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Jaana Nyström

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Google+ tips for newbies and old hands!

This link below is easy to remember and save: Full of great links for Google+ use.

#Googleplus‬     #Links     #Help    ‪ #Jaanatip       #TCpost  
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@Jaana: new
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Jaana Nyström

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This week it was all about Plus: new G+ tips & updates, YouTube without G+, Local Business reviews & details no longer on G+"

Plus tips and updates for Photos, YouTube, Hangouts and more.

Get all this week's tips and updates:
Happy Thanksgiving! This week is all about Google+: tips and updates for the new Google+, the new option to set up a G+-free YouTube channel, and changes to Local Pages. Plus more tips for your Photos, Hangouts, YouTube, Loc...
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Contact mi... 
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Jaana Nyström

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Behind the scenes in a Hangout on Air live broadcast

Preparing, doing the sound checks and panicking as you have no control of the audio...

Though Hangouts on Air is an agile way to produce content for YouTube, when there are professional artists and 400-strong public of the Finnish National Broadcasting Corporation there comes a time one feels - well, inadequate with the webcam, wifi and laptop...

However all went well though there were some surprises, but hey: +Yle you invited me to do this! :D

#YouTubing is a thing of the future, so get on board.

See my live HOA stream:

#Tubers #Livestreaming #Finland
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Jaana Nyström

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Kiitos kaikille ‪#‎Rytminmuutos‬-tilaisuuteen osallistujille! Teitte päivästä huikean. Kurkkaa täältä kooste päivän parhaista paloista.
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Rytminmuutos nousi päivän puhutuimmaksi aiheeksi mikroblogipalvelu Twitterissä. Kauppakamareiden Rytminmuutos-tilaisuus keräsi Finlandia-talolle yli viisis
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Jaana Nyström

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Collections galore - on Google+ and Google Photos

Now I must clarify the confusing naming policy of Google:

Google+ Collections:

Google Photos Collections:

Your images can be found on Google Photos:

On a computer, click on the Googlegrid next to your name top right.
The Photos icon has been moved from the Google+ left menu.
You can also access your photos via this link:

On a mobile, download the Photos app.

Looking for your Google+ photos:öm/posts/g8MVR7sqb7W

I hope this helps!

#Photos     #GooglePhotos     #GooglePlus     #JaanaTip  
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Jaana Nyström

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Muotkatunturit, Kevo Canyon, Urho Kekkonen National Park

"I came to Finnish Lappland in the begining of september to enjoy the autumn colours during the three weeks hike through Muotkatunturit Wilderness Area, Kevo Strict Nature Reserve and the Urho Kekkonen National Park.

I covered around 270 km, first from Inari to Karigasniemi and from Sulaoja along the Kevo Trail to the road E75. From there I hitch-hiked to Saariselka and spent six days doing a round trip in the UKK.

 Climbing the Sokosti mountain was the highlight of this section..."

Watch the video:

#Finland   #Nature     #Lapland     #Hiking     #Trekking  
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Simply breath taking
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Jaana Nyström

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How to... recognize photos from photo/links
Is that beautiful photo a hook to a website or is it just a photo? 
Photos sometimes have text that says album (more than 1 photo) 
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Jaana Nyström

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Finnish sauna, anyone? :D
Bare facts of the sauna

"You are invited to take off all your clothes and go to a little room heated to almost 100 Cº, where you will sit, naked, with others for a while and sweat.

Then you will go outside and jump (still naked) through a small hole in the ice on a lake, the sea or whatever and refresh yourselves in the freezing water – or roll in the snow instead.

In short, “What about a sauna?”

Learn more - thisisFINLAND

See about a Sauna Tour in Finland:

In this photo a Finnish teenager cools off outdoors in -18°C in between sauna visits.

#Finland #CoolingOff #Sauna #Healthy #Winter
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XD Ouch, this teen has red arm!
Also there is a steam bath or steam sauna idk (höyrysauna suomeksi)
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Jaana Nyström

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Räppiä ja tubetusta

Suomi-ilmiö: Tube or not Tube!  

