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Poor TechCrunch!

I'm so sorry that they are facing bankruptcy and shame because they write rubbishy articles with no knowledge and have been lying to readers all along.

Because nobody believes this BS that the link baiting machine poops out.
Why haven't they shared the bullshit story in Google+, on any of their Pages or profiles? Take a guess.

Who believes anything these ignoramuses write? Unless a Fox News type of audience... Using a TV show name in the headline tells us a lot.
TC is the Fox of tech world?

They really should be taken off the suggested users list.

I have reliable source from TC stating that they will go out of business soon but I'm not in any way obliged to reveal my source.

(It was supposedly someone alexia or something, or so a little bird told me )

See my post from 2012 about the same idiocy, this time written by Sarah Perez.

#Googleplus   #Media   #Journalist  
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If Googleplus is a Ghost Town, it's your own fault!

A new mobile phone is empty until you add contacts and apps.
When you started on Twitter you had to start following people to get content.

What makes Google+ any different?

It makes me mad to see these idiots from tech sites who don't even use Google+ think they know the ins and outs: Bah.  
Linkbait and BS - no integrity, no professionalism.  

+Amanda Blain wrote a brilliant open letter to the Media:
Do read and share her piece!

Then write your own Google+ story. Like I did. :-)

A life changer! After receiving an invitation to join Google+ in June 29, 2011 I've never looked back. There was just something in this platform that swept me off my feet: I decided already in August that year that Google+ wi...
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+Mark Barrus   Thank you! :-)  I just saw the opportunity and embraced it.
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Guess who is the new Google+ head squirrel honcho

+Dave Besbris: - and confirmed by the man himself and +Yonatan Zunger :

We welcome our overlord! :-)

#Googleplus     #Update  
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Dave Bebris is a +Pomplamoose fan, I think.
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Jaana Nyström

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What a pity!
Good luck with the new endeavours +Vic Gundotra and thanks for all the fish!

h/t +Justine Rivero 
And Then

Last month, my wife's uncle died in a tragic accident in LA when the bicycle he was using to get lunch was hit by a truck. At the memorial service his daughter relayed a very touching story. 

She said her dad (who was her best friend) called every day to talk. But instead of opening the call with the customary "How are you" or "What's going on", her dad always opened the conversation with "And then?" Her father viewed each conversation as a continuation of the last, and what pained her the most was that there were to be no more "and thens". I cried. 

Since then I've thought a lot about how similar this is to our life's endeavors. We pour our heart and soul into our work and it becomes something we love and cherish. But even the challenges we work on today will one day become "and thens" as we move on to the next. 

Today I'm announcing my departure from Google after almost 8 years.

I have been incredibly fortunate to work with the amazing people of Google. I don't believe there is a more talented and passionate collection of people anywhere else. And I'm overwhelmed when I think about the leadership of +Larry Page and what he empowered me to do while at Google. From starting Google I/O, to being responsible for all mobile applications, to creating Google+, none of this would have happened without Larry's encouragement and support.

I'm also forever in debt to the Google+ team. This is a group of people who built social at Google against the skepticism of so many. The growth of active users is staggering, and speaks to the work of this team. But it doesn't tell you what kind of people they are. They are invincible dreamers. I love them. And I will miss them dearly.

Finally, thank you to all those who I've met on Google+. The community here has been so supportive that I don't even know how to say thank you. You all make Google+. Without you, this social network wouldn't exist. Your support for Google+, and for me personally is something I will never forget. 

But, now is the time for a new journey. A continuation. An "and then". I am excited about what's next. But this isn't the day to talk about that. This is a day to celebrate the past 8 years. To cry. And smile. And to look forward to the journey yet to come.

And then....
+Vic Gundotra 

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+John Holme TechCrunch article is pure speculation and their usual bullshit. I never believe anything they write. The Fox news of Tech.
See this reply from +Amanda Blain :
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Follower count vs Google+ Views

Who rules in #Googleplus   Europe?  Interesting.
Check out the follower counts for those with most views...

