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What if men made the rules for relationships? :-) - Anything we said six or eight months ago is inadmissible in an argument. All comments become null and void after seven days.

- If you don't want to dress like Victoria's Secret girls, don't expect us to act like soap opera guys.

- If we say something that can be interpreted in two ways, and one of the ways makes you sad or angry, we meant the other way.

- Let us ogle. If we don't look at other women how can we know how pretty you are?

- Don't rub the lamp if you don't want the genie to come out.

- Don't fake it. We'd rather be ineffective than deceived

- You can either ask us to do something OR tell us how you want it done - not both.

- Whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during commercials.

- Christopher Columbus didn't need directions and neither do we.

- When we're turning the wheel and the car is nosing onto the off ramp, you saying "This is our exit" is not necessary.
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if someone will be there in that circle, it wont be for long....
Please remember that we are ALL people with different perspectives and that relationships, in ALL forms, are crucial to the developemnt of each and every one of us. Without eachother we would not exist. We can always look for ways to appreciate everyone else's points of view, we just need to remember how important they all are. 
*Damn girl - You got it just about right....

One thing to add: "if he loves me, he knows what i mean without me saying it"
Men should not manage the relationship. Women are better at this, Men are only the guests. Women only need men for two reasons. 1) to have fun. 2) to lift heavy objects.

Everything else women do just fine on their own. When ,men try to control a situation or relationship they usually make things worse. Men are best when set on one task at a time, while women can talk on the phone, do their nails, cook dinner and stiull have the focus to perform 6 other things. When men try this they divide their power.
Id' +1 you 100 times if i could .. its like the 10 commandments .. these should be carved in stone!
good thing they dont make the rules then!these rules suck :)
+May Norah Let's be happy then, us girls? :-) Hahhahhaaa! I think there's a grain of truth and all women should remember these... :D
yes +Jaana Nyström i totally agree! they should be like those rules no one really follows but we all know if we did life would be easier :)
Calling all men! They have figured us out! I repeat: They have figured us out! running away
"- Don't fake it. We'd rather be ineffective than deceived"
Ya, I'm interrested in making sure that my partner is having a good time. That is honestly my number one priority. But if the girl is faking it then that is her problem and her fault.
Please make up your mind and have an opinion.
If we guys were not funny, girls would not have time to look at us!
discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
The spaces between our fingers were created so that another persons fingers could fill them in. hope everone will find their dream hand to hold u forever.
I agree,don't fake it 2 make it u only deceive urself
+Gregory Allan I was going to simply + 1 you, because I like the part "Women only need men for two reasons. 1) to have fun. 2) to lift heavy objects."
But I hope that men are not just the guests. I think the campaign for female equality has gone too far, if the men think women should control. No one should control. They should work together.
Eugh, what a pile of shit. I feel sorry for anyone in a relationship where one person controls it, and for anyone who thinks this truly reflects their life.
Awwww.... That's Sweet but kind of sad...
i watch your profile pic u have a big friend that means there no place for any one
thats the most depressing shirt i've ever seen.
I'm amazed at all the stereotypical XYness in the comments...really guys? Are you that dense?
'- Christopher Columbus didn't need directions and neither do we.'

