Some of the great engagers on +Google+ Help (Unofficial) page :-)

Who are in your top 100?

Take a look as long as the API calls don't run out: Refresh a few times if there are problems, or try again tomorrow.

Please +Google+ Developers give +Jari Huomo more API love for his birthday! 

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Here are the most active Gplussers of this Page:  BIG thank you!

Our Top Engagers

These 100 people have been most active in engaging with our 100 last posts. Plussing, sharing and / or commenting.

See all in this website:

Worth circling, right, this active group? :-)  You can also take a look at their "Timeline" by clicking under the photo.

Replace the G+ ID with your own and see the magic happen.
This great and fun tool with a secret algo is brought to you by +Jari Huomo who has birthday today...  :-)   #HBD    

Everybody loves an engager!

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