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Nice tip from +Google+ Top Contributors

#GooglePlus #Profile
How To Disable Comments & Reshares On Your Profile Pic

First you need to view your profile.

1.) On Your Profile, Click Your Profile Picture

Next, you will see the 'lightbox' view of your profile pic. Unfortunately there is no options to change your settings in this screen. Click the reshare icon in the bottom right.

2.) Reshare The Post Privately

So, you need to reshare the post, privately to yourself, in order to get to the original post of your profile pic. (You may skip this part if you already have a link to the 'post' from a notification.) Select a private audience, collection, or simply yourself from 'see more' in the audience selector.

3.) Refresh and go to "Originally shared" Post

You will need to refresh your profile to view the 'new' privately shared post. There you will see the second line of blue text at the top of the new post indicating it is a reshare.
If you click that text link, it will take you to the original post. Even if you did not actually share your profile photo as a post, this post will exist, although it's unlikely to be displayed on your profile.

4.) Click on Post Options and select disable Comments and Reshares

Once on the original post you will be able to click on the 'post options' (three vertical dots in the top right). Where you will have the option to disable comments and reshares.


You may also wish to consider doing this with all past profile pics, or alternatively, you can quickly delete all your older profile pics via the Google Album Archive. Though the archive only gives options to delete, or download images, no other settings are located there:

options and screens may vary slightly using the mobile app, this tutorial was created using the desktop interface

We hope you have found this useful. If you do require any assistance or support using Google+, then please visit the Official Google+ Help Community:
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Any suggestions I could add to this playlist: Spanish Guitar
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It's almost time!
Earth, Wind & Fire night is just around the corner

Do you remember?

#september #earthwindandfire
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Are You The Victim of an Instagram Shadowban?? Here’s Why & How to Remove it From Your Account!

"If you’ve landed on this blog post it’s likely you’ve heard the words “Instagram Shadowban” whispered around Facebook groups and Instagram pods...

This term picked up steam extremely quickly, and while I’m not normally one to jump on the bandwagon (when buzz words go viral like this it’s usually just rumors..) the Instagram Shadowban has some legs and certainly seems to be affecting hundreds of Instagram accounts.

I put together this blog post to address everyone’s concerns and give you a plan of action to avoid, or remove any possibility of being shadow banned by Instagram!

So if you’re worried about the current state of your account and believe you may have been shadow banned.. keep reading!"

#SocialMedia #Instagram #Shadowban #Hashtags #Bots #BusinessAccounts
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Korean-American Professor Couple Identify Major Cause of Autism

"The couple found that certain bacteria in the mother’s digestive tract can lead to having an autistic child. Furthermore, they found the exact brain location linked to autistic behaviors, which can be used to find a cure for autism..."

Learn more:

#Autism #Bacteria #Research #Science
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Is this true? 😮
Thanks To Lobbying, It's Illegal To Power Your Home With Solar Panels In Florida

"It may have ravaged much of the Caribbean, but Hurricane Irma weakened mercifully quickly as it passed over Florida. That’s not to say that it didn’t cause significant infrastructural damage, of course, and soon after the storm had passed, 40 percent of Florida lacked electricity, something that ended up killing several people who relied on it.

At the time of writing, 1.5 million Floridians are still without power, and the issue of solar power has come up. This is the Sunshine State we’re talking about – so why is it so difficult to get a solar panel for your house there?

As pointed out by the Miami New Times, Florida Power and Light (FPL) – a major supplier of electricity to the state – has invested heavily in lobbying state lawmakers to disallow residents from powering their own homes with solar power panels. In fact, thanks to the current laws, it is illegal to do so; you have to connect any solar panels to your local electric grid.

This is nothing short of draconian. Roof-mounted solar panels are an increasing cheap source of renewable energy. In fact, if they became widespread, they would save $3.5 trillion and reduce 24.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2050. They also happen to be an excellent source of self-sustaining electricity if the main electrical grid burns out – say, during a hurricane.

Homes that power themselves, even to a small degree, aren’t much good to companies like FPL. They’ve been cut out of the loop, which means they don’t make any money off their consumers. They’d never openly admit this though, and instead, they’ve conjured up a rather unbelievable explanation.

“Operating your renewable system without the bi-directional meter can result in an inaccurate meter reading causing your bill to increase,” they write, which in effect means you’ll be charged more for an apparent glitch they can’t fix because you happen to be proactive..."

Read on:

#Florida #HurricaneIrma #SolarPower #SunshineState #Lobbying #USA #Incredible
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The last bud of Sweetpea before the frost?

Central Finland still hasn't had night frost but it won't be long now...

#Garden #Gardening #Finland #Sweetpea #Autumn #Fall #Flowers #Flowerphotography
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Thou shalt not make logical fallacies

Discussion? Argument? Debate?

See and avoid these...

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#Caturday for Jane Austen fans... 😻
A rerun of one of my favorites on #Caturday in honor of Jane Austen's 200th anniversary

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Global wifi for travel?

I'll be guiding a group from Mediterranean to South America on a cruise in November and I also need to report on social media for my client.

What would be the best solution for wifi connection?
In Europe I have no problems but outside...

The ports are:
Morocco, Tenerife
Over the Atlantic
Recife, Maceio, Salvador de Bahia and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil
Buenos Aires in Argentina

Something like this?

I guess the days at sea are hopeless as I haven't found any reasonable satellite device / thingy / connection... 😅

#Travel #Mobile #Wifi #SocialMedia #TravelBlogger #SouthAmerica #Tech #Roaming
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