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JZ Murdock
Turning my Nightmares into Your Reality. Page photo from, "The Conqueror Worm"
Turning my Nightmares into Your Reality. Page photo from, "The Conqueror Worm"

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Delicate Nature of Creativity
I am a writer. I'm a solid writer. I was a Senior Technical Writer for companies like US West Technologies, The Regence Group, Holland America Cruise Lines and others. It's not a job for the weak of constitution. Managers do not hold back on critiquing your...

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Hanging with Alison Arngrim at Dragonfly Film Festival
Last weekend was the first annual Port Orchard (WA) Dragonfly Cinema Film Festival. It was awesome! They have stated that they plan for a second one next year. I went to a film festival, and ended up getting to hang out all weekend with local director and f...

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My Dad... Capt. Kirk?
Capt. Kirk? My  Dad? Okay, not really. But to explain my ancient William Shatner story I have to relate several stories and in part one told to me by actor Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie) one night last weekend at dinner...but ...

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America's Pathetic Existential President
ex·is·ten·tial·ism ˌeɡzəˈsten(t)SHəˌlizəm/ noun a philosophical theory or approach that emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will. phe·nom·e·nol·o·gy fəˌnäməˈ...

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Conservatism and Self-Righteousness
Originally I wrote this for our 240th Independence Day. It seemed appropriate to wish America a very happy birthday and all the best for us and the world in all our joint and separate, future endeavors. It's been almost fifteen years since the 9/11 attack. ...

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Evolution of a Conspiracy Theory
The difference between a professional and an amateur in this game... Professionals connect the dots between seemingly unrelated things that actually do have a foundation or a connection in their relationships and evaluate degrees of viability and veracity. ...

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1972's 3rd Earth Day (repost)
Today, is Earth Day! Hurrah Earth! This is a repost of my original blog about my first Earth Day event on the third ever, back in 1972. We really do need to push ourselves and our governments (and other's) to leave things better than when we found them, rat...

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The "Liberal" Media
Conservatives complain (esp., now Pres. Trump) that the media is too left wing or too progressive, not conservative enough or simply anti-Republican and anti conservative. Not really. They are just idealists. Why? Because that is actually their job. To repo...

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An Open Letter to Mr. Woody Allen
Dear Mr. Woody Allen, Hi. Allow me to give you some perspective on this letter and myself. I received a university degree in Psychology from Western Washington University in 1984, in the division of Awareness and Reasoning, with a concentration in Phenomeno...

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What to do with Sharia Law? Act Now.
I just watched a Vice News report on Indonesia and a segment about the implementation of Sharia Law. This situation may need to be turned around and applied, to some degree, as the abusers are applying it. We may well need a newly ratified world wide law an...
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