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Jaana Nyström
Social Media coach and Entrepreneur.
Social Media coach and Entrepreneur.

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When you're tired of the winter...

And it's been snowing a lot just when you started to anticipate the coming of spring.

What do you do?

I go and get some flowers for the home! 🌸

#Flowers #Roses #Winter #Cold #Snow

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"Super creamy Chicken Noodle Soup beats any soup any day. The perfect comfort food in a bowl, lightened up with half of the calories AND no heavy cream! Just over 300 calories per generous and glorious serve!"

See the recipe:

#Food #Chicken #Soup #HealthyFood

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Share your Carnival or Carnaval shots!

Use the hashtag #MyCarnaval

Read on:
Are You Celebrating Carnaval? with #mycarnaval
This initiative was created by the Google+ Create Program,

Carnaval is a celebration that takes place in many parts of the world. It’s a time of year filled with joy, music, dance and the honoring of traditions. It's a time to party and truly celebrate life! From masked balls in Venice and Mardi Gras in Louisiana to the traditional murgas in the Canary Islands and the Samba Schools and Blocos Afros in Brazil, Carnaval brings people to the streets as they celebrate, sing, and dance together until the early morning.

How are you celebrating Carnaval? Are you putting your daily routine on pause to relish in the revelry?
Carnaval is a joyful celebration of life and creativity. You can transform into a superhero, a pirate or a queen…etc.

Share the images of your Carnaval experience on Google+ with the hashtag #mycarnaval.
Create Collections about your favorite Carnaval groups, musicians and dancers, and share other exciting moments as the Carnaval season begins. With so much going on before and during the festival, we are excited to see what you have to share.

G+ Official Announcement:


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Some shots from the Nice carnival

#MyCarnaval #Nice #France #Travel #Photography
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Oh yum!


"These Crispy Garlic Butter Parmesan Smashed Potatoes are the most delicious side dish, right up there with wedges and mashed potatoes. If you’ve never tried smashed potatoes before, you have to try them at least once.

Then it’s a guarantee they’ll be making a regular appearance at house..."

👌 😙

See the recipe:

#Food #Potatoes #Baking #Cooking #Recipe #Garlic #Parmesan

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Organic Reach on Social Media is Declining—Here’s What to Do About It

"Organic reach is in decline. Call the authorities. Call the doctor. Call someone, because this is changing the way businesses use social media.

Organic reach for Facebook Pages fell 52 percent in 2016. That’s one of many statistics that speak to how both algorithms and competition—in terms of the amount of content that’s being shared—are drastically changing the way we consume media.

This also means your beloved social media content strategy isn’t reaching as many people as before. What to do?

Here are four ways to deal with the decline in organic reach..."

Learn more:

#SocialMedia #Facebook #OrganicReach #Instagram #Twitter

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Have you played with flowers and snow or some other element, like sand?

Show us your images in the comments!

#Photography #Flowers #Gardens #Flowerphotography #Snow #Roses


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SAVING OUR OCEANS photo assignment

"This Your Shot - assignment is a call to produce photographs of special underwater places that are worth protecting.

While it can be argued that all underwater places are worthy of conservation, we are seeking images that bring the viewer into a special ecosystem or marine habitat and the reasons why you feel strongly about this place. Please make sure in your caption information to let us know where the image was taken and why you feel this area should be protected.

Submission deadline is March 20, 2017 at 12PM EST..."

See more:

#UWphotography #Oceans #MarineEnvironments #Scuba

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Wait, How Do Meteors Make Their Strange, Unearthly Noises?

"When a meteor passes high overhead, it’s sometimes possible for witnesses on the ground to hear distant noises.

At first blush, that shouldn’t be so strange — after all, a meteor crashing through the atmosphere shouldn’t be a silent event, right?"

Learn more:

#Science #Nature #Meteor #Phenomenon

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Here is one more shot of the flower bouquets in Nice flower market.

#Flowers #Market #France

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