Jaana tulee lavalle 12:36

Ylen Arvo Vuorela haastattelee:

Mukana räppäri Särre, hurjapää kuumailmapallohyppääjä Antti Pendikainen, Stunt Freaks Teamin Juha Ruokolainen ja Töttöröö Networksin Joona Haatainen. Sekä minä!

Katso video myöhemmin YouTubessa:

Striimaus Jaana Nyström Hangouts on Air, webbikamerakuvaus Esa Jäppinen​
Kylpylähotelli Peurunka, Laukaa

+Yle    #HangoutsOnAir   #YLE   #Suomi_ilmiö   #SomeFI  
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Jaana Nyström

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The very best of Electric Light Orchestra!

ELO:n parhaat biisit!

Listen in ‪#‎YouTube‬

‪#‎Music‬  ‪#‎Playlist‬  ‪#‎Concert‬ ‪ #‎ELO‬
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super mes 18 ans nostalgie ça manque
beaucoup danser en disco
on s'éclater MERCI.....................................
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Jaana Nyström

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Finnish north says goodbye to the sun for a couple of months...

#Finland     #Lapland     #ArcticCircle  
The polar night has started in the north of Finland

Photo from Nuorgam. The sun will rise again on 18th of January.
What a wonderful time it is!

Source: Inari-Saariselkä on Twitter

#FinlandExplorer #PolarNight #Finland #Winter
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+Viana de León I know:))I was little sarcastic bcos im sceptic that what they did here:))Like ear phones with light,work!???:)
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Jaana Nyström

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Google+ and your Local Business

+Mike Blumenthal wrote:

"Google has finally made some forward facing statements about the new Google+ and how it relates to local.
Essentially it doesn’t.

And they have no plans to add features back that would make it more local friendly.

They noted:

The following features are no longer supported for Local pages – Reviews, categories, directions, stars, photo uploads, interior photos, maps, hours, opentable/apps integration.

With that in mind, I wanted to put the questions about G+ to rest with this FAQ...

Learn more:

#NewGooglePlus   #Business     #Pages  
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Tiene demasiadas limitaciones
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Google+ professional coach, blogger, consultant, community manager
Public speaking, business coaching. Google+ Top Contributor & trusted user
  • Gplussa: Social media coach
    Gplussa founder, present
    Google recommended Top Contributor for Google+: Knowledgeable and helpful.
  • Helinmatkat Travel Agency
    Production and Web Manager, 1995 - 2010
  • Aurinkomatkat
    Tour guide abroad, 1987 - 1994
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I am one of the Top Contributors to the official Google+ Help Community.
I have been acknowledged by Google to be a Google+ professional.

"Top Contributors are trusted partners, connecting regularly with Google to stay in-the-know about new and improved product features." 

Helping others "get" Google+ is my passion: However, I don't work for Google, I'm a volunteer TC.
As a Top Contributor, I provide support to users of Google+ via Google's Product Forums and Google+ Help Community. I work directly with Google personnel, both acting as a liaison between Google customers and Google, and providing product feedback and suggestions to Google's product teams.

I have my own business Gplussa for coaching businesses, students and non-profits. Google+, Googletools, social media, digital marketing...

Welcome to my Circleverse!

❤  ❤ ❤

New to Google+?
Circle this page: Gplus Expertise

Here is my own Google+ Helper Community: All welcome!

Lots of good advice for newcomers and even for old hands.

My Webmag Google+ Help with all things Google

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Link to my G+ profile:öm

Posts about Google+ with my hashtag #Jaanatip

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Which circle is right for me?    
"Legally blonde non-geeks who are into Google+, writing, tech, edu, travel, scuba diving, golf, science and all kinds of interesting stuff."    
G+ Help to Goobies given!   

