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All in need of help / advice / #G+Tips with Google+:

Hello my dear Circleverse!
I've received dozens of messages via email and G+ asking me for help, like "Am totally new to this social site..Can you put me through?"

As much as I'd like to help each individual, unfortunately I'm really busy at the moment! :-)

Here are the articles I've written about using Google+, all should be helpful and instructive. Not telling anyone how it must be done, but how it can be done, rather.
Have a read and you'll be enjoying the Google+ experience more, I hope... :D

All about the profile page, your 'business card' in Google+:

Other important aspects of Google+, thoughts and suggestions + good links:

About etiquette and consideration for others + Tips:

Feel free to share these with your friends and circles!


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Jack W
I've enjoyed reading your articles as a relative noob to G+. 
+Jaana Nyström Yes - I have this 'Share' button in Google Reader. But you see - I can 'share' to my 'stream' only. I just want to share/post from Google Reader to my G+ Page not to main stream. Is it possible ?
+Aleksandr Fusman Do you mean your personal profile page (Posts or About?) or your business page?
If to business page stream, have you tried logging in Google+ as your business and then sharing?
If all else fails, share the post from your stream into the stream of your business page while logged in there.
Sorry, don't know how to do it otherwise.
Anyone else?
+Jaana Nyström , many thanks for all your helpful, caring advice, and cheerful support. Also a noob, I'm unclear if I share a post with, say a photo and original comments, will the original poster/photgrapher automatically see my reshare post, with my comments added? If not, is it good etiquette to add the original poster to my share post so they get the satisfaction of seeing the share?
+Robert Rowe This depends how you share:

Clicking the 'share' under the original post means that the original poster sees the share. Unless it has already been re-shared and you are actually sharing that post. The comments in any shared post will not follow, nor does the originator see your comments.

- No matter with whom you share a post you’ve found in Google+, it is always polite to mention the person who shared the post before you. Simply add ‘Via +Mr x’ or ‘Thanks for the share +Ms Y’. Also it is very nice if you write your opinion (or just a few words why you share) about the post you are re-sharing.

Linking the original post to a new one by clicking on the ‘time stamp’ and then posting the permalink is a good way to credit the original sharer and keep your own commentary intact for possible reshares. The downside is the original writer doesn’t know that the post has been shared, unless you mention them in your new post text. If the comments are really good in the original poster’s thread, sharing the link and then asking people to comment on the original while disabling comments on your re-share is a good practice.

(from my article
+Jaana Nyström I created a circle to post to Twitter and FB via G+ but it is not working.:(.. Is it because both are in the same circle?
+Ed Fernandez At least the FB emailing system doesn't work, they've changed something. Twitter I haven't really even tried. Sorry!
EDIT: Have you tried BufferApp?
+Jaana Nyström I will look into it. Thanks for the FB (feedback...LOL just when you thought...)
Hiya +Jaana Nyström! Could you please give me credit for that graphic here and on your blog? I'm the one that came up with it. Thanks! :D
+Aaron Wood Thanks for letting me know, don't know where I got it from! Could you make one with your name on? :-)
Just linked this post to my profile. For all "lost" in G+...
+Pasi Ääpälä Well, you could check my profile links... :-) Check these hashtags out: #G+Tip #gvgpUseful #gplusupdates #jgguides #gplus2011tops
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