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Mapping out the brain.

"It's like Google Maps for your cerebral cortex.", says Eric Boodman from Huffington Post. A group of UC Berkeley scientists tracked the brains of seven americans as they listened to Moth Radio Hour (a story telling radio show) for a little over 2hrs. The scientists were able to put together a semantic atlas, showing that words are represented in different regions throughout the brain's outer layer.

This is a pretty big step not just towards understanding how we process language, but also our thoughts!

Watch the video!

Explore the Brain Map:

Further reading:

#language #neurology #brain
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Jaana Nyström

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Google Photos update

These changes make Google Photos faster and easier to use than ever, and will be coming soon to iOS.

#Photos   #Google   #GooglePhotos  
New redesigned search experience, customizable movies, and more

Rolling out now, the latest Google Photos update helps you find your photos faster with a new search bar. Start searching in one tap, or scroll down after tapping on the search bar to see faces, places, and photo types from your library.

In addition, Google Photos now offers the ability to customize automatically created movies with your own music, photos, and videos, so it’s easier than ever to make the perfect video after a holiday or trip. It’s also perfect for Mother’s Day – which you knew was coming up on May 8, right?

Finally, it’s now possible to rename or delete device folders you’ve created and manage your photos on SD cards by adding a new folder, copying, and moving photos.

These changes make Google Photos faster and easier to use than ever, and will be coming soon to iOS.

Get the latest Google Photos update for Android (v1.19) in the Play Store:
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I was surprised to see the automatic categorization.... It's far from perfect, but it's certainly good enough to be useful, I was impressed....
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Jaana Nyström

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Finnish study highlights health impact of sufficient sleep

"Lack of sleep has previously been found to impact the activation of the immune system, inflammation, carbohydrate metabolism and the hormones that regulate appetite. 

Now researchers found that sleep loss also influences cholesterol metabolism..."

Learn more:

#Science  #Study    #Sleep    #Health     #Finland     #Research  
A study conducted in the University of Helsinki finds that long-term sleep loss may contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease.
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Let me get some sleeeeeep zzzzzz.
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Jaana Nyström

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It's definitely spring in the Finnish garden, never mind the snowfall!

My delphiniums are growing even with the below 0°C nights and chilly weather.

How can I wait until they're fully grown...

Pic 1 today. 
Pic 2 some time and 2,5 meters later.  

#Gardening     #Finland     #CentralFinland     #Spring  
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Jaana Nyström

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Just watched the beautiful +BBC Earth  documentary Lands of the monsoon from the Finnish +Yle TV1 channel.

Im glad that sustainable and responsible forestry is spreading - thus saving countless species from doom.

Like the "Dutch monkey", which I was lucky enough to see live in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo.

#Nature     #Monsoon     #LandsOfTheMonsoon     #Wildlife  
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Very Nice .....
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Jaana Nyström

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Caturday special: How cats use their whiskers

"How do cats use their whiskers to catch their prey? Using slow motion you can see the whiskers move into an attack position... 

Taken from Cats Uncovered..."

See the video:

#Cats     #Caturday     #Whiskers     #Science     #Senses  
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Very Nice ....
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Jaana Nyström

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Happy 2016 MayDay weekend, all!

Vappu = 1st May or May Day or Labour Day

The 30th of April or #Vappuaatto is a huge festival day all over Finland.
Some booze may be consumed. Some may start celebrating already on Friday...

#MayDay #FirstOfMay #Weekend #Friday #LabourDay   #Vappu  
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Red hat, May Day - you must be a communist! ;D
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Jaana Nyström

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Playtime? :D

#VisitFinland     #Finland     #Husky  
Is this a flat tire in Lapand?
Salla Finland - Snow, Nature and Nowhereness

"Welcome to Salla Finland!

Our last stop of our 10 day tour of Finland in winter. A wonderland beyond the Arctic Circle, where reindeers outnumber people.

