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Never attribute to stupidity that which can only be explained by malice.

Case in point: Republicans aren't stupid; they're malicious. Most them are even clever enough to make their malice look like stupidity as long as you don't look at the big picture.
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"good Christians" in the eyes of their constituents, can be forgiven for pretty much every political stunt, because they're seen as like kind. I think it is an indictment of the constituents.
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While I'm sad we didn't take the #1 spot in Beck's list of the best places to live, Portland and San Francisco are cities I feel pretty good about losing to.
Portland takes the gold, San Francisco the silver…I suspect the residents of all three are happy with that result. 
The former Fox News pundit Glenn Beck, a native of Washington, has ranked Seattle as No. 3 on a list of what he calls "15 cities to avoid like the plague when things go bad," a list based on cities...
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it sure got him undeserved attention
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Another article that explains why we need basic income without actually mentioning it.
Even more perverse, there seems to be a broad sense that this is the way things should be. This is one of the secret strengths of right-wing populism. You can see it when tabloids whip up resentment against tube workers for paralysing London during contract disputes: the very fact that tube workers can paralyse London shows that their work is actually necessary, but this seems to be precisely what annoys people. It’s even clearer in the US, where Republicans have had remarkable success mobilizing resentment against school teachers, or auto workers (and not, significantly, against the school administrators or auto industry managers who actually cause the problems) for their supposedly bloated wages and benefits. It’s as if they are being told “but you get to teach children! Or make cars! You get to have real jobs! And on top of that you have the nerve to also expect middle-class pensions and health care?”

In other words, having a job with purpose — teaching, nursing, public safety, manufacturing, public sector transportation — makes you a target in the eyes of those who know their jobs have little to no purpose. It's the parable of the monkeys and the banana.

4 monkeys in a room. In the center of the room is a tall pole with a bunch of bananas suspended from the top. One of the four monkeys scampers up the pole and grabs the bananas. Just as he does, he is hit with a torrent of cold water from an overhead shower. He runs like hell back down the pole without the bananas. Eventually, the other three try it with the same outcome. Finally, they just sit and don’t even try again. To hell with the damn bananas. But then, they remove one of the four monkeys and replace him with a new one. The new monkey enters the room, spots the bananas and decides to go for it. Just as he is about to scamper up the pole, the other three reach out and drag him back down. After a while, he gets the message. There is something wrong, bad or evil that happens if you go after those bananas. So, they kept replacing an existing monkey with a new one and each time, none of the new monkeys ever made it to the top. They each got the same message. Don’t climb that pole. None of them knew exactly why they shouldn’t climb the pole, they just knew not to. They all respected the well established precedent. EVEN AFTER THE SHOWER WAS REMOVED.

Couple this with an economic model where everything you do comes with a monthly payment obligation — housing, transportation, entertainment — and you get what we have now. 
STRIKE! is a bi-monthly newspaper – we deal in politics, philosophy, art, subversion and sedition.
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Dear Lazywebs,

I'm following some atheist communities, but they seem to be full of either anti-Muslim hate, or Christian trolls. Is there a better atheist community I should follow, or should I just give up?
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There's thee comment threads on The blog author is an abrasive curmudgeon, which isn't everyone's cup of tea.
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No big surprises here if you've been following the way elections are manipulated in the US, but David Brin summaries why our elections are a sham.
Get ready for the most cheating in a U.S. federal election in modern times.  This will happen for two reasons. First: "legal cheating" such as gerrymandering and voter suppression laws have reached their effectiveness limits and they can no longer compensate for  increasing demographic disadvantages facing the Republican Party, as well as the hemorrhage of intelligent conservatives (e.g. scientists, law professionals and military officers) who can no longer rationalize any continued relationship with the GOP’s plummet into lunacy. The second reason for panic is simpler – if a Democrat enters office in 2016, the courts will eventually rule that corporations are not “people.” They will rule that it is okay to limit the buying of elections. The courts will also (winds are blowing) finally end the travesty of gerrymandering.
Fortunately for Rupert Murdoch, the Kochs and their Saudi partners, there is an ace up their sleeve. Through shells, they own every company that makes voting machines in the U.S. Machines that have proved to be easily hackable.  In blue states, this does not much matter, since most of them require that voters be provided with a paper receipt that then goes into a box, the old-fashioned way. Back-door owners do not dare attempt major exploits, wherever random precinct audits could nail them.  But red state voters seem blithely trusting of electronics – so long as it’s mostly white males pulling the levers.
Now comes a smoking gun. Without paper audit trails, the cheaters in pyrotechnically-corrupt Kansas thought they were safe, till mathematicians arrived!  “Analyzing election returns at a precinct level, Wichita State mathematician Beth Clarkson found that candidate support was correlated, to a statistically significant degree, with the size of the precinct. In Republican primaries, the bias has been toward the establishment candidates over tea partiers. In general elections, it has favored Republican candidates over Democrats, even when the demographics of the precincts in question suggested that the opposite should have been true.”
Hence, shouldn’t Tea Partiers be just as angry at the Murdoch Machine as democrats are?  Shouldn’t they make common cause over just this one issue?  “According to their analysis, Mitt Romney could have received over a million extra votes in the 2012 Republican primary, mostly coming at the expense of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. President Obama also ceded significant votes to John McCain due to this irregularity, as well.” 

Could this underlie some of the support for Donald Trump – the only GOP candidate with the guts to tell off Murdoch and his machine? Read this article and see how Clarkson has been blocked at every level with a consistency that shows complete, Orwell-level contempt for even figleaf accountability.
Statistical analysis shows what could be widespread voter fraud favoring Republican establishment candidates. Kansas is blocking attempts to confirm it.
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I've said before that it's lazy to share something without adding some commentary or at least explaining why the thing you're sharing is worth paying attention to. I think I need to add an exception for images or short snippets.

My larger goal is to avoid wasting my readers' time. Sometimes adding commentary helps that goal, but sometimes it's just extra noise.
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Apparently nothing is too small to be a target of "conservative" outrage.
I expected there would be backlash.  I didn't expect it would be this bizarre.

But thus, the point is proven again that Conservatives defend whatever happens to be the status quo, even if it's actually something new, over what is more traditional, and often times, beneficial.  Gendered toys are a pretty recent phenomenon, promoted by toy companies so they could sell more stuff.  Is there anything gendered about a hoolahoop or a squirt gun?  There is if you put Frozen princesses or Iron Man on them--though even then, they're only gendered as a marketing contrivance.  So if you want to protect the innocence of children, let them play with toys without forcing them into arbitrary marketing buckets.
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+Matt Hudson How weird that he would bring up the idea of civil rights. I can't see that anyone's civil rights are even close to being violated, either before or after the policy change. It just seems like they're trying to maximize the comfort and convenience of a certain segment of their customer base, and they're willing to annoy another segment to do it.

I bet the people who are bothered mostly shop at Walmart anyway because they think Target is overpriced.
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Feeling uncontrollably chipper? Need to slow your roll? Try the most depressing Metafilter thread I can remember.
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I tend to think it's just too late, period.
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Do you vote in polls on Google+?
12 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Only this one
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Option 3: I almost never run into them.
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