I'm the mother of these Google+ expressions:

Let's Circle! = Let us connect & communicate
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= All of my contacts and everyone else in G+
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- Tag+less = Nothing on the hovercard
- Glady or many Gladies = Awesome G+ Ladies
- G+rk = Comment spammer or jerk
- G+tiquette = Google+ etiquette



I live in Jyväskylä, Finland.  Have visited about 450 destinations in 46 countries.  Used to work as a tourguide in several countries for 8 years absorbing history and present day culture, then as a production  & sales manager in a leading travel agency. Have been lecturing and coaching a lot.

I like languages very much (nobody speaks Finnish :-) and here is a list of those that I speak / understand, starting with the most fluent:

  • Finnish, English, Swedish, Spanish, Carelian
  • Italian, French, German, Portuguese
Cannot read or write but have some verbal skills:
  • Greek, Thai, Arabic


About me in Finnish:

Tervetuloa Plussan puolelle kaikki suomalaiset!

Suomi -yhteisö kaikille meille, mukaan vain!

Yritykseni Gplussa sai siivet toukokuussa 2012.
Tarvitsetko Social media community manageria hoitamaan some-kenttää?

Mistä on kyse, Jaana Nyström?

Kuinka minusta tuli kouluttaja sekä yhteisömanageri:

Ryhdyin yrittäjäksi "vanhoilla päivillä" eli viisikymppisenä ja vaihdoin kertaheitolla ihan eri alalle kuin missä olin viettänyt viimeiset 23 vuotta -> matkailu.

Kiinnostuin sosiaalisesta mediasta varsinkin pienyrittäjien näkökulmasta: Ryhdyin miettimään jo omankin yritykseni kannalta kuinka olisi mahdollista saada some-näkyvyyttä ihan ilman mainosbudjettia tai rahankäyttöä. Valtavasti opiskeltavaa on edelleen, homma muuttuu melkein joka päivä: Uutta tulee mutta jotkut parhaat pysyvät.

Olen erikoistunut Google+ -alustaan: En edes sano some-alustaan koska minulle Plussa on työkalu.
Olen Suomen seuratuin Nobody - Plussan puolella.

2015 Helsingin Sanomat teki ison jutun minusta:

Haastatteluni Keskisuomalaisessa

Blogini suomeksi: GooglePlussasta 
(My blog in Finnish)

Google+ yrityssivuni +Gplussa suomeksi
Matkailualan sivu +Travel Pro Tips
Suomesta englanniksi +Finland Explorer

Vielä kerran, lämpimästi tervetuloa kaikille!

#suomi #Finland 
Bragging rights
One of the world's leading authorities of Google+ knowledge. Google+ Top Contributor. Entrepreneur, business coach, consultant. Most followed person in Finland. Worked with listed companies setting up their Google+ business pages. I have been on Google+ since the beginning.
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Karismasta kirjan kirjoittanut Katleena Kortesuo pelkää, että joku alkaa käyttää karismaansa väärin poliittisin tarkoituksiin. Kortesuon muk

TUBECON 15.8.2015 - Liput myynnissä nyt!

TUBECON 2015 on suurin koskaan Pohjoismaissa järjestetty YouTube-yhteisön livetapahtuma. Osta liput nyt!

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Good food and nice atmosphere 😊
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Great place for holidays and business both. Nature, skiing, Adventure Park and a tropical spa. Nice lunches and a fast food restaurant near the spa entry.
Public - a week ago
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Kiva että Lidlejä on joka puolella! Edullista, hyvää tavaraa.
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
Nice place for holidays or meetings. Good food.
Public - a week ago
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16 reviews
Hyvä palvelu, pizza ok vaikka vähän mauton. Jauhelihaa naftisti Bolognaisessa.
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
Nice, small regional airport. Not a lot of services but everything works. Make sure you order a taxi beforehand when arriving!
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
Great food, large portions. Takeaway and also delivery. A cabinet for family dinners. I recommend lankkupihvi or plank steak for the very hungry!
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago