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Compared to leaving a bunch of tabs open, creating bookmarks is a much better solution, but it's more work up front, so I'm tempted not to do it. That's why Tab Wrangler is my favorite extension for Chrome. The idea is that it automatically closes tabs you haven't visited for a while, so it gets you in the habit of bookmarking things you care about. It was very effective for me. It's also not as brutal as it sounds — it won't close pinned tabs, or tabs with certain URLs you specify. It also keeps a log of tabs it closes so they're not gone forever, but I use that feature a lot less than you might expect.
Automatically closes inactive tabs and makes it easy to get them back
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To go along with my recent rant about why healthcare is so expensive, here's an article that makes a similar point about higher education.
It’s not because states have cut funding for higher education.
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IMHO lack of regulation isn't the main cause of the insane prices. After all, most industries manage to keep their prices reasonable without price regulation. I think what we're seeing is the more general phenomenon of prices going up when the demand for something exceeds the supply. A normal industry would expand to increase the supply, but healthcare is not a normal industry.

Why can't the healthcare industry expand? Because the barriers to entry are too high. The industry can't (or, I suspect, doesn't want to) train and certify doctors fast enough to keep up with the growth in demand.

If we didn't have a government-supported cartel of medical professionals deciding who can practice medicine in the US, I'm reasonably certain foreign-trained doctors would flood the country because they could make more here than they could at home, even while offering much lower prices than Americans are used to. This would be terrible for the incumbent medical profession, because they'd have to lower their prices to compete. It wouldn't be great for banks either, because doctors who took out exorbitant loans to pay for medical school would have a hard time paying off their loans.

Given what I just wrote, you might think I'm a free-market fundamentalist who thinks the solution is to just deregulate everything, but you'd be wrong. I think government needs to be part of the solution to America's healthcare woes. I do, however, think coming up with a realistic solution will have to involve coming to terms with the way existing regulations have created such a dysfunctional market., and they way the medical industry has a vested interest in preventing reform.

(via +God Emperor Lionel Lauer​)
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+Matt Hudson I disagree. If drug/device prices were the main driver of healthcare costs, then people who could be treated without cutting-edge (i.e. patented) medical technology could get cheap healthcare based on older technology. Instead what we see is that everyone who needs major medical care gets billed a fortune.

I'm not saying there aren't people who get screwed specifically by high drug prices — I know there are — but IMHO it's different from the problem of general healthcare being unaffordable.
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I expect more of the same in the near future. This is the inevitable consequence of the current rash of bathroom laws and related anti-LGBTQ hysteria.

(also via +Woozle Hypertwin​)
For those confused as to what I mean when I say this paranoia fed by hate of trans people puts me in danger...

I'm happy with my skin. I never wanted to be a boy, I just wanted to do all the things people tried to tell me were boy things to do. Climbing trees in a dress is..humiliating, so I learned early to wear clothing that suited the things I wanted to do.

When I was 2 1/2, my aunt tried to take me dress shopping for my uncle's wedding. I flatly refused. She laughs to this day impersonating my foot stomp and blunt I don't want to wear a dress, I want overalls!

I've never changed. I'm relatively androgynous in appearance at first glance, and get frequently called Sir at first contact with service industry folks. I've learned to let the unmeant insult slide right off a duck's back. But I get a lot of looks in women's bathrooms. I always try to catch the woman with my eyes so she can see me. It's the people I can't get to see me as me that I worry about.
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Can I get immunity for barging into the women's room with both guns blazing? Being a cop sounds AWESOME 
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WTF is wrong with people?

I wish I could find some of the harassers and kick them in the teeth. Nobody deserves to be harassed, but it's especially galling to me when it happens to someone as accomplished as Frazelle.

(BTW, the headline paints Docker in a much better light than the article itself. Frazelle isn't exactly backing up their claim that they did everything they could to help her.)
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And yet people still do it. 
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I'm not sure what to think. Does that fact that Bill Clinton acknowledges his mistakes mean he can be trusted not to make similar mistakes as Hillary's top adviser? I guess in the end it doesn't really matter what I think, because what I think won't decide whether Hillary becomes president. What does matter is that it means there's at least a chance the Clintons will do a better job than they did last time, and that's some consolation.
lmfao Bill Clinton - champion and advocate of the Great Recession, is named as Hillary's proposed economic tsar xD
baaahahah this is not a joke - the philanderer is looking to be acting POTUS, again - almost as if he didn't trust Hillary to make decisions...
I think I saw this play before, in Dick Cheney

As president, Clinton turned a blind eye to big banks when he repealed FDR’s Glass-Steagall Act, which separated commercial and investment banking. This allowed big banks to merge, becoming “too big to fail.” Clinton also signed the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, which prevented derivatives from being regulated, opening the door for risky business on the part of banks. Finally, he passed policies that made it easier for banks to practice predatory lending and give risky mortgages to low-income homebuyers. All of these policies eventually wrecked havoc on the global economy in the form of the 2007-08 financial crisis.

Vote for ‪#‎Clinton‬ if you want to see just how deep the Clinton hole goes...
Here are some of the mistakes he keeps apologizing for.
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I would actually be happy to see Chong named DEA head. I just think those particular people might take the missions of their given responsibilities into new directions and not necessarily good ones.

El Chapo, though, arguably knows a good bit about security and how to make places effectively secure. Tommy Chong certainly knows a lot more about which drugs are actually dangerous than some prior DEA heads. Nugent doesn't know much about anything, but apparently alcohol and guns are two rare exceptions.
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Were you aware that there was a "n" word for white people? It's called privilege, people, privilege!

@Magsthebookie @joshuafoust
Can we expunge the word "privilege" from our conversations? Really. It is the n word for white people.

-- @susanzakin
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Talk about clueless.
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The bathroom police vigilantes strike again!
As previously mentioned...
"It's difficult, you're dressed like a man."
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A confusing set of survey results. A majority rejects "capitalism" per se, but there's no clear consensus on what should replace it.
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Way to go, M-W!
@MerriamWebster did you change the definition of racism to "something only white people can be" or is still the same old "wrong" definition? Uckema - Photog · 3h3 hours ago. Uckema - Photog @Uckema. @kevbatgirl are you trolling?
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Well done!
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