So so true!
hey yo' not alone in that circle coz once u talk of the word love we are already dismantalled by it but we have the rightful one which comes from heaven above i mean JESUS CHRIST
And all this PC talk makes me ill...really's OK to like something that others don't, it's okay to not be liked by everyone...I swear it is...
WoW!! this is 1 of the smartest things i've ever heard, Preach on my brother.
What? You don't even have yourself in that circle?
he is alone!
(would Nelson say now...)
Mani V
give me one for me
because nobody know if you have no friend then you are stronger person in the world ;)
Well I don't know what would happen if men would set the rules, but as far I can say from my experience, as a couple we make our own rules combining our two worlds and so far it has worked out just fine. Today we have our 10th marriage anniversary.
im sure you can buy 1 online, i got alot of things i never imagined possible online & thx to google:)
im out of ideas for what to do during spring break, any suggestions?
i regret ever commenting on this bullshit
There is no woman who is obeying all these 10 rules ..................... So this circle is going to be empty if there no relaxation in these rules......
A woman authoring this confused me. =S
we have so much in common
How can I stop these "Hot on Google+" posts from showing up in my feed? I don't want to see them, especially if this is what Google+ thinks is appropriate for its employees to share with their user base. This is immature, unprofessional, and frankly kind of offensive.
+Stefanie Best , click the "circle" for What's Hot and in the top right there should be a slide bar that you can drag from "more in your feed" to "less in your feed."
I disagree, his LOVE circle includes his hand, because no one loves you like yourself. :)
haha.. that's funny.. but annoying when remember that word.
Don't ask if clothing makes you look fat. Chances are you know the answer and want us to lie to you. If you don't know the answer...look in a mirror.
I have a lot of people in that circle. Definitely a blessing!
well, thats the best circle to be a part of :)
just left watching her going away from me.
Thank you +Paigie Ladook. I'm pretty sure directions would have made Columbus' trip a lot different.
We would agree with all of their ideas, even the really, painfully obviously stupid ones and not get mad when they lead to disastet
+Patrick Munley click the "circle" for What's Hot and in the top right there should be a slide bar that you can drag from "more in your feed" to "less in your feed."
Eek! Does this mean we can no longer hide behind the shadows? Bring it on I say. Metro-men of the world unite! take care of our nearest and dearest that is
So, it has come down to this.
aww man well dont kill your self hi NSA
I couldn't agree more with all the points made wish my husband would read it!
This world wud hv been full of single mothets
I love those rules. I wish the men I dated before meeting my now husband would have followed them. Infact I found the more they said "No Drama", the more they brought it to the table. Does that make me a Metro-WOman Pete?
"Christopher Columbus didn't need directions and neither do we." Ironically funny. Supposedly, that's why the GPS was invented. ^^
+Gregory Allan I find this to be entirely untrue - I find myself frequently correcting the women around me and out performing them at the tasks so-called best handled by our female counterparts. Scientifically speaking, we're all born females first before the Y chromosome kicks in - this does not mean we as men have an excuse for all the shortcomings and failures we commit.
P.s. I always paint my nails and apply my makeup 10x better than most girls on the go while riding the NYC subway! Now it's time for me to bleach and color my hair.
i like the description but the shirt is sad :(
Why did this disgusting piece of shit get space on the google+ team email? 
My point, exactly. ^^ Seriously, though, you have to be seriously drunk to end up about 2000 miles off-course. Anyone wanna bet mr. Columbus was trying to save face? "I proclaim this country to be India!" and his aide is whispering to the cartographer: "Should we tell him he's in the wrong place?" and the cartographer would be all: "Hell no. Let's roll with it. I wanna see how this pans out."

Or something...
+Brian Lee Well, the maximum people you can have in your circles is 5000... Hahhahhaaa! :-)
Maybe now there will be no questions!!! For both parties.
if men mad the rules which they think they have. then relationships would suck.
You guys are Awesome to sum it all up men and women think very diffrent. So its just best to keep the lines of communication open and honest ....
If it itches, it will be scratched. We do that
Christopher Columbus missed his destination the first time.
You know, my fiance is actually the one that talks during the show, instead of either pausing or waiting until the commercials. It drives me absolutely bonkers.
you never have to be a loner it gets better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if u want the relationship to work forever,then u need the right girl,most man judge by looking there style,dressng,make-up etc. dont judge a book by its cover.most girls'll have a beautiful physical appearance,but they won't b honest what they care is there beauty ,so choose wisely. so u can have in u r circle forever!!
I don't think you should be using the Columbus example. He ended up on the wrong continent.
I will be sure to use this list at every available opportunity. Golden.
is not about us women being complex is just the way guys make it seem. different points of view but then again this is just a theory. 
Yep, I agree with all of those but the directions one. I love my GPS.
Those rules are right on par with how I feel. Women pls give us guys a break
Rebuttal! :D
-Anyone we kissed or slept with before we dated you is inadmissible in an argument.

