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Use a Community to save drafts and posts for later:

Private community, just for you.
My favourite new way to save posts, articles and ideas!

I have started a very secret and private community.

Members: Me + my Pages as moderators, all can share with community

Use: Storing data (posts) from Google+ and using the +1 button also from the Interwebz

Categories: Several. From Drafts to tips to Google tools, only part of the topics is visible in the screenshot.

Alerts & post visibility in streams: Off.

Benefit:  All pages can save good stuff in one place, inside Google+

Resharing:  Easy between pages and profile.

Using a private community for saving posts is a matter of taste, there are many ways of saving data.
Pocket, Evernote, empty circles...
I'm a bit wary about the starring extensions because the older ones lost all posts when Google+ UI changed.  Perhaps this +Favorite Posts works better: Version 2.0 -

I have many places where I collect data from the Interwebz:

I've been using the empty circles but with the Community I can share good stuff when browsing the posts on all my Pages, too. They all have their empty circles but now I can have everything in one place.

The problem with general hashtags is that other people use them too, also shared posts come up in search.

Resharing between the community, profile and pages

When you share a post to your private community there are 2 ways to do it: Regular sharing via the Share arrow button OR left clicking the posts' timestamp and copypasting the URL of the post as a link.

In the first case there is always a link "originally shared this post" and clicking that opens up the original which you can share in Public.  
But sharing first to public and then to your private community works better.

If you share something to the community from your profile, you can reshare it from the community as your page as I explained above.

Sharing from your profile to your page or vice versa

 You can also reshare anything from your own profile by sharing the post with your page or by +mentioning the page in the comments of the post thus creating a notification.  Then the page can reshare the post.  However if your page and profile have same followers, sharing the same post simultaneously everywhere is not a good idea.

That's when the community becomes useful: You can create a "Later" category and share posts from there - well later. Perhaps deleting them from the community after the resharing.

Public Community as landing stage

I have hidden the community posts from my personal profile.
Thus when I share a post first in Public perhaps and then later to the Google+ Helper Community there aren't any double posts visible on my profile. (All my pages are moderators / owners.)
Then I can later reshare that post directly from the community to my Page, as my Page.  
The Public community works as a landing stage between profile and Page getting the maximum visibility for the post.

What is your favourite way of saving Google+ posts?


Read more about saving Google+ posts:
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Well... I am intrigued!  I usually would just +1 the post and access my +1 profile tab later.  I had never thought of using a private community.  I love organization that that certainly opens up many more possibilities.

There is a risk of investing a lot in a private community if Google was to discontinue communities at some point.  But... I'd say it's a small risk because communities seem to be popular and really gave G+ a boost of activity.

I'll have to give this a shot right away.  Thanks much for sharing.
I'm using a similar method to store/back up stuff in G+ for while now, after Jaana shared this one last year.
It works great! So thanks again for sharing +Jaana Nyström
I love this idea +Jaana Nyström! I've been savings posts to a private circle of one, but this is so much better for organizing.
I'm giving this a spin (and loving it!), but I'm having some post show up in my home stream and some are not.

I prefer "not" and my Show posts in Home stream box is unchecked in my settings.  I'm trying to determine the cause as to why a select few are appearing in my home stream.  Any ideas?
Google lifts some community posts every now and then, but they're visible only to you if the community is private.
I have been using this for a long time and usually only after posting it I see the post on my profile stream.

You can also hide all community posts from appearing on your profile.
An interesting way of doing things...thanks  
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