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Jaana Nyström

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Google Translate and the Finnish language! 😂

A joint welder in Finnish is liitoshitsaaja. One word.

#Finnish   #Finland   #Language   #GoogleTranslate  
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Jaana Nyström

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I have taken up a mighty reading task...

This book contains the complete novels of Charles Dickens in the chronological order of their original publication.

- The Pickwick Papers
- Oliver Twist
- Nicholas Nickleby
- The Old Curiosity Shop
- Barnaby Rudge
- Martin Chuzzlewit
- Dombey and Son
- David Copperfield
- Bleak House
- Hard Times
- Little Dorrit
- A Tale of Two Cities
- Great Expectations
- Our Mutual Friend
- The Mystery of Edwin Drood

I've already read half of these earlier but it's always good to return to good content.

Reading the books on my Kindle, thus I can carry on anywhere.

The collection is FREE on Amazon:

#CharlesDickens   #Books   #Reading   #Dickensian  
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+Jaana Nyström "The best sleeping draught ever!" 😘
Hahahaha!!! So true! I can be up all night reading technical papers, travel or cook books, but Dickens. . .
I am currently reading the late chef Julia Child's "My Life in France," on the tablet. A very good read!
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Jaana Nyström

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Helsinki is on the list! ❤️

50 Best Places to Travel in 2017

"The 50 destinations that made our list this year include one of France’s lesser-known wine regions, America’s next big dining spot, and a buzzy Greek island..."

Read on:

#Travel #Destinations #Finland #TravelTuesday #VisitFinland
The 50 destinations that made our list this year include one of France’s lesser-known wine regions, America’s next big dining spot, and a buzzy Greek island. How many of these places will you visit in 2017?
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+Weabul Grey Very excited, thanks!
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Jaana Nyström

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Another Photo Stealers community:

This image is by Markus.
PING +Markus Kiili sun kuvia varastetaan. Tee ilmoitus!

WHY can't Google+ shut these down?

#Copyright   #Photographers   #Communities   #Thieves  
Discover the best way to observe the northern lights ^^
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Peggy K
+Jaana Nyström hopefully the pix will be taken down soon then.
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Jaana Nyström

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Scientists just discovered there are 'bees' in the oceans

"For the first time, researchers have found evidence that underwater ecosystems have pollinators that perform the same task as bees on land.

Just like their terrestrial cousins, grasses under the sea shed pollen to sexually reproduce. Until now, biologists assumed the marine plants relied on water alone to spread their genes far and wide. But the discovery of pollen-carrying ‘bees of the sea’ has changed all of that..."

Learn more:

#Earth   #Biology   #Science   #Oceans   #Nature  
For the first time, researchers have found evidence that underwater ecosystems have pollinators that perform the same task as bees on land.
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wow. ¡¡ nites Jaana
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Jaana Nyström

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Well worth a read this!

#GooglePlus   #Spam  
Understanding Spamming on Google+

A lot of people find themselves in trouble on Google+ because they have serious misunderstandings about spamming. Let me start with two of the most common misunderstandings and then get to the facts about what spamming is. I'll close with the "secret" to avoid being flagged as a spammer.

Misconception #1: Spamming involves sharing promotional content.
The most common misconception -- and the one that leads many people who have no intention to spam to be flagged as spammers -- is that spamming involves sharing promotional content. Who the content (a post or comment) is shared with, how content is shared, and the overall sharing behavior of the person sharing the content play a much greater role in determining whether content is viewed as spam or not. Any post (even this one) could be spam.

Misconception #2: You can determine what is or is not spam simply by looking at it.
This comes down to the same point as Misconception #1: the fact that spamming is generally determined by how content is shared, who the content is shared with, and the overall behaviors of the person sharing the content. You can sometimes recognize that content is spam based on its context (e.g., an off-topic post shared in a community), but you cannot determine that a post is not spam by looking at it even in context. For example, you cannot tell by looking at this post whether I shared it excessively in a spammer-like manner, which would make it spam. You therefore cannot judge by simply looking at a flagged post whether the Google+ spam filters flagged the post appropriately or not.

Misconception #3: Political and religious posts are treated differently by the spam filters.
People with all political views and from all religions often complain that their posts on those subjects are being flagged because of their political or religious views. That's not true. The reasons for their posts being flagged are the issues discussed in the remainder of this post, all of which are conspicuously apolitical and non-denominational.

