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New Google+ update:

Simplified circle volume control

When you go to your Home page and click open a circle from the top view or the drop down menu:

The view has changed.

It is now nearly the same as in the Communities except for the "Get notified" part.
The new view is under the bell as a drop down menu:

Muting is done by unticking the "Show posts in the Home stream".

If you value the contents of the Circle so much that you wish to see all the posts, then you can just tick the "Get notified" and you will get them all.

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Yeah ... let's simplify it until we have a Facebook Version 2.0
+Wolf Weber seems like at least on G+ we have more/finer-grained input into/control over the content recommendation algorithm (vs Facebook, where the algorithm changes in the background unbeknownst to the user base)
Nope, that's not unfair. Every day another service is unresponsive for months now, because of "improvements" which doesn't make things better but bringing more stupidity.

Seems that they forgot a basic rule: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"
Blast....  I have to redo my blog posts again....
Le Sigh.

+Jaana Nyström ...
1) Changing Circles to People and presenting me "You might know" folks e.g. from companies I worked for more than a decade ago. Could you imagine seeing several hundreds of "suggested people" who were app. 15 the time I worked for a company which had more than 40,000 employees at that time?
2) Discontinuing Google Reader
3) Discontinuing the CalDAV-API, which means bye bye syncronising my local calendar with gCal
4) That monster size picture on the profile page with the microscopic punch-hole for the profile pic.
5) Seeing randomly at least one service per day not working as expected because of "new exoting improvements"
6) Turning Picassa into a useless piece of crap
7) Events and Hangouts became not longer searchable

should I continue?
+Wolf Weber Let's hope Google listens, still.
How do you mean Hangouts and Events are not searchable?
They are in the drop down list, just checked.
Wait, I don't want notifications. I just want to see all posts from some circles in my stream. Is that really not an option any more?
Sending feedback to Google is just as useless as signing Avaaz petitions because nobody gives a s*** about.
Looks like +Wolf Weber is having a good day today. 
I just need on/off visibility option and on/off notification option. I do not see the value of more/less scale options. Anytime I choose different than all or nothing, I don't know what I am missing. So let's keep simplifying.
+Robert Trance, Google Reader was an example, firstly. I used it well because it was fast and organised. Of course there are other RSS applications too in hundreds, but it is some work to switch, reorganise and to get used to a new service. Also I don't need Google inducted additional work, 'cause I've enough other things to do. 
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