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Don’t try to please anyone on Google+: Be yourself!

I started on Google+ with no-one I knew, even today only a handful of my IRL friends are here.

I'm no techie or celebrity, just an ordinary middle-aged female from Finland. I love sharing my thoughts and  photographs, posting (hopefully) interesting content, engaging in conversations and helping out Goobies (newcomers). 

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone...
- Bill Cosby

The words from Bill Cosby have been my guideline on social media and blogs, I'm not a willing part of any popular clique, just doing my thing all along. 
If a nobody from a small country can achieve to be in so many circles (thank you, my dear Circleverse!), then anybody can. It just takes time, effort and perseverance.
And posting in public, getting noticed for content. 

Find your niche, engage and be yourself, that's my advice 

Write about the things that interest you, share links and videos that you find amusing or intriguing. Post stuff with good content, as that is what the public is looking for. Use #hashtags  and create your own unique hashes, like my #Jaanatip .

Don't pay overly much attention to grammar or punctuation, remember there are always those who (if there's no other way to get your goat) will correct your spelling and not concentrate on your content. 
Google+ is very international and we cannot all master the BBC English... 

Join communities, engage, comment, share and participate

Don't wallow in your own circles if you wish to learn and connect:
Let all of the content and insights come out of your heart.
That's what I do.

Google+ is a great platform to "let your hair down", especially when folks realize that they can just be themselves and that there are scores of others who think likewise.  

An audience for everyone.

Google+ is what you make of it.

My 5 C's?
Circle, curate, create, communicate and consume!

Welcome to my Circleverse, hope you'll enjoy the ride!

#Plushelp   #Googleplustips  
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The same goes for me here on G+- Really a wonderful place to be and to meet awesome people like +Jaana Nyström  !
That's right, only ... do not smoke!
:) thanks +Jaana Nyström, good tips for everyone and me. and nice to meet you here.

... yaaaa don't smoke please, haahahaaa

have a great day for everyone :)
Jaana, what you've said in your post makes sense and it applies to me, as I am new to Google+
Shared, just for the sake of sharing,   but then again this is a great post...
Really? +Frank Gainsford   I do not think so! Smoking is a big problem, it isn´t easy to stop and smoker needs help to quit smoking. The media has always showed smoking as something glamorous but smoking lowers expectancy of life, steals dreams and destroys lives. All tobacco products are deadly, without exception. NO SMOKING means quit smoking FOREVER. This can be difficult, but not impossible ... as I always say: there does not need to be easy, just worth it.
+Moema Dias    Well there are those who smoke STUFF that is not tobacco, and I unfortunately fall into that group, and this is the only thing that has helped me with my ability to cope with some of the not so pleasant circumstances that I have found myself in during my life.

But as you say smoking can be a big issue, and the side effects that some people suffer are definitely not welcome, especially if  they suffer from a condition I like to call  the lumps    where people become extremely lazy and act like couch potatoes.

the world is a strange place, and we all have our issues that we care about.. this is what makes the world such an interesting place...

enjoy and keep well
I understand, +Frank Gainsford,  but life is not easy, life constantly challenges us and forces us to be strong.
The problems, difficulties, stress, loss, hard times, as well as joyous moments will always exist, but the automatic response can not be smoking, because smoking does not solve the issues of life.
Hence the importance of the development of spirituality, to seek support and inner balance, to return to our inner strength and so we no longer need to rely on the addiction, because the strength is within each person, not outside.
It is the great battles that arises soul.
One of my fave Google+ posts ever....
+Moema Dias
I like your way of thinking and the positive way you put forward your argument. 

many thanx for this...

enjoy and keep well.
I want to get connected (i luv connecting tinz)
Good morning my friends and beautiful people . I have a question, if somebody canhelp me with it I'll be right there sowhen it's needful for I'm sorry for extra funny lecture . Lol .my question is : how do I find my conformation code for email ,I mean to sign in Facebook ?

+Mohammad Masoud Masoud
Did you check in your spam folder for the email?

Did you register your cell phone? If so did your registration code go to your phone in the form of a text message?
"...we cannot all master the BBC English." Love this!
+Realism Hargrave
the more stuff you share the better your stuff features in search.  your personal shares are one of the major contributors to your value as an author.   If stuff that you share gets a reshare then your shares get extra #SEOVI   (Search Engine Optimisation Value Indicators) and these are really powerful points for your online work  as they have a ripple effect on all your other related things especially if you have taken the time to do the G+ author thing or the G+ publisher thing and have added the HTML 5 tags of REL + AUTHOR or the more important one for Google Plus pages of REL + PUBLISHER

Share only stuff that interests you in some way, but do not be afraid of sharing. sharing others posts encourages them to share your posts, and if your own posts are shared, then your own work gets the benefits of your shares of others works.

