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Jaana Nyström
Social Media coach and Entrepreneur.
Social Media coach and Entrepreneur.


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Cats Are Actually Nice, Scientists Find

"In fact, the study concluded, cats like interacting with humans more than they like eating food.

Let that sink in: more than food. I don't like anybody more than food..."

Read on:

#Caturday #Cats #Study

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In a week's time I'll start on a Transatlantic cruise...

I'm taking a Finnish group on the Costa Fascinosa from Italy to South America.

Will be posting photos whenever there's a wifi. 😊

For 3 weeks I'll be on the trip and on Costa Fascinosa:
Hey sun, here I come! ☀️

#Travel #Photography #Cruise #Work #Loistoristeilyt

+Costa Cruises #Matkailu

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Random meetings

WHO can tell whom I met on Googleplex a couple of years ago? 😁
A highlight...

#Google #California #MountainView #Twinsie #TCpost

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It may get a bit chilly in Finland, now and then during the winter... 🇫🇮

Winter Wonderland Lapland, Finland! Surviving -38c!

Watch the video: Northern Lights & Reindeer

#Travel #Finland #Winter #Lapland #Cold

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Plastic menu items - almost like artwork

My friend is in Japan and she sent me a photo of a Japanese restaurant menu.


#Travel #Japan #Restaurant #Menu

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A wonderful shot...

But whose is it?

I tried to follow the long repost-trail and ended up here:

However, I checked ALL the Instagram shots by and could not find this image.

Is stealing pics so very common in Insta, too?

#Oceans #Photography #Copyright #Photographer #Instagram

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Oh dear.

Is this still "On a lighter note" collection material? Who is Clovis?

President Trump promised to “hire the best people.”

"And, as scientists go, Clovis is an excellent talk-show host.
Among his scientific breakthroughs: being “extremely skeptical” of climate change, calling homosexuality “a choice,” suggesting gay rights would lead to legalized pedophilia, pushing the Obama birther allegation, and calling Eric Holder a “racist bigot” and Tom Perez a “racist Latino...”

For us outside the US (thanks to any deity of choice) this is comedy and circus combined, definitely.

Gets popcorn...

#Trumpistan #USA #Politics #Science

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