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Why would our clients or business associates join Google+?

Not to friend the 8th grade school chum...

A good read:
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Oh my goodness, people still use "chum"! You have made my day. :)
I might start hiding, gurus will discover G+ now. :)
I had a good laugh because the short description says, "... can we hit a big 'reset' butt" ㅋㅋㅋ
Thanks for the share +Jaana Nyström!  And +Florence Gamiao, I had to laugh about that one too!  It was quite funny when I shared the link that it chose that exact spot to cutoff. Perhaps +Google+ will soon allow us to edit the text in shares like that as well!  
+Jon Parks You're welcome! I just posted about the 'decide what your share shows', I'll try to find it for you later.
Thanks +Jaana Nyström. That's a good find.  I'm hopeful that one day +Google+ will allow us control right there in the posting window like we have with #linkedin  and #facebook .  Thanks for sharing this great resource!
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