-If you won't do your half of the chores as they need to be done, not three days later when you feel like it, don't expect us to be your mother and cook and clean for you.

-If we say your statements are ambiguous, learn to communicate better.

-Okay, but I get to ogle other guys in front of you too. Mmm...

-If you start rubbing the lamp, for gods' sake finish the job and get to the magic.

-Ask me what I like, listen when I say what I want, and do it so I won't need to fake it. Also, don't pout when I of course don't fake it.

-You can either listen and learn to do things the right way OR not have us help you out when you break it/ruin it/burn it. Not both.

-Whenever possible, let us have the remote.

-Christopher Columbus was lost by about half a planet. You can't get much more lost than that.

-We'd stop telling you it was our exit if you'd asked for directions and therefore gave us confidence that you knew where you were going.

Kisses! ;)
motivational thought ( if u bor poor that is not your miStake , but if you died poor that iS your mistake.)
Boo. You could sum this whole list up in one sentence: Don't expect men and women to be emotionally mature.
lol well i just say that were gonna have diffrent opinions so why argue we try to work it out and if that dosent work then u have to talk it out
Christopher Columbus was never lost . he just took the scenic route ..
"If we say something that can be interpreted in two ways..."
This is awesome clause :)
Right, and birds should walk south for the winter... Good luck!
Haha, I bet some people have multiple people in this circle. For shame! lol
Get to put a bad porn movie on the web then get a reality show on tv then name a store rash and if that works marry a b-ball player than get divorce for more publicity and b rich.
--> Anything we said six or eight months ago is inadmissible in an argument.

I would say 6 - 8 hours, or even minutes depending on the argument.
If only we had a relationship rulebook for both sides that defined acceptable and unacceptable actions and comments we would be so much better off. Just imagine what crime would be like without hard rules in place.
This is brilliant. Been married 22 YEARS. You are spot on.
I give it my official male approval.
By making this post public, you just doomed your love life.
Ha! I loved this one: - You can either ask us to do something OR tell us how you want it done - not both.
And mama used to say:
"Take your time young man"
And mama used to say:
"Don't you rush to get old"
And mama used to say:
"Take it in your stride"
And mama used to say:
"Live your life"
A nice detour I would say cos life would be much easier
You forgot -
"I didn't forget to put the seat down.
You keep forgetting to put the seat back up!"
Lol yes but it took christopher columbus two months and eight days to get there! ....when visiting mum this is not an option :p hehehe
While i m writing this post,i have already had cold war over the silly issue with my wife...they r indeed very complicated..
Yes I wholeheartedly concur,cosign,+++++1!
More gender slanting, that's awesome. Is it too much to ask for total equality in relationships?
Loving the relationship rules. Will implement. haha!
it will remain same..........................................0
that must really suck i dont eather if that makes u feel better just saying .
hey...need sumbdy 2 talk to bored ass fuck:)
i know how you feel you're not alone
women always elongate issues. makes mountains out of valleys. is excellent when men leads and makes decision. look at what happened in the garden of eden- eve spoilled everything. sorry women but thats the truth. 
ah but according to his circle he is alone!
Maybe those of us without anyone in our circles should join together in our own circle ^_^ We could call it the circle of none lol
I agree with this one the most. I am also that way and think that way too. If you think one thing we mean the other
I feel (believe) God had no intent for us to be alone. In the begining of all my relationships my one concern was her happiness. In some her only concern was mine. We took care of each other. If lust could only last forever, or if mankind could just live one relationship at a time and leave the past behind. P.S spelling is against my religion
i think that if guys made the rules it would be a whole lot easier for us women, most women aren't lazy but this one right here is and i dont want to fuss over small stuff
Don't forget the two day rule
+Morgan Copeland Rebuttal to yours: Nothing you claim to have said is admissible because at least half of the things you say you said were said only to your girlfriend or to yourself or in your own mind.
I work and dress like a Victoria secret girl :) my boyfriend doesn't act like a soap opera star haha
I find this insanly wife works..i am a full time dad of twins..i do pretty much everhthing with kids and lucky she remembers how to get home..but im the
Lovethis. But where is the 'if you want candy and roses on Feb 14th, we expect you to fully embrace National Steak and BJ Day' on March 14th'
+James Alexander, actually, I read it out to my boyfriend and we both had a good laugh. Most of both lists don't apply to our relationship because we communicate well and don't care much for silly gender stereotyping, except to mock it. ;)
Were not mind readers tell us what's on your mind f the guessing!!!!
Out of then nine, only 7,
and 8 seem selfish, and egocentric, respectively. The rest seen perfectly reasonable. I move for these rules to be put into effect at the next male-female relationship symposium.
I dont think we sbould make all the rules but i do belive that we have most of the control in them cause i think with one word or one action we can make you love us to the end of time or wish to end our time the funny thing to me is that we cant run the show if women dont let us

