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This is my Googlesphere with people and Pages: Did I miss someone?

Their posts are not all about Google, but about life and stuff, too! :-)
Did not include myself... Oh how I wish I could! Hahhahaaa! *wink *wink
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+Jaana Nyström Out of curiosity, do you actually read everything these people post or at least something from everybody? Just curious as to how you keep up with these large circles, do you just see things from one or two posters or do you REALLY follow all these people? I just hope we'd have some controls for managing posts you limiting the number of posts from heavy poster to the most popular ones or something. I added this one since I find it interesting of course, but I guess I really have a problem with managing the number of posts coming from circles, it seems like one or two people are the only ones I ever read from some circles since they post so much. For example, I've actually made +Mike Elgan a circle all by himself since he posts so much that in another circle, he'd just overwhelm it (but I find his stuff really interesting, so I DO want to see it). Considering doing the same to you, Jaana...that's a compliment, btw, I love your posts, hyvä meininki =)
+Risto Rossi I spend far too much time on Google+... :-) So I get to read most of what my circles post. But this is a special project of mine, for my book on G+. If I'm busy, I'll skim through the 'Best' of my circles posts (
or sometimes in the morning I'll just read my 'Guru' circle as most of them post overnight from the other side of the duck pond. Don't want to miss my 250 Finns Circle posts, either...
It's a heck of a job but spending 10 hours a day on Google+, it can be done... :D
PS: Many have put me in a circle of my own... Hahhahhaaa!
Oh yes, I check the 'What's Hot' stream at least once a day, too. Many a good people found there.
+Risto Rossi Good points! I do have 'Heavy flooders' circle... those few posters in it produce as much as any other circle... :D
+Jaana Nyström Haha, well OK, ten hours a day will do it, I guess =). But wait...why am I not seeing that "Best" circle thing? I want that! Hey, would you mind sharing your Finnish circle then? Not too many Finns here that I'm following. And based on your little exchange there, Jaana and +Pasi Ääpälä, I think I just turned you two into two separate circles =)
+Risto Rossi This feature (Best / Latest) seems to be a sort of Beta testers ring thing, don't know anyone else who has it already... Didn't know I was in such a ring, either! :-)
Good move, placing +Pasi Ääpälä and me in separate circles, by the way...
Okay, I will share my Finns circle!
Hmpphh, come on, Google! I pre-ordered a Galaxy Nexus, I wanna be a beta tester and get that, too! =) And OK - thanks, looking forward to the circle. Anyway, this best/latest thing: on Facebook I don't like it doing that sort of stuff in the stream, I always want to see everything, but the amount of posts is so different here and on Facebook for me, I always chuckle when I hear people talk about G+ being a "ghost town" or something, my circles here are ridiculously active, I can't keep up. I can easily keep up with my 200 or so "friends" on FB by skimming everything that's posted daily, but here it'd really take the 10 hours Jaana said.
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