What is spamming?
At the highest level, spamming is delivering unwanted content to significant numbers of people. It is generally not about what the content itself is other than to the degree that the content is delivered to people who do or do not want to receive it.

Assuming a post doesn't violate any other rules, it might be perfectly fine when shared with one audience but spam when shared with others. It might even be perfectly fine if shared one way with an audience but spam if shared in different manner. Or a post might be perfectly fine if shared individually with different audiences but become spam if shared with all of them. On top of that, a person's overall sharing behavior could make whatever they might share at that moment unwanted.

Let's assume for the remaining discussion that we are talking about a great post that doesn't violate any of the rules in Google’s User Content and Conduct Policy ( other than the spamming rule.

Sharing that hypothetical post with specific circles, a collection, or Public would not be spamming unless options I will mention in the next two paragraphs were selected. Sharing the post in a community could be either perfectly acceptable or spamming depending on whether the post complies with the community's rules. (Remember that each community has its own rules in addition to Google's rules.) The community's rules are a consideration because community posts are presented to all members of a community. Members joined the community with the expectation that they would receive only posts through the community that comply with the community's rules. Therefore, any post delivered to the members through the community that violates the rules is implicitly unwanted by the membership -- and therefore spam.

As I said, there are options in classic Google+ that one can choose which can make sharing the same post with the same audience a form of spamming. If you select the option to send emails when sharing a non-community post in classic Google+, that runs a high risk of changing acceptable sharing into spamming. Without that option, your posts will be displayed only to people who follow you. They made the decision to follow you, so that's okay unless there are more general issues (which I'll talk about in a moment). Selecting that option, however, can force emails and notifications to people who might not want to receive them. It's spamming if you trigger unwanted emails or notifications, so using that option can lead you to being flagged for spamming.

A similar problem would occur if you were to add Extended circles, Your circles, or the names of specific circles when sharing with Public in classic Google+. That can also trigger unwanted notifications to anyone in the groups you added to Public -- and therefore be spamming.

Fortunately, both of the possibilities I just mentioned have been eliminated in the new Google+ to avoid the problems I discussed.

The next problem involves the same post being delivered to the same people multiple times. No one (at least virtually no one) wants to see the same content repetitively. The issue with sharing content with multiple audiences each of whom it might have been reasonable to share a post with arises when there is overlap in the audiences. Sharing the same post to multiple collections or communities is an issue because there is a very high probability that the same people follow more than one of a person's collections or are members of the same communities the poster wants to share to. As a result, those people could see one instance of the post for each of the collections or communities the post was shared with. That's just as bad as if you explicitly shared the same post with them multiple times -- and therefore considered to be a form of spamming.

Yet another issue relates to the fact that virtually no one wants to see their Home streams or the streams of the communities they join dominated by posts by a single individual. Therefore, the sheer volume of posts one shares can become a spamming issue. When a person shares too many posts in too short a period of time -- even if they might be shared with what appear to be different audiences, it presents a high probability that people would see an excessive number of posts by that person, which would be perceived as spamming.

Note that while I have spoken thus far about sharing "the same post," all of the above applies to sharing posts that are substantially similar. Making relatively minor changes to posts doesn't prevent them from being perceived as being the same -- and therefore as spam -- by recipients. The same applies when people include similar blocks of text frequently. This is especially true if the blocks of text contain the same or substantially similar links (e.g., links to different posts in the same blog). One common practice that gets people into trouble this way is including a "signature block" in their posts because they can be picked up by the spam filters as substantially similar content.

I have focused primarily on posts thus far, but there are still other things that can lead to a person being viewed as a spammer:
* Sharing the same or substantially comments too frequently -- because the same people are likely to see the repetition.
* Excessive commenting in a community -- again, because no one wants to see a community dominated by one individual.
* Excessive +1ing -- because one's +1s become meaningless when used excessively. It also appears to Google as an attempt to manipulate rankings.

How to avoid being flagged as a spammer
The secret for avoiding being flagged for spamming lies in the statement I made about spamming earlier: "At the highest level, spamming is delivering unwanted content to significant numbers of people." The most important word in that sentence is "unwanted." You have to look at sharing from the eyes of the recipients.

It doesn't matter that you want to share a message. It matters whether the recipients will welcome that message. That means not only whether they would welcome the message overall but whether they would welcome another instance of the message (if you were sharing it repeatedly) and whether they would welcome it in the context of other things you might have shared recently. If the answer is "no" to any of those conditions even for just a few recipients), sharing the post or comment would be spamming -- so don't share it (or at least don't share it at that moment). 
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In kg
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Jaana Nyström

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My sister's new kitten: Meet Miska

The best way to get over the grief when a pet dies, is to rescue a new life.