Salla’s motto is ‘In the Middle of Nowhere’ – are you curious to know if it’s true or not? "

See more fabulous shots and read on:

#Finland #Lapland #Peace #Quiet #Salla #Winter

#FinlandExplorer #Travel
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Nice and...adorable
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Jaana Nyström

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Congratulations to the "Young Lions", the Finnish under 18 years ice-hockey team for the World Championship!

The feeling of winning our lovely neighbour Sweden – in anything.

Finland and Sweden are like a brother and sister. Someone you compare yourself with and compete against. Someone you love telling jokes about but also admire. A win isn’t really a win unless it’s against Sweden.

#Finland #Sweden #IceHockey #CountryEmoji #WorldChampion
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Jaana Nyström

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This is indeed sad.

What can one person do?
Use video calls for conferencing instead of travel!

#Nature     #GlobalWarming     #Anthropocene    #Australia  
"And then we wept."

The chatter of gossip distracts us from the really big story: the Anthropocene, the new geological era we are bringing about.   Pay attention for a minute.  Most of the Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral reef system, now looks like a ghostly graveyard.  

Most corals are colonies of tiny genetically identical animals called polyps.   Over centuries, their skeletons build up reefs, which are havens for many kinds of sea life.  Some polyps catch their own food using stingers.  But most get their food by symbiosis!  They cooperate with algae called zooxanthellae.  These algae get energy from the sun's light.   They actually live inside the polyps, and provide them with food.  Most of the color of a coral reef comes from these zooxanthellae.

When a polyp is stressed, the zooxanthellae living inside it may decide to leave.  This can happen when the sea water gets too hot.  Without its zooxanthellae, the polyp is transparent and the coral's white skeleton is revealed - as you see here.  We say the coral is bleached.

After they bleach, the polyps begin to starve.  If conditions return to normal fast enough, the zooxanthellae may come back.   If they don't, the coral will die.

The Great Barrier Reef, off the northeast coast of Australia, contains over 2,900 reefs and 900 islands.  It's huge: 2,300 kilometers long, with an area of about 340,000 square kilometers.  It can be seen from outer space!

With global warming, this reef has been starting to bleach.  Parts of it bleached in 1998 and again in 2002.  But this year, with a big El Niño pushing world temperatures to new record highs, is the worst.

Scientists have being flying over the Great Barrier Reef to study the damage, and divers have looked at some of the reefs in detail.  Of the 522 reefs surveyed in the northern section, over 80% are severely bleached and less than 1% are not bleached at all.    Of 226 reefs surveyed in the central section, 33% are severely bleached and 10% are not bleached.  Of 163 reefs in the southern section, 1% are severely bleached and 25% are not bleached. 

The top expert on coral reefs in Australia, Terry Hughes, wrote:

“I showed the results of aerial surveys of bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef to my students.  And then we wept.”

Some of the bleached reefs may recover.  But as oceans continue to warm, the prospects look bleak.  The last big El Niño was in 1998.  With a lot of hard followup work, scientists showed that in the end, 16% of the world’s corals died in that event. 

This year is quite a bit hotter.

So, global warming is not a problem for the future: it's a problem now.   It's not good enough to cut carbon emissions eventually.   We've got to get serious now.  

I need to recommit myself to this.  For example, I need to stop flying around to conferences.  I've cut back, but I need to do much better.  Future generations, living in the damaged world we're creating, will not have much sympathy for our excuses.
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Jaana Nyström

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Another update for the new G+ web:

#GooglePlus     #Update     #Hovercards  
G+ Web Preview Update April 22
Happy Friday all... today we're rolling out another update to our Google+ Web preview with lots of bug fixes and a highly requested (thanks for all the feedback!) feature:

* 152 bug fixes
* 18 accessibility issues addressed
* Hover over user images for more info about people ability and to follow them

As always, please keep sending us your ideas/issues using the Send Feedback menu item.
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Hello. I don't use this site as much as I'd like just not user friendly enough for me. Never had as much trouble on any other site hmmm idk but want to use more if I can get use to it:)
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Jaana Nyström

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Film for the Finnish Donald Duck Magazine Will Have You Choking Up

"No other nation loves Donald Duck as much as the Finns. Even today, in the world of Netflix, YouTube and mobile phones, almost 1 million Finns read the Donald Duck magazine every week. That's 20% of the whole nation!

