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Jaana Nyström
Social Media coach and Entrepreneur.
Social Media coach and Entrepreneur.

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Live long and prospurr 😽

Happy Caturday all!

#Caturday #StarTrek #Spock #CatsInSpace


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Testing if I can sell my images... 😃

Have you tried?

#FineArtAmerica #Photography

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Serene and beautiful...

Thanks +Markus Kiili for the fabulous shot!

#Finland #Photography #Lapland #FinlandInYourStream

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Learning coding - at my time of life?

Oh yes, I started learning programming. 😅
So far I've managed to set up and download Clojure etc. on my iMac.

Then I managed to Walk My Turtle around.

I still have no idea what I'm doing or how this will be useful... Tomorrow I have a free Clojure Bridge course day here in Finland and hopefully will learn something to my advantage or amusement.

Any tips for someone who briefly studied Basic at the end of the 70's are welcome!

#Coding #Programming #Learning #Clojure #LifelongLearning #ClojureBridge


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Scan your printed photos in just one tap

"PhotoScan lets you save digital copies of your printed photos in just a few taps. Since we launched the app in November, you’ve all scanned a lot of photos—almost 50 million in fact!

Today we're making a few updates to ensure these moments—once trapped in a photo album in your attic—are even easier to scan and share, so you can take them with you wherever you go..."

#Photos #MobileScan #PhotoScan

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In case you have been wondering why I haven't posted any spring photos...

😳 It's still freezing here in Central Finland, not even crocuses up yet. The spring comes very late this year.

#Garden #Gardening #Spring #Flowers #Snow

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The new Google+ Topics are here!

See for instance "Marine Life":

#Topics #GooglePlus #Oceans #Scuba #MarineLife

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Topics are here!

Topics pull posts from chosen Collections, Communities and hashtags, also the AI pulls posts from Public. So it's like a mixed grill of something you may be interested in.

Find more from this clickable list:

What topics are you interested in?

#Topics #Interests #Googleplus

Love anime? Obsessed with street art? Can’t get enough nature photography? Now it’s even easier to get way into what you’re into with Topics.

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20 Of The Funniest Signs From The March For Science

"Tens of thousands of people in over 600 cities on seven continents across the globe came together last Saturday at the March for Science.

Here, we offer 20 of our favorite humorous signs from protesters around the world..."

#Science #MarchForScience

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Have you ever had one of these cling to your wetsuit?

Happened to me in the Philippines: The Crinoids of feather stars were everywhere at one point. 😘

Unluckily my dive buddy didn't have a camera and I didn't notice until they had all unattached themselves and taken a ride in the current.

#Philippines #ElNido #Scuba #UnderwaterPhotography #Crinoids

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