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Hey Everyone!
Time for the second installment of the regular Google+ Discuss Weekly Round-Up post where the top trending questions of the week are answered.

1: New Google+ Launch: +1 activity posts

This week the Google+ team launched +1 activity posts, and +martin shervington  created a great post describing what you could see in the Stream, what determines what posts appear, etc.
Take a look at this for more: at

You can also read additional insights from
+Dustin W. Stout  on his blog where he gives a comprehensive overview of this new launch:

The Google+ Help Center also covers this if you’d like to see details of the posts with a graphical step-by-step breakdown:

2: Question from +Rifdhan Nazeer:  Why can’t I post to Communities and Circles/Public at the same time?

+John Skeats  says it best:

Google+ does not allow you to share a post with either multiple communities or a community and circles for a very good reason. Communities are intended to be limited. 
Posts to private communities can only be seen by community members. Posts to public communities can be seen by anyone but only members of the community are allowed to comment on them. 

If you could cross-post to a community and people outside that community (which would happen if you could post to multiple communities), it would break the integrity of the community because people outside the community could see and comment on the posts. 

There have to be separate posts to maintain that integrity and, in the case of private communities, to protect the privacy of the community members.   

You can read more on his original post here:

3: Question from +Charles Gaines : Why can't I add more people to my circles?

Google+ limits certain circle actions to protect users and Google+ from abuse. There’s a limit of 5,000 for the total number of profiles that can be included across all your circles. This includes +Pages.

A more comprehensive response is outlined on a previous post of mine here:

4: Most liked update: +Mr. Jingles and "All notifications" posted by +Jens Graikowski

After the new bell icon update we had to resort to tricks like dragging the icon to our browser bar in order to see our “All notifications” stream.

Now when you click on the bell and wait for the posts to load, you see on top the text, Google+ notifications 
Click on the grey text and you get your "All" stream.

This tip was originally posted here:

5: Protip: Google+ Photos

Here’s how you can best organize your Google+ photo albums:

*Click on Photos, then Albums.
*Choose an album.
*There are several choices you get when you open an album by clicking on it.
*Click on ORGANIZE.
*You can choose the order of the images either by selecting one of the choices here or manually dragging a photo to a new location.

To change the album cover image:

*Hover over the picture you want and then:
*Click on the little blue flag on the top-left corner of any picture.
*You can also drag this image to be the first in the album but that is not necessary. The album will display the "cover image" when people look at your "Albums" view.

The original "Tips & Tricks" post is here, with screenshots:

▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣

Thanks for all of your questions and insights this week. Special thanks to everyone who helped respond to these trending topics found in the Google+ Discuss community.
Please do check back again next week when we will again help to highlight the best questions and answers on the community.

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Haha, just went to share this... but...
Greg S
Sorry, I'll save the snark for somewhere else.  Good summary post :)
+Jaana Nyström As you are what is known as an Influencer I see your +1's the same as I would a share from you. The advantage of you doing a +1, instead of a share, is that my activity now goes on the OP instead of on your copy. As I am not an Influencer I need to share for others to see the OP (the copy I create).
+John Davidson That is a very interesting observation!  
It's not long since many people clamoured for the +1's to go to the OP instead of the sharer... Well, in this case they do. :-)
Anyone remember who they were?
+1 for sure too many people are sharing pictures that they are getting from other peoples pages... in effect stilling there +1's
Wish Google would have not forced everyone to be opted in...that new +1 feature has been absolute garbage has ruined my Home Stream with nonsense I don't want to see compared to when what I saw was left to HUMAN control via post and reshares!
+Shawn Allen You can opt out with our own +1's. You can also avoid seeing any of the posts with the Chrome extension.
Early days yet.
Greg S
I would present for consideration that if "early days" have caused many to vocally complain and attempt to leave the system - to the point that a third-party extension was created - that the system may have some significant issues.  Waiting until the "issue" state is the "new normal" is not a good thing in that case.
+John Skeats    Didn't know there was a Chrome Extension...can I have the link? So far I have find a manual way to circumvent the nonsense but I'm sure the extension will be better.

