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Oh, I feel very sexy sexist today! :-)
I'm just ignoring all the guys and focusing on some very great ladies on Google+:

My Own Great Google+ Ladies Circle

Here they are in CircleCount's great presentation:

These Gladies are fun, intelligent and productive.
I've been gathering this circle since the dawn of time. Or July last.

Have fun and circle! :-)

#circleshare #circle #jaanatip
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What a great circle! I already have nearly everyone on this list already circled. Thanks for the share. I'm sure I'll find some new great women to circle.
..well i wouldnt mind to be circled by all those Princesses :)))) :D
Thank you ! Already have some, but can use some more awesome girls in my stream.
Woohoot to the ladies!! Thanks for including me in such a fantastic circle of women, +Jaana Nyström! xo
haaa !! I really like what's in your mind today :)
Wow, many of the Gladies are already in my circles - and I'm honored to be included :-)!
Thank you for including me +Jaana Nyström it's fun to be sexy:)))) But really lots of awesome women here in your circle. Thank you for sharing:)
Brilliant +Jaana Nyström - be as 'sexist' as you like - especially promoting Gladies like the ones you just have :)
WHUUUD!? What on Earth persuaded you to put me in that circle, +Jaana Nyström? You know I am not right in the head!
I'm crazy! My mom had me tested! :D
All the Gladies here are handpicked and great in discussions, Hangouts or providing content. This is one of my circles I check daily, not to miss anything! All deserve the spot. :-)
Ooh this ties in very well with the Women in STEM circle we crowd-sourced a few days ago (sorry, shameless plug, I apologize!). Check it out here -
Thanks for including me. I knew someone must have included me in a suggested circle when nearly 100 new people added me to theirs.
Circle is really a great stuff! I found this share circle, Wondering if you could add me to the this circle? Thanks Million! +Jennifer Portman
+Jaana Nyström nice to hear from you!  It has definitely been a while--would love to catch up some time soon and thanks for the circle love <3
My goodness, whatever is Google doing? This post is almost 3 years old. 
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