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Jaana Nyström
Social Media coach and Entrepreneur.
Social Media coach and Entrepreneur.


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This nazi idiot tried to make me cowed by calling me fat on Twitter.

Little did he know. 😂 He's a target now.

#Trumpistan #ScrapingTheBarrel #Idiots #Inbred #NaziScum


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Another US history lesson! 😅

Weekend Update: Washington and Jefferson on Being Compared to Robert E. Lee - SNL

#USA #Trumpistan

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Discover stuff on Google+...

Find content and communities from all across Google+ with Discover

Big news today Google+! We’re rolling a brand new Discover stream to help you and new users find the absolutely best content our network has to offer. If you glance over at your left-hand navigation bar, you’ll notice a shiny ‘Discover’ tab waiting to be explored. Inside, you’ll find trending posts from curated sources in a new, denser format. Also inside are Featured Collections, Recommended Communities, and the previously announced Topics - which got a bit of a makeover as well, so be sure to check them out!

New and signed out users will land on Discover (previously ‘Featured Collections’) which puts content from a diverse set of sources front and center. We hope that this creates a better experience for new users that more readily communicates the awesome stuff G+ has to offer while providing existing users with a fun way to find and follow creators they haven’t yet, ahem, discovered.

To make way for Discover, you may have noticed we removed the Collections tab and the Events tab. Don’t worry! Collections and Events aren’t gone; they’ve just been moved. ‘Featured Collections’ have a new home within Discover and ‘Your / Followed Collections’ can be found by clicking on ‘Communities and Collections’ on your profile. Events can now be found in the overflow menu (three dots) on your profile when you can also find your Insights.

These changes will be live on web and iOS within the next day or so for all users. As always, please let us know what you think by replying to this thread or using the ‘Send Feedback’ option on web or in-app. Enjoy!

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Changes, changes...

#GooglePlus #Web #Desktop #Events
How to access Google+ Events in the new desktop layout

With the most recent design change Google+ Events are no longer accessible from the left menu.

Here's how you access them:

1. Click Profile on the left menu to view your own profile
2. Click the 3 dot menu icon on your profile header
3. Select Your events

That will take you to the old Google+ Events page.

If you are using a Google+ Profile, rather than a Page, you can also get to Events by going directly to

Note that G Suite accounts do not have access to Google+ Events.

Learn how to Create and manage events in the +Google+ help center:

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Do’s and Don’ts of Web Design

"Web design is a tricky subject. There are a lot of things you should consider when creating a website. In order to simplify this task, I’ve prepared a list of do’s and don’ts principles every web designer should take into account. And the good news is that they’re all simple principles.

Let’s get started!"

Read on:

#Website #WebDesign #UX #User

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This Vice News Documentary from Charlottesville Is Horrifying

"The question before us is obvious. Is this the country we've built for ourselves? And can we allow it to continue this way?"


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