The sharing thing is one of the corner stones of Google's new algorithm and is an awful lot more important to any Search Engine Optimisation efforts than most will tell you.

I blog about SEO and #FUFISM at where you can read more about these issues. +fufism  is an acronym for Functional User Friendly Integrated Social media, which is a philosophy where the social media forms a large part of your marketing efforts and is related to both online and off line marketingstrategies, ensuring that the two different strategies are interconnected and integrated into your company total marketing efforts at the highest possible level where the C-suit team (chief something officers)  need to buy into the social media at a marketing tool. 

see this pinterest pin for a great #infographic   of the #hummingbirdalgorithm

re-shares on Google plus have an extreme positive impact on all your works Search engine Optimisation value indicators and helps to get any online work which you may be associated with in any way a lot higher in the SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages) and this includes all your public posts on G+

You do need to remember that Google treats every public post made by every person or page on Google Plus as a stand alone web page, and each post even has a page rank score.

So do not be stingy with your shares, and re=shares, but do be prufdent and only share stuff that bears an interest on you personal or professional life. Do not share willy nilly, but do share...

Hope this makes sense...

enjoy and keep well

PS please take your time and evaluate the linked infographic... it helps to understand how the BIG G MACHINE determines whuch pages you find when you search online...
A smoker came to visit doctor , plz dear doctor help me to quiet smoking ,cuz I'm smoking almost tow pack of segarets per day and please give me some advise or some medication or I'm ganna die. Doctor ; did you tried to quiet ? Yes mony tomes .no result. Doctor : only one why is there , try tosmoke only when I you already have dinner, after lunch basically after foot. So after 6 month , accidentally doctOr met hem at the city. Doctor : oooooh; what's happened you luck very healthy and gain weight ? Yes doctor , now I'm smoking only after foot, but I start eating 20 time per day.
+Mohammad Masoud Masoud 
Smoking after the food is a hard habit to be let and stop smoking requires not only a break with cigarettes but with all the habits that characterize smoking behavior.

Smokers need to realize social situations that discharges the psychological trigger that leads to light the next cigarette.

If after the food the person usually sits smoking a cigarette, while watching the tv or read something, this routine is to be changed, which in this example, one could, after the food, drink tea and make a short hike of about 10 or 15 minutes, or doing manual work, such as drawing, finally, something that will leave the mind busy not to think about the cigarette.

As much as the story was just a joke, a doctor can never advise a patient to smok once in a while, because quitting smoking is a definite break, the smoker can not smoke on occasion, because only a single cigarette is already in too harmful.

A cigarette always leads to another , because nicotine is a psychoactive drug that causes a lot of damage to the body, not only the central nervous system. In fact, science has proved that all body organs are harmed by tobacco use.
Guys, this post really is not about smoking... :-)
The cigar is not even lit!
+Jaana Nyström thank you for your honesty and authenticity.
How do you combine several subjects together e.g. authentic presentation and ancient healing and transformational music? Does it work together on Google+?  Feeling stressed like I have to choose one - get it right - and that goes against my grain.
+Eliana Gilad
 why would you want to combine such diverse topics together?

surely you would place each in its own circle and keep them seperate.  If some body is active in both circles simply include them in both.  One person may be included in many circles, and there are no issues with this...
+Eliana Gilad
If you write about such diverse topics, which many people do, and some even run three or four different blogs, then consider creating a business page for each, and linking these separate pages to your separate blogs, and then link these all back to your personal profile..

many people do this, and most of them are very professional about this.

hope this helps.
+Eliana Gilad  If you're not selling, on your own profile you can post about what you like. 
I know I do:
From Google+ to cats, scuba, travel and gardening.  And some other stuff. :-)

If you wish to sell something, then the suggestion from +Frank Gainsford is very solid.
+Jaana Nyström
Many thanx for the Pus mention and good words on my comment. Much appreciated.  Unfortunately there are many that have not created business pages and try to sell on their personal profile.

This diminishes the pleasure of the social aspect of G+    wish more would take the Google publisher option and sell from a business page linked to their blog / web page.

But then again maybe I should also practice what I preach... !!!

+fufism  ...(NOTE) ...
+Jaana Nyström many thanx for your continued efforts to improve the quality of posts and associated happiness here on Google Plus.  

PS this is my business page which links to my blog ( ) and a web site  ( ) as well as my personal profile +Frank Gainsford

Your posts as +Gplus Helper are truly appreciated and often shared from both my personal and business profiles.

Your posts have helped many people and are a great source of good well researched tips and other specialists who offer many neat  tricks and short cuts, so I must say THANX AGAIN

Enjoy and keep well
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