And +Greg S. AGREED!
+Greg S. Yes? Please explain more.  
I still have to see a change in Google+ which did not get a lot of very vocal complaints when rolled out.
Greg S
None of the previous ones actually broke people's privacy and directly interfered with the relevance of their content, though :(  (At least IIRC...)
+Greg S. Really? That's what most of the updates were accused of, in their time. Communities, Business Pages, Extended circles...
So you are concerned about breaking established rules?
Greg S
Communities really did what people were worried they would - pruned down hashtagged and public posts on topics to nearly nothing.  I'm getting circled by lots of business pages that apparently post nothing but spam, and never circle them back.  ...and I don't think I was around for the extended circles bit.  So yes, the negative consequences do occur.
+Greg S. I disagree. I see as many public posts as ever now. In fact, many of us create public posts first and then reshare them with one or more communities. That's how virtually all of my post are shared.
Greg S
You must be seeing different communities than I do.  One of the larger topic communities has more or less absorbed every posting on its topic.  If I hadn't located it and subscribed to it, I wouldn't be seeing any of those at all, and I would be wondering what happened to my stream.
+Greg S. That is the true purpose of communities. The limit on circles for following only allows 5000, but there is no (?) limit on communities. I just reshared a picture from my home feed to a community and that reshare has over 50 actions now. I never get that in a regular public post.
If anyone has problems in finding the interesting topics and people:
Use the search.  Inside and outside the communities.

But really, not one person posts about just one topic in their personal profile: With me you get the Google+ advice & tips, gardening photos, scuba thing and overall scholastic posts sometimes. And perhaps a cat. And something else.

For a topic-oriented content the communities are the best bet.

More here:
Thanks +Jaana Nyström for that information about number of communities. I belong to 21 so far (but still growing)
Greg S
I have to admit that when I post stuff to that community, it always gets a lot of action :/  It just makes me sad that anyone who's not in that community doesn't see it.  (And why would they even look for it, posted public?  That stream's dried up!)
+Greg S. How about sharing the community, getting your circlers interacting?
But we have to admit, not all are interested in the topics we find fascinating... I have the same dilemma.
Where can I find all the divers / golfers / Kimi Räikkönen fans?
Greg S
Well, this one is a Doctor Who community, and I bet most of the rest of G+ is sick of it and glad that it's been contained, so :)
I don't share my +1's.  I use those for bookmarking.   If I want to Share, I use Share.   
+JoAnn Brereton Would you like the people whose posts you share to get more out of the transaction?

If you +1 a post because you like it and you'd like good things to come to the original poster, then the new feature is right up your alley. Isn't it?

The original poster (if that post is chosen for the +1 activities) then gets all the +1's others give and also the shares and comments.

You can hide your own +1's but this feature will still live on, I think, as soon as people realize that this actually works for the "little people".

Google does not share all of your +1's, not by a long chalk.
+Jaana Nyström I see your point but I also see that it still doesn't pass the basic "what's in it for me?" test for sharing. It's good for the original poster though. Just doesn't give me anything if value that offsets the risk that I may be oversharing.   The bottom line is that if I want to share, I'll "Share" and that user will get all the kudos they need from that.     It's the same reason I don't "Like" any pages in Facebook.
+JoAnn Brereton Well, these are the things we have to resolve within ourselves. There's no right or wrong. Only us.
By the way, you can check the Ripples of this post: After a post has been shared, one can see by whom. A good way to find people who are interested in the same topic posts as you are...

Hover on the right of the post, under the green ball: Click on the grey arrow (options menu) and choose view Ripples.
About limits on circles for business pages

I (+Kristina Nyberg) admin a business page,  that has a limit on following / adding to circles since a good couple of months and it is getting tiring as we did nothing to deserve being penalized as far as I know.

One potential issue may have been the fact that we worked around being unable to add customers that opted into receiving promotional communication from ourselves. As it is currently not possible to import them using a CSV file, we added them manually by searching for their email address and looking up their order details, not only to the same circle though.

We have segmented our circles into 15 different, where the largest one has 492 people. We are nowhere near the cap of following 5000 that I have seen in various resources may become an issue.

At present, I reach the daily limit after adding about 5 people to a circle. This, despite the fact that mostly I am adding back our own customers that are following us.

Same issue occurs when using customers email addresses and searching for them, adding them to the relevant circle in case we also know what they ordered from us previously.

Contact with our account managers at +Google have yielded no results so far.

How can we get this issue resolved?
Add a comment...