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Here's some very good advice; just between you, me and the gatepost:

I've noticed these errors abound in G+, too.

These seven mistakes in grammar and spelling will send a bad impression if they happen in your emails, cover letters, correspondence or resume.
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Your right! Its amazing how many people are lose with there grammar. Between you and I you can led allot of people to correct grandma, but few will follow.
Okay, maybe it's just me, but how the heck does anyone mistake "your" for "you're". The difference is bleeping obvious!
I am not a native English speaker. But still then English differs from th UK to the USA and Australia.
So who is doing it write?
Let me add this one to the list: "particularly" and not "particuly" :-)
Not sure about his 'you and I' argument... 'I' can not be equal to 'him' which, I think, is used as example, and it can not be replaced with 'we' or 'us' as both of those could include people other than 'you and I' :) Otherwise, nice post.
D Boyd
+Jaana Nyström :
I'm sure that on an occasional late night, I have been guilty of one or more of those errors mentioned in that article. Lately I've notice more of a problem with then/than being used the wrong way, even in writing which one would not expect to find them used in that way. It seems to be a fairly regular problem in blog posts.

Than = comparison (more than or less than)
Then = temporal, sequential, or consequential (used in an "if this, then that" statement)
Good addition +D Boyd Yes, very common mistake I've noticed with myself.
Misuse of the apostrophe drives me mad.
This is starting to look like a Grammar Nazi convention :D
Of those I struggle with It's / Its pair. I tend to associate "'s" with ownership just like it is stated in the article. Then all of a sudden it is a shortened form of it is. What gives! Is there a rule I could use to remember this thing?

English language, Y U so illogical?
Hehhehheee! Good points, everyone! It's really not so serious, but at least I like to learn whenever there's a possibility.
+Turkka Hynynen its can be translated 'sen' in Finnish (his, hers, its) and it is is shortened it's because originally there are two words. Same with their (heidän) or they're = they are / they were.
That can also be because of a word blindness / mild dyslexia?
Oh oh!

Thannk you +Jaana Nyström, I think you just game me the rule I have been overlooking all my life. Tell me if I am wrong, but this is how it goes:

's is a short form of is when used with words like it, that, there which in themselves cannot be used as possessive.

Also, what you just said (his/hers/its), valid point and a good rule of thumb. Thank you.
I just checked 'You and I' is correct way of saying it, because if you say 'You and I will go to the cafe' it is like saying: 'you will go to the cafe and I will go to the cafe', but to cut it sorter we can say 'you and I will go...', we would not say 'you and me will go...' just like we would not say 'You will go... and me will go...' - I knew there was something :)
Yes +Turkka Hynynen that's it in a nutshell. (that is it = that's it). There's more to the English grammar than we know! :-)
Also, "lead" is a noun -- as I've been led to believe.
The thing is, I spent many years teaching English as a foreign language. I eventually came back to live in the UK, only to find that nobody here seems to care about grammar. A few days ago I saw a van adorned with "Come and see the offer's in our showroom"! None native speakers seem to value precision in the language much more...
Rant over!!
"As long as you make yourself understood".

But there has to be a line somewhere how much one can diverge from the rules.
Höh, nyt en uskalla kirjoittaa englanniksi mitään. Saatan vielä näyttää vahingossa viisaalta, jos en tee noita virheitä.
Not only with English this is happening, but also here in The Netherlands with the Dutch language. People are lazy and make grammar mistakes that makes "grammar nazis" cringe... grin
I have a feeling that there is no language that does not "suffer" from this. Well, let me rephrase; no living language.
One the most annoying of these (for me) is when people use "it's" when they should be using "its." This happens frequently, even in major publications.
But let's be honest +Steve Burgess, it is the easiest one of those to mix up.

((Yes, yes, the good ol' defense mechanism kicked in.))
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