs are like that). Morale cratered, and I hear that it's even worse since I left. I'm glad they laid me off when they did. It sounds like I'd dread going to work now if they hadn't (and if I'd chosen to stay anyway, obviously). The declining stock price, I posit, is partially a reflection of that.
+Laura Malick Smith Is he here again, the Saidin guy? I cannot see as I have blocked him. Thanks for grabbing my attention, what has he been doing?
+Jaana Nyström Either he pulled it himself or Google was fast. I reported his profile and flagged his message here for inappropriate. It's was some garbage about making money by joining something.
" You end up using it " ..really democracy at all....
+Fariba Asvadi It's an opinion only in the video, not too serious... And no-one has to use any Google service, right?
Janna Nystrom : no, no force , but it is really a brain washing when it says " all what you do is in Google , so you soon end up using it" ..can you see the brain washing here??? a kind of force...
well, true, you don't need to choose G+ - you'r already here.
I selected to be here , by my own, not by force.
You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.
the fact that on facebook everyone is ur friend and that u share everything with everyone is not actually true. The circles in google plus look a lot with the lists of facebook. I am on facebook for 3 yrs more or less and since very early i started to share only what i wanted with who ever i wanted. In fact, with facebook you can have several networks in your network. I am sure google + has some advantages, but i cannot agree with how this video is made.... Is not true what they say.... If you know how to use facebook's privacies, you can set it as you want. What is true is that my email is google and i use google for everything else, even for looking for facebook. Peace to all
Im going to share this...on Facebook!! xD
Of couse i saw this, otherwise i wud not comment daaahhhh :-D.
I understand most dont know what are lists on facebook, and that most dont bother who they add to their page or about their privacy, but that is not facebook's fault... And yes, facebook released several videos explaining things, how do u think i found it out? If one does not care in opening these videos again is noone's fault except ur own. People shud care for their own privacies...that's wht everyone does on their normal life, why not on the virtual world??????
+Susana Cruz This is for using if you want to have your Facebook friends to join the Google+, a good way of showing them what it's all about. I'm not saying FB is not nice or anything, just that Google+ is fun, too. And for me better than FB ja Twitter combined.

Though many people actually don't seem to want their friends migrating over... :-)
How many of you others find this video somehow offending or Facebook degrading? Just out of interest...
I don't think google+ will takeover facebook, but work side by side. Kids can't handle this.
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