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Thinking of starting a community?

Please read this first:

Community Building is a (long term) process - 7 tips

Come on people - hold your breath and just wait at least till next week with all your community invitations. I am just overwhelmed and I am sure I will join some (Google+) communities. But community building is a long term process and I am quite sure, I do not want to be in a community, which was just built on the first day the feature hit my browser.

With all the View Community and Community Invites badges I thought it would be a good idea to have a little checklist before you create and post your community.

Are you really passionate about the community?
     Setting up a community is not just an idea that comes to mind, to protect
     the ground, but do you really care about the theme and the people in the

Is there enough good content to keep the community live and
     Keeping a community going needs good content, enough questions, people
     who are willing to answer and respectful. 

Enough time to moderate?
     Community management can be a hard job sometimes. Keeping members
     happy sometimes needs moderation. There are always people dominating
     a community. Is this what you want? Think about it and create your rules
     and communicate them.

► Is the community large or small enough ?
     Sometimes it is better to have a small and intimate community, than to 
     having it loud and verbose. Private or public, with invitation only?

► Know the audience - does the audience know about the community?
     Public communities can attrack spammers and noisy people. What does
     your audience want. Private discussion or speaking in the public.

► Know the needs of the community to keep it vibrant
     If you set the theme to broad, it is sometimes hard to have a good
     discussion about a topic. But if the niche is too small, maybe not enough 
     members care. 

► Do not press everybody to join the community
     Maybe not everybody is as passionate about your community idea. So 
     start inviting people, where you think they could be really interested. Use 
     Google+ search with and without hashtags about the main topics of your
     community and start slowly.

The year is just ending and there will be another year to create a great (not large) community. 

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