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Choices and solutions
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thats never happened for me on anything important lol
This relies on the assumption that what you desire is good for you. Often this is not the case. Think of unhealthy food, drugs if you are addicted (e.g. to cigarettes), being lazy when you should work out, watching TV when you should study etc.
Nice .......Now I don't have to go ORACLE everytime :):)
There are only two kinds of choices I use a coin for:
-Those that don't matter.
-Those in which I really want to do one thing but know I really need to do another.

Deciding while the coin is in the air doesn't work for either of those.
tossing coin...100% guaranteed at the start of soccer match...till now..
Right, thanks, I didn't know it. The question still remains, why what I hope for is the correct answer?
'Current research' suggests you make better decisions when in need of a pee!!!!
and that 'snap' decisions are normally the best.

So, why the hell do companies needs 'boards' of people that take months to make a decision!?!?!?
This reminds me of a story called the 50 cent computer. A boy is going to his uncles for a week, and this boy is head over heels for technology. His uncle has no technology and the boy asked do you have a computer? The uncle gave him a 50 cent piece and said it'll answer any question. So the boy used it and eventually got lost, the sheriff and took him back. The boy said I kept on asking it questions but it kept on giving me the wrong answer. The uncle said that's because we have the most super computer. It's in us, our brain, it allows us to make our own choices. We don't have to rely on computers to give us the answer.
easy way to make descisions
these are the briefest moments that pass us by
That's some deep insight
Amazing how simply brilliant this statement is. 
love it, very true, never thought of it until now...
It's true!
At that moment you start wishing for one over the other. ;)
Unless one is completely lost like in the middle of the that point you're just hoping that whatever decision you make is the right one...
Touches up on the issue of having sincerity in what one seeks, or objectivity
I learned this from my first ever boss and good friend Bill many, many years ago. It really does work.
With the coin you let go of your likes and dislikes and get ready to accept anything that comes your way. That is a step towards enlightenment.
My primary method of choosing between Chinese food, or Dominos.
There is but one choice and two options.
I've done this many times. If you find yourself thinking, "I hope it lands...", ignore the coin and follow year heart. If not, then it doesn't really matter anyway.
Can i use that method ..... good day...
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