However, as almost half of the Finnish population have learned to read with the help of the Finnish Donald Duck, Aku Ankka, it really is no wonder. They grew up with him and learned from him, and has therefore been an essential part of many Finns lives..."

See the short video and read more: | LBBOnline

#Finland #DonaldDuck #AkuAnkka #NeverGrowUp

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I live in Jyväskylä, Finland.  Have visited about 450 destinations in 46 countries.  Used to work as a tourguide in several countries for 8 years absorbing history and present day culture, then as a production  & sales manager in a leading travel agency. Have been lecturing and coaching a lot.

I like languages very much (nobody speaks Finnish :-) and here is a list of those that I speak / understand, starting with the most fluent:

  • Finnish, English, Swedish, Spanish, Carelian
  • Italian, French, German, Portuguese
Cannot read or write but have some verbal skills:
  • Greek, Thai, Arabic


About me in Finnish:

Tervetuloa Plussan puolelle kaikki suomalaiset!

Suomi -yhteisö kaikille meille, mukaan vain!

Yritykseni Gplussa sai siivet toukokuussa 2012.
Tarvitsetko somekouluttajaa tai Social media community manageria hoitamaan some-kenttää?

Mistä on kyse, Jaana Nyström?

Kuinka minusta tuli kouluttaja sekä yhteisömanageri:

Ryhdyin yrittäjäksi "vanhoilla päivillä" eli viisikymppisenä ja vaihdoin kertaheitolla ihan eri alalle kuin missä olin viettänyt viimeiset 23 vuotta -> matkailu.

Kiinnostuin sosiaalisesta mediasta varsinkin pienyrittäjien näkökulmasta: Ryhdyin miettimään jo omankin yritykseni kannalta kuinka olisi mahdollista saada some-näkyvyyttä ihan ilman mainosbudjettia tai rahankäyttöä. Valtavasti opiskeltavaa on edelleen, homma muuttuu melkein joka päivä: Uutta tulee mutta jotkut parhaat pysyvät.

Olen Suomen seuratuin Nobody - Plussan puolella.

2015 Helsingin Sanomat teki ison jutun minusta:

Haastatteluni Keskisuomalaisessa

Blogini suomeksi: GooglePlussasta 
(My blog in Finnish)

Google+ yrityssivuni +Gplussa suomeksi
Matkailualan sivu +Travel Pro Tips
Suomesta englanniksi +Finland Explorer

Vielä kerran, lämpimästi tervetuloa kaikille!

#Suomi  #Finland   #Someuttaja
Bragging rights
Entrepreneur, business coach, consultant. Most followed person in Finland. I have been on Google+ since the beginning.
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Hyvä Prisma, Onnibus pysähtyy tämän edessä : Kalevan pysäkki.
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An office like no other, love the Google decor.
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Upea paikka viettää kesäistä päivää vaikka piknikillä, perheen tai kaveriporukan kesken. Ainoa miinus on vain yksi maksullinen yleisövessa.
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Sopivankokoinen messukeskus, hyvin jaksaa katsoa kaikki eri osastot. Yläkerran Barcelona -ravintolassa maukas lounasbuffet: 15.4.2016 hinta 9.50 e. Bussi Tampereen keskustan kautta 3 e suuntaansa, numero 14 suuntana Pere. Matkan kesto n. 10 minuuttia.
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Lovely place with lots of shops and small bars & restaurants. Foodstuffs to bring home.
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Kesä-Helsingin yksi olohuone Kaivopuiston lisäksi. Katusoittajia, jätskiä ja ihmisvilinää.
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