Most followed profiles in Europe:

#Blogger   #Photographer   #Musician   #Views  
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I should have added 'to me'.. ;-)
For Google it is the number to get people/companies focused on.. :-P 
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Jaana Nyström

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Lazy writers: Link baiting instead of professionalism

Good response from +Mars Cyrillo to the idiots in TC.

In response to +TechCrunch's article by +Alexia Tsotsis "Google+ is Walking Dead"

Ever since The New York Times posted an article proclaiming Google+ to be a “Ghost Town” ( I keep wondering why in the world people try to measure what’s distant from their reality with a romanticized idea of the supernatural?

But then neuroscience helps us explain: it’s the human need to find explanations for what they can’t understand. The great astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson recently told a story of a policeman who was driving his car and reporting in to the station that he was following a UFO. There it was, a luminous point in the sky zigzagging on his field of sight. Later the footage he’d taken and the GPS coordinates of his car explained it. He was driving along a sinuous road and he was following Venus in the sky. 

Today, I was baffled to read an article on TechCrunch ( saying that Google+ is “Walking Dead”  because +Vic Gundotra, former SVP of Social at Google, had made news with his resignation. 

The article raises anything but hard evidence for its claims, instead using lots of vague hearsay and shortsighted speculation:

“What we’re hearing from multiple sources is that Google+ will no longer be considered a product, but a platform. — essentially ending its competition with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.” 

Anyone paying attention would have noticed from the beginning that Google built Google+ from the ground up to be a platform to connect all of its products. Some people initially complained about YouTube’s integration with Google+, but now it’s a done deal and it’s just an example. 

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are so different from one another that people who say they directly compete are at the very least myopic. Let me write it here so that I can help simplify it: on average Facebook is where you connect to your friends, Twitter is where you broadcast stuff and Google+ is where you connect around subjects or more appropriately perhaps, passions. Of course there are overlaps, but in a nutshell this is it. Plain and simple: it’s like comparing an apple, an orange, and a banana. 

“We hear that there’s a new building on campus, so many of those people are getting moved physically, as well — not necessarily due to Gundotra’s departure.”   

This is the equivalent of “I see a UFO”, but Vic is just Venus, let’s move on. Let’s recall that when Hugo Barra left Google and the Android leadership team to join a Chinese company, lazy journalism was quick to proclaim that Android was experiencing serious issues. History speaks to this one. Executives moving to other challenges and companies is a very natural and even desirable thing to happen. 

“As part of these staff changes, the Google Hangouts team will be moving to the Android team, and it’s likely that the photos team will follow, these people said. Basically, talent will be shifting away from the Google+ kingdom and towards Android as a platform, we’re hearing.” 

But wait, who said the Google Hangouts team is diminishing the Google+ team by moving closer to Android? Another UFO.

“We’ve heard Google has not yet decided what to do with the teams not going to Android, and that Google+ is not “officially” dead, more like walking dead: “When you fire the top dog and take away all resources it is what it is.” It will take copious amounts of work for it to un-zombie, if that’s even a possibility.” 

Frankly, this kind of idle gossip is not reporting and merely insults people’s intelligence, I hope everyone sees it the same way. I would love to know at the very least if someone working for Google actually said this. In any event, claiming that the platform is going to die without being part of it is such a silly thing to say for someone writing about technology.

“We’ve heard that the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook may have been a factor in the phasing out of Gundotra’s grand experiment. There was a perception that Google had missed the “biggest acquisition in the social space.” Though another source tells us that Google knew what was up with WhatsApp but simply didn’t want to pay out for it.” 

And, it is also well known that consumption of chocolate is correlated to being awarded nobel prizes. But smart people would say “correlation isn’t a proof of causation”. The game of big acquisitions is a game after all, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Google has several wins, like YouTube and Waze and can afford some losses. I never heard of talent leaving a company because they missed an acquisition. 

“In the long run, the issues with Google+ didn’t especially stem from the design of the product itself, but more from the way it interjected itself into your day-to-day Google experience like some unwelcome hairy spider. Perhaps these changes will scale back the grating party crashing?” 

