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My 8 circles of Googlers!
This is just the beginning...

I have found out that even Google employees are not really connected on Google+... This must be remedied!

For Google employees
So after many gruelling hours of collecting people and sorting out the circles here are the results.

I will start with Google 1 by Jaana and also notify all the people in the 8 circles WITH THE POST YOU'RE IN so that you may get connected if you wish.

The circle in +CircleCount:

Look for the other 8 circles, they're coming up soon.
EDIT:  One or two mistaken identities or job changes have come up in all the circles so far, sorry about that.

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+Johnny Roquemore No it won't, sorry. Not all the Googlers have Google as employer. To mute you can move me to a circle on my own and slide the slider all the way to the left or uncircle...
Oh, if you don't like this idea, guys, I can of course just share limited directly to the Googlers...
+Johnny Roquemore Well, your comment didn't really encourage me to try and help people. I'm not here to please anyone, my stream is my own and if someone doesn't like the things I want to post, then there are options available. The wink and smiley don't rescue the situation always...
I've spent a lot of time with this project and it feels bad if that effort is not appreciated.
The newcomers might be glad of these circles, or what do you think? Not everyone hobnobs with Googlers in person.
Thanks for including, and a big hello to everyone in the same circle as me :-) *Waves from England. I for one love G+  and the people I have met via it, so my stream is always active :-)
I think it is fun to lurk what Googlers are posting :) thanks for collecting and sharing +Jaana Nyström !
Hi +Jaana Nyström, I was mostly-kidding!  It's tough for a lot of us to find the time to browse, let alone add content that is "circle-back-worthy".  Sigh. Lunch breaks at my desk are about all I can manage these days.  Please keep up with these circle posts, it's great for new folks and lurking is always interesting!     
+Niina Sauvolainen It's Friday! :-) I'm sure no-one has any plans for the weekend so they might as well start with a little circle management...  Hahhahhaaa! :-)
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