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How many in an hour?

I get an average of 50 new, every hour.
What about you? How are you dealing with them?

I try to check them all and reply. It feels a chore sometimes...
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I guess it pays to be an Unknown. I have hardly any Notifications, maybe 5 per day...
G+ is definitely distracting. Thank god I'm not very popular or I would get Nothing done. Some of these people that post all day must not have jobs.
Depends how active I am and how much others are reading my posts. Rough estimate would be 5-10 in busiest hours...
Haven't you guys watched "what's hot" stream? Usually more trivial and non-important post might be (and preferably involves cats) it gets tons of plusses and comments. :D
Popularity has a lot to do with it. ;-)
depends on what time it is.. in the morning a lot, in the afternoon a lot... in the evening a lot.. But at night.. IT GETS CRAZY!!!
I was already know precisely which exist in FB
Only 2-4, sometimes none. But I only have 800 ppl circling me...
Well, if you would stop posting new things I need to butt into, it would be a lot less!!!
It's definitely easier to check them later in the day, than earlier in the morning, at least for me. However, 50+ in an hour would be nearly impossible, so kudos to you for getting through them all (as I can personally attest you do)!
It wouldn't be so difficult if you didn't have to create memes at the same time.
For me it also depends on how active I am with commenting and sharing posts that people appreciate and therefor comment on. On an average per hour is hard say, but per day... Probably around 5-10. I check my notifications asap as well, so that is also why it's pretty difficult to say how many I get in an hour too or per day.
+Pasi Ääpälä a couple of times then I realised it was a waste of time.

I get 2-3 per hour max, then I lose interest and mute them.
not really, I don't get many requests on +
50 new every hour, that´s just horrible :) Glad I have not been circled by 29668 Google+ users!
Every 5 minutes I get 4-6 new ones, and when I comment back, then again new ones... People adding me all the time, sharing posts with me... :-) At least it's not boring!
I always wonder why people I have never heard of add me to their circles....without sending me any kind of message. Weird. Maybe I look really interesting?
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