Thats how i feel anyway good question/;
I sooo need 9 shirts to print these on.
I would hate it if men made the rules of relationships that would suck i would not even have a my special someone then...Wow!!!!!
I thought this was funny but I don't like the Christopher Columbus reference. I'm not going to get into it because this seems to be a lighthearted commentary about relationships.
good people howzit by the way i new
I can make a woman perfect with two words"remote control"
SOME truth there, but men DO need directions (albeit not always as often as some women think they do), and remember, - Christopher Columbus could have done with some directions, he wanted to arrive in India, not America!
If more women read this the world would be a funnier place. I can imagine the faces of some women I know if I told them to follow these rules
if more men read this it would be a fire whateva
+Anthony Stanford A 100+ to you! Your girlfriend is one lucky gal. You don't have any Finnish blood in you? Our men are 90% like that.
Love you pic. That Elephant is in your circle. What's its name and where did you find that kind of love?
Awe......I know that feeling all too well.   lol lol
I be leave that people them selves are the problem in relationships. We all like good things. we like to look and listen to things and people that are pleasing to the scenes. the problem most  of us have is" greed of self"(sin) the old demon,that  curse from the beginning of time, since Adam and eve.We (self)don't want to change totally who we are for the sake of our partner  because we feel we have to hold on to some part of our self the original if you will. We don't want to lose that little bit of so called control over our own lives ( false notion of any type of control is the setting component  for destroyed or destroying relationships). the true killer of relationships is none other then (SIN). No matter how you explain any relationship (SIN) is always there to destroy it(self). OK look' in order for most people to under what Im saying , you must first understand what sin is.People don't know what that word really means. most of  my life I have never known anyone to tell me what was the true meaning of the word (SIN). People could only described (SIN )(priest,rabbi, pasters,reverends), they never really could tell me what the word (SIN) meant.Well during one of my bible studies june 12/2012  the holy spirit showed me  exactly what  the word (SIN) really meant. Ready?( s-i-n) its in the word itself so simple and yet invisible. LET me show you.( S=selfish-I=intentions-N=naturally). We are born to look out for our selves, we live in a false notion that we have control of our life, now here is the brother of (sin)his name is (denial)the Egyptian river of(non responsibility)we tend to swim in denial even the most obvious signs our own selfishness......Well I think I said enough for now. thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and I hope I have help someone today in any way gain some new understanding of self and others. If any of you would like to learn more comment on this  and I will be glad to a little more insight on the matter. or thank you and may the true God through Jesus our Chist bles you.
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