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Create a RSS feed from your Google+ page or profile

There are a few possibilities:


From +Luc Suy: Feed+ ! 


Google Plus RSS Feed from Magenta River:

Chrome app:

Feed+ for Chrome:

From +Rahul Roy:
Step1: Visit 
Step2: Choose a nickname and enter 21 digit number of your Google+ profile URL 
Step3: After creating short url for your Google+ profile at just use to distribute your public feeds

Any others you know?

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I use the Google+Blog Wordpress plugin to import my G+ posts into my personal blog, which I then publish as an Atom/RSS feed via Feedburner (and cross-post using the WP-to-Twitter plugin).
Didn't know about all these options. This is great!
Cool, now i'll be able to read my favourite posts in google reader............. doh!
+Jaana Nyström can you give more details on what you use to publish on your blog? Right now I have a client using Pluss to create the feed and bringing it into the blog using shortcode via an iframe plugin. It looks great, but only shows one post unless scrolling is added. Have added styles, but the scroll bar on the right still goofs the right margin, covering part of the content.

I believe that Google+Blog plugin may actually be against Google TOS because it not only makes an actual post of the content, which is then held in the site's database, it also holds the comments in the database. That last part may be the TOS breaker, but still seeking confirmation on that.

Would much rather just display the feed than have anything actually imported, even as a post.
Thank you. WordPress has an RSS widget native to it too, but I'd like to post it to a page. Perhaps iframe is the only way unless I make a hook for a widget area in the page.
Lol i saw google+ to IRS and was like why would any one want that?
I wrote an article about G+ and RSS a while back. In it, I link to a Yahoo Pipe I wrote that takes Google+ formatting and creates titles for your rss feed. It is a bit 'techy' if you are unsure what RSS is but if you know, you might like it. 
Does anyone know if it's possible to create an RSS feed of a search page in Google+? So say you searched for posts on oranges - could you make an RSS from that, using something like Yahoo Pipes? +Scott Kingery - would you know anything about this?
+Emily King  This RSS needs the Google+ ID number, so the answer here is no. I don't know about some other feeder...  Did you try any?
Thanks, I'll see if I can get that to work.
Excellent post. Thanks. Gplusrss worked best for me. 
+MaAnna Stephenson just used +Jaana Nyström suggestion to create an RSS feed, then used this plugin to import feed into Wordpress - . THe plugin has the ability to configure multiple excerpts, size of excerpts, plus many more options. Not sure however if the plugin violates Google's terms of service, but you can configure plugin to open up full post at source on new page, lightbox, same page.
+Gary Hyman, how is it that you know what I did or how I used this plugin? Your post makes it look like I'm endorsing its use or publicly displaying it somewhere. I'm not.
+MaAnna Stephenson perhaps a misunderstanding? I just picked up a few keywords on this thread by you "Google+Blog" "only shows one post" "How do you publish on your blog" & just assumed you were trying to get more info on RSS to Wordpress. Nothing convoluted or underhanded at all. I'm just trying to help. I don't even know what plugin you're using. I'm also in no way implying  that you endorse the plugin. I'm just saying I tested this plugin with the RSS & it seems to work ok for me. Make sense? I'm sure a misunderstanding?
Well, +Gary Hyman, your comment said I used this then used that, so made it sound like you knew exactly what I did, even though I never reported on what I actually did do. Might want to be more careful with your wording when you attach someone else's name to it. I'd be happier if you delete your comment in case someone else decides to only read part of this thread too. And then I'd be happy to delete my comments to you on it.
wow, this is far from great. Now can update externally rss feed, my followers really appreciate.  Quite handy (created feed, used rss link to twitter feed) astonishing as well!! Boosted traffic! :P
+Luc Suy Feed+ does exactly what I needed. Thanks for the recommendation. Rock on.

And +Jaana Nyström, thanks for the writeup and discussion.
Note: Feed+ and Feedly on the phone do not work as well as Feed+ and Feedly on the desktop. I do not know if that is the fault of Feed+ or Feedly. UPDATE: Nevermind. This corrected itself. Dunno.
Great info.  Always knew the folks from Finland were nice and smart! :)
 ... and what about to feed a G+ community via IFTTT? 

Thanks,  +Jaana Nyström How do you do this with Feedly?

I already have a Feedly account and it would be great not to have to create yet another account on yet another service.
Many thanks for this tips, especially for Magenta River:
Thanks for the informative share. Really helpful!
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