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I just assume everyone I meet online is a troll, and 100% of the time, I'm right.
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Regalo Conquistadero

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My name is Ozymandias, king of kings; look upon my source, ye mighty, and despair.

No, seriously, look at it. It's all up at All the good parts, anyway.
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Regalo Conquistadero

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Happy Non-Denominational Spring Rabbit Day!
Happy Easter. 
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Regalo Conquistadero

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Favorite one-liner of all time: "This is no offense, but you are a robot, aren't you?" Use it on cops if you want to spend the night in jail.
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Regalo Conquistadero

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Please troll creatively.
Something I never thought about: the chemical trick which modern laundry detergents use to "brighten whites" actually depends on the light spectrum emitted by incandescent bulbs - and in particular, on the amount of UV light they emit. LEDs don't do that, and so (barring a new approach) white clothes will, once again, gradually become yellow and dingy over time.

And even as I type this, I am realizing that people will draw political inferences and/or life lessons from this bit of science. Please troll creatively.

Via +Alex Scrivener
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Regalo Conquistadero

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Reverse trolling theists is my new favorite sport.
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Actually now I'm thinking they might all be atheists, which is even better.
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Good job, AlertNet, stand up for the Luddites! Would you like a helping of smog with your half-baked pseudointellectual bullshit, or should I wrap it up for you to go?
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It's probably just going to Facebook anyway.
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asexual porn star, born-again atheist, crypto-anarchist zealot