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Open source is the way to go. Donations available in #Bitcoin , too :)

#opensource   #cancerresearch  
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If this story is true, consider my mind blown
#quake3   #ai   #bots  
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Oh and #skynet 
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Rather bad first impressions. Oh well. #androidstudio   #crash  
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Jaakko Paukamainen

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A finnish software company SC5 provides its employees an option to receive paychecks in Bitcoin. A very wise move.
#bitcoin   #cryptocurrency   #SC5  
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Not bad idea at all ...
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That's 2.8 PH/s now. Pure madness!
Converted to petaFLOPS, it's roughly 143 times the total performance of top 500 supercomputers combined.
#bitcoin   #top500   #supercomputers  
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I've been very excited about this new cryptocoin. It's been a week since its public release and it has received a lot of good feedback.

Primecoin is a digital currency, just like Bitcoin but with a sweet innovative twist. Primecoin's PoW (Proof of Work) is done by searching for prime numbers (Cunningham chains). This work has more scientific value than calculating SHA256 or Scrypt hashes.

Oh, and the network has already made a few new world records :)

#primecoin   #bitcoin   #cryptocurrency   #primenumbers   #innovation  
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This will definitely be my next phone!
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Jaakko Paukamainen

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Definitely keeping an eye on this. CureCoin aims to be a new alternative cryptocurrency with a hybrid mining process for harnessing computational power to protein folding (the same computation as Folding@home does)

#cryptocurrency   #altcoin   #folding   #mining  
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Jaakko Paukamainen

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Strange... I got a notification saying that someone accepted my invitation to Google+. This guy is a total stranger to me and I don't even recall giving out invitations.
#googleplus   #bug   #invitations  
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That sounds strange too. I was wondering if I gave out invitations on internet forums when G+ was on beta stage and someone took it just recently. Who knows. 
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