To all Google+ skeptics out there, I would like to say that for me comparing Google+ with Facebook is the equivalent of comparing The New York Times with New York Post. In any case, lazy journalism is bad no matter where you find it.

thank you +Jen Halpin for inspiring me to put my perplexity on paper, love you!

#googleplus   #andthen
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+Dorian Stretton  Le sigh. Quite many. TechCrunch is the Fox News of tech. For stupid people.
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#GooglePlus    #GoodMove  

Thanks for all the fish, +Vic Gundotra 
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+Dan Grubbs he'll turn up. Just needs to follow the first person that looks like he (or she) knows where they are going.
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Lots of information about Google+ Photos
- and I mean it. LOTS.

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Yes, why?

Guys don't make car commercials...


#Ads     #Marketing  
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See the real problem is that clearly that guys, any guys, are so much hotter than the cars that they would be selling sex instead of cars. So really its to the benefit of women that they use women instead. Our society obviously does not sexualize women in any way so they are trying to sell the cars, rather than sex.
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I live in Jyväskylä, Finland.  Have visited about 450 destinations in 46 countries.  Used to work as a tourguide in several countries for 8 years absorbing history and present day culture, then as a production  & sales manager in a leading travel agency. Have been lecturing and coaching a lot.

I like languages very much (nobody speaks Finnish :-) and here is a list of those that I speak / understand, starting with the most fluent:

  • Finnish, English, Swedish, Spanish, Carelian
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Cannot read or write but have some verbal skills:
  • Greek, Thai, Arabic


About me in Finnish:

Tervetuloa Plussan puolelle kaikki suomalaiset!

Suomi -yhteisö kaikille meille, mukaan vain!

Yritykseni Gplussa sai siivet toukokuussa 2012.
Tarvitsetko Social media community manageria hoitamaan Google+ -sivuasi?

Mistä on kyse, Jaana Nyström?

Kuinka minusta tuli kouluttaja sekä yhteisömanageri:

Ryhdyin yrittäjäksi "vanhoilla päivillä" eli viisikymppisenä ja vaihdoin kertaheitolla ihan eri alalle kuin missä olin viettänyt viimeiset 23 vuotta -> matkailu.

Kiinnostuin sosiaalisesta mediasta varsinkin pienyrittäjien näkökulmasta: Ryhdyin miettimään jo omankin yritykseni kannalta kuinka olisi mahdollista saada some-näkyvyyttä ihan ilman mainosbudjettia tai rahankäyttöä. Valtavasti opiskeltavaa on edelleen, homma muuttuu melkein joka päivä: Uutta tulee mutta jotkut parhaat pysyvät.

Olen erikoistunut Google+ -alustaan: En edes sano some-alustaan koska minulle Plussa on työkalu.
Olen Suomen seuratuin Nobody - Plussan puolella.

Tässä on hyvä haastatteluvideo joka varmaan kertoo olennaisen:

Haastatteluni Keskisuomalaisessa

Blogini suomeksi: GooglePlussasta 
(My blog in Finnish)

Google+ yrityssivuni +Gplussa suomeksi
Matkailualan sivu +Travel Pro Tips
Suomesta englanniksi +Finland Explorer

Vielä kerran, lämpimästi tervetuloa kaikille!

#suomi #Finland 
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One of the world's leading authorities of Google+ knowledge. Google+ Top Contributor. Google+ trusted user and beta tester. Entrepreneur, business coach, consultant. Most followed person in Finland. Worked with listed companies setting up their Google+ business pages. I have been on Google+ since the beginning.
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Kävin otattamassa muotokuvia asiakasyrityksen nettisivuille ja muuhun käyttöön, meitä oli kymmenkunta kaikenkaikkiaan vuorotellen. Homma toimi hyvin ja ammattitaidolla, kuvat saatiin nopeasti käyttöön. Ajanvaraus kannattaa tehdä, tuntuu olevan suosittuu valokuvaamo.
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