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Familiar with these? :-)

Cat Tales Tails

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haha the getting upset one is super right! My cat used to get soooo annoyed when I would play with his tail until he lost it and hissed and/or ran off. Never scratched me though :) Knows im mamma hehe
This call cat's words !
We should also be aware of human non-verbal cues. Very important.

Thanks for sharing the cat tail tales. I would also call it the "cat tail tells."
i think we do more nd more then that cat..... right?
LOL....... this is good to know
Our cat has only one version. If tail moves at least a bit it means food now or I will tear you all apart.
You don't get to see what my cat's tail is doing if he decides to attack.  It's just a 28 pound orange blur with teeth and claws.
What about the one when the cat gets ran over by a car splat like a pancake a dead cat is a good cat
Hmmm... Very helpful 
Yes. I am familiar w/ 99% of them ( if I'd pic's you'd see Q. Kika on top of fridge, between the storm door and door, in my 85 lb dog's feeding dish... she exclaims "MEOW"
My beagle loves my cat. My cat could care less about him.
Megyn O
Aww, cute & informative :-)
Mad and Scared are opposite with my cat.  Cool post though!
Jalen C
your funny with the cat stuff
I we had around 15 cats. So I know this all to well. Those kittens and cats kept us laughing everyday. I still can remember when our cats would do the buggler horse well that is a name that I give them when the cats hump up there backs and run sideways..
my cat is mostly hmmm.I'm interested and I feel loving.
I see the im mad and the im scared
Cute my grampa's cat says she I crazy about me
this makes me REALLY miss my kitty... She's been missing since Monday... I miss her SO much!!!!! :(
Bought some coffee cups similar to cat tails..... Cute :-) 
cats can have a temper some times so...

No but they just sit around and hiss! And it is proven that if you have a dog you live longer!
I agree with you !
They are with you when you have a food to give them.
When you need them, they are not by your side.
Dogs are.
I like dogs !
My dog chases cats like he chases squirrels! It's soooo funny when the cats run away!
Oh! I know all these very well! Mostly in rapid succession!! LOL 
look like someone is in love o then again he is chetting on u
Ohhh now i knew my cat was worried when my frnd came near her .... and i thought she liked her.:(
Ohhh now i knew my cat was worried when my frnd came near her .... and i thought she liked her.:(
my god.... you anwered my questions. you some kind of cat whisperer? haha
My cat right there he always is friendly with his tail up
Hmm..'Guess My Cat Is Always ''Getting Upset'' :b Bummer.. 
We accidentally adopted a kitten a few years ago. We referenced this poster MANY times to figure out what was going on!
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Hah ^. Yeah, When I Got My Cat He Was The Shady Guy And Whenever He Got Scared He Would Attack Something, So Now His Name Is Vicious Aloicious. (X
There undersized lions and tigers and nobodies fool everything the big cats do they do---did you know after a human bite(our bite is poisonous)the cats bite is next
You actually think i was saying all that to my sons Lolz u really are as dumb as ever Lolz 
Now i know. That like cat's like me"
Play the tapes again u will realize I kept abusing and saying things that I want u to hear Lolz I did what I wanted to
Insulting u is always fun lmao 
My cat's tail wags when he's happy like a dog.
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Hahaha! I live with six cats, so I know exactly what you're talking about and have seen each and every one of those at sometime or another. 
Oh lol pet cat group,chance to join/register?
I hate cats they are so worthless not as good as dogs
now i no wen my cousins cat gets mad so i can be ready
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Its nice to know what my cats tail movements mean :-) 
Your mother is a cat or a rat don't worry next life she is going to be a cockroach Lolz I can guarantee u :$ 
Very good guide. Many people aren't aware of how cats communicate. Most of the people I have met that hate cats only hate them because they can't understand them. They expect them to be easier to understand like a dog. They constantly compare how they interact with their dog to how they interact with their cat. They are completely different species, of course you don't interact with them the same way. Get a fish! 
cool i have 2 cats but i never know what there tails say but now i do!!! thank you!
I need to show this to my cat, she has difficulty with communication and likes to use her teeth instead. Purr, purr, purr, bite.
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U dress so bad and stink like a pig Lolz 
Brilliant. could communicate better with Norma next time!
wow,,,awesome interpretations,,,purrrfect kitty language,,,the tail says it all along with some hissing , purring and little meowong,,,might teach us how to be cat whisperers- lol i also find it funny to how they call for birds, they crouch and meow and blinking their eyes  to them,,,,hilarious indeed
Love it!-got my tonto written all over it!!! 
now I'll be able to understand my cat more :p
I have 3 cats......I could right abook about cat tails
huh, who knew such an emotionless animal like cats give off all of their emotions in their tail
Thanks +Jaana nystrom I now know what my cats are trying to tell me
That's cool now I now lol
I get the 'I'm happy to see you' stance out in the garden sometimes. It's like a flagpole going up!
Nit really. I didn't know that the cat was doing these things!
I meant not really.(I am not familiar with this.)
haha everyone's comments are great! haven't chuckled in a while :) 
thats cute my cat is like that how u been baby gurl james said hi missing u and urs sweetttttt kiss"s
I wonder if this same TAIL stories applies to dogs too?
im pretty sure its applies to dugs becuase i see dogs everywherw and there really moving there ttail like when it says i feel loving everything  i pet one
I see all know english .. :( , except me .. I wanna learn .. who can help mee ??
Cats only have two emotions. Sleepy and hungry
how cute at least i know now of how cats react eventhough we dont own cats but we have some few that comes around the house
i have 8 cats, they all have their own language
jen pai
. . . I love kitties . . .They are so unbelievably superultramega cute . . Hahaha . .(=^.^=)
Lisa Ch
im not sure if this is true. Is it?
good to know but hard to remember
 now i know how my cat feels
Finally, cat psychology sussed out;)
oh! now i know my cat is crazy bout me. weird eh!
But there isn't a tail for.... "hey dude its cold outside so I'm just going to poop on your new carpet!""... bloody feline b*****d's!!!
cute but there is no tail for im tired can i sleep on you
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My Zoey Jean is tail up happy 23 hours a day. 
Zoey Jean Welton is a happy tail up cat, but she will let you know if your behavior is not up to her standards.
true but my cat has never done the hmmm i'm intrested
They definitely can show it
what is we had tails and we did that... :|
I have a cat that does I'm getting upset a lot!!
Becca D
haha mine does the same thing.
No. Cuz I have two cats that are brother and sisters and they fight so they do that......

Me: Awwww, that is sooo cute!
of course!! i didn't know that cats also have their own language!!!
Yes they do but that only if they had been hurt by pelenty of them
Diane G
my cats are worried ALOT.......
Atleast they have guts to express thier feelings.
interesting facts about cat.
uuuuuuummmmmmmm is this real frst of all!!!!!1
Dont be mad be happy to see,antother day and you can also try it again
U dont know ur human u dont have a tail or fur on ur back and you dont eat rats it just something to play with that,all but you do have some mamal in u but u know who u are and if you dont i will tell u u are a child of god amen
my cat mostly all day dreaming [sleep] 
hey! Who here tries to get as many pluses on their comments?!
Where's the "fuck off" tail...?
Jade K.
My kittens pupils get wider and wider when he trys to attack my hand! It is so funny to watch.
I LOVE CATS ASK ANYONE WHO NOS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dudu This Explains A lot About My cat Johnny Cash ( Jc for short) He's So Nice But Can Get Mean if my brother who's 2 doesn't treat him right go figure
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