My sister's old cat Lötjönen recently died of old age, he was 18...
Now this charming little Miska-girl is filling the void.

#Caturday   #Cats   #Kitten   #Pets  
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Jaana Nyström

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Meet the Future of Plastic: 100 Percent Biodegradable, Organic Bags You Can Eat!

"EnviGreen’s bags will naturally degrade in 180 days and if they are submerged in water they disappear in a day. Oh and also – these bags are edible.

This means that when animals encounter non-degraded bags, they can eat them with no adverse effects..."

See more:

#Plastic   #Nature   #PlasticBags   #Oceans   #Biodegradable  
<p>Hegde founded EnviGreen and began to tinker with ways to make plastic-like substances that would be: “100 percent organic, biodegradable, and eco-friendly.”</p>
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should be a law
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Jaana Nyström

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Happy 99th Independence Day, Finland!

Next year is full of events ❤️

#Finland99   #Suomi99   #Itsenäisyyspäivä  
Finns celebrate freedom every December

"One of Finland’s most inspiring celebrations arrives every year on December 6: Independence Day. (Try pronouncing it in Finnish: Itsenäisyyspäivä.)"

See more:

#Itsenäisyyspäivä #Suomi99 #Finland99 #VisitFinland #Finland
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Happy birthday Finland 
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Jaana Nyström

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Massive 'Black Hole' On Sun's Surface to Blast Earth with Solar Storms

Aurora Borealis or Northern lights are coming!

See more:

#Science   #SolarStorm   #AuroraBorealis   #Sun  
A massive coronal hole on the sun is currently facing Earth, directing a solar storm at our planet which can potentially wreak havoc on communication and electr...
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The end

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Jaana Nyström

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Learn more about Google+ from Top Contributor +Peggy K !

#GooglePlus   #Webinar  
Google Hangouts FREE webinar
Learn from a Top Contributor (expert)

Join me and +Peggy K (Google Top Contributor Expert) as we explore Google Plus . We will cover some basic things and some very useful functional things.

Wednesday Dec. 7th at 8:15pm Eastern / 5:15pm Pacific)

Even if you can't make the live event be sure to register, you can come back and watch ANYTIME. Also, if you register now you can add comments in the unified chat and we will bring it up on screen during the Event.

NOTE: When you register you get an email that allows you to add this event to your Outlook or Google calendar

Please share this in any Community or Collection you think folks would be interested. Or share with friends you have that just aren't sure How Google Plus works.

Hope to see you soon!
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Peggy K
Thank you +Donna CePhass. Happy Holidays to you too!
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Jaana Nyström

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26 Important Firsts Every Cat Owner Has Experienced

Does the death stare mean “I love you” or “I’ll kill you”? 🤔 😽

See more:

#Cats   #Caturday   #CaturdayEveryday  
Does the death stare mean "I love you" or "I'll kill you"?
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Holy cat poop
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Social Media coach and Entrepreneur.
I was one of the Top Contributors to the official Google+ Help Community from 2012 to 2016. Unfortunately now my business takes up so much time that I've had to resign and became one of the Google Top Contributor alumni.

I have been acknowledged by Google to have professional knowledge of many Google products..

"Top Contributors are trusted partners, connecting regularly with Google to stay in-the-know about new and improved product features." 

I have my own business Gplussa for coaching businesses, students and non-profits. Social media, digital marketing, Googletools...

Welcome to my Circleverse!

❤  ❤ ❤

Which circle is right for me?    
"Legally blonde non-geeks who are into Google, writing, tech, edu, travel, scuba diving, golf, science and all kinds of interesting stuff."    

I'm the mother of these Google+ expressions:

Let's Circle! = Let us connect & communicate
- Goobie = Google+ newbie or newcomer
- Googl+verse, Circleverse or Circlesphere 
= All of my contacts and everyone else in G+
- Blueheads = People without profile pics
- Tag+less = Nothing on the hovercard
- Glady or many Gladies = Awesome G+ Ladies
- G+rk = Comment spammer or jerk
- G+tiquette = Google+ etiquette



I live in Jyväskylä, Finland.  Have visited about 450 destinations in 46 countries.  Used to work as a tourguide in several countries for 8 years absorbing history and present day culture, then as a production  & sales manager in a leading travel agency. Have been lecturing and coaching a lot.

I like languages very much (nobody speaks Finnish :-) and here is a list of those that I speak / understand, starting with the most fluent:

  • Finnish, English, Swedish, Spanish, Carelian
  • Italian, French, German, Portuguese
Cannot read or write but have some verbal skills:
  • Greek, Thai, Arabic


About me in Finnish:

Tervetuloa Plussan puolelle kaikki suomalaiset!

Suomi -yhteisö kaikille meille, mukaan vain!

Yritykseni Gplussa sai siivet toukokuussa 2012.
Tarvitsetko somekouluttajaa tai Social media community manageria hoitamaan some-kenttää?

Mistä on kyse, Jaana Nyström?

Kuinka minusta tuli kouluttaja sekä yhteisömanageri:

Ryhdyin yrittäjäksi "vanhoilla päivillä" eli viisikymppisenä ja vaihdoin kertaheitolla ihan eri alalle kuin missä olin viettänyt viimeiset 23 vuotta -> matkailu.

Kiinnostuin sosiaalisesta mediasta varsinkin pienyrittäjien näkökulmasta: Ryhdyin miettimään jo omankin yritykseni kannalta kuinka olisi mahdollista saada some-näkyvyyttä ihan ilman mainosbudjettia tai rahankäyttöä. Valtavasti opiskeltavaa on edelleen, homma muuttuu melkein joka päivä: Uutta tulee mutta jotkut parhaat pysyvät.

Olen Suomen seuratuin Nobody - Plussan puolella.

2015 Helsingin Sanomat teki ison jutun minusta:

Haastatteluni Keskisuomalaisessa

Blogini suomeksi: GooglePlussasta 
(My blog in Finnish)

Google+ yrityssivuni +Gplussa suomeksi
Matkailualan sivu +Travel Pro Tips
Suomesta englanniksi +Finland Explorer

Vielä kerran, lämpimästi tervetuloa kaikille!

#Suomi  #Finland   #Someuttaja
Bragging rights
Entrepreneur, business coach, consultant. Most followed person in Finland. I have been on Google+ since the beginning.
Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
Jyväskylä, Finland
Helsinki, Finland - Bangkok, Thailand - Rimini, Italy - Rhodos, Greece - Albufeira, Portugal - Malaga, Spain - Agadir, Morocco - Sousse, Tunisia - Riccione, Italy - Hua Hin, Thailand - Pattaya, Thailand - Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria, Spain - Playa de las Americas, Tenerife, Spain - Arrecife, Lanzarote, Spain - Pafos, Cyprus
Social media and digital marketing coach, blogger, consultant, community manager
Public speaking, business coaching.
  • Gplussa: Social media coach
    Gplussa founder, present
    I help small businesses utilize social media and digital marketing.
  • Helinmatkat Travel Agency
    Production and Web Manager, 1995 - 2010
  • Aurinkomatkat
    Tour guide abroad, 1987 - 1994
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Retkipaikka - retkeilyä, luontoa, hyvää tunnelmaa ja hienoimpia paikkoja

Suomen suosituin retkeilyblogi, satoja kohdevinkkejä, kuvia, karttoja ja viihdyttäviä tarinoita.

Google+ Business Pages Updates

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Mistä tunnistat yrittäjän – 13 varmaa merkkiä

Keräsimme tukun varmoja merkkejä, joiden avulla voit tunnistaa yrittäjän.

Nice covered shopping area with a cafe, pharmacies and other shops right in the center of Lancaster.
Public - 2 weeks ago
reviewed 2 weeks ago
Very cheap store, the stuff is ok quality.
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
Helsinki Airport is quick to get through with nice services - even a sauna! The prices are not so nice, though, but that's the same at any European airport. Lots of bars and restaurants & shops. A pharmacy.
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
Hauska paikka polttareille ja kokouksille ympäri vuoden. Upea, maailman suurin savusauna ja uimalampi. Ihania vanhoja autoja, traktoreita sekä armeijan kulkupelejä joita saa ajaa. Mönkijöitä sun muuta hauskaa. Hyvät ruoat ja puitteet. Yöpymään pääsee vaikka Peurungassa!
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
213 reviews
Nice place to enjoy an evening with locals.
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
A very nice small hotek. Lots of activities. Golf course next door. Local food. Beautiful surroundings.
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
Hieman tavallista pienempi Cittari, ihan hyvät valikoimat. Vieressä paljon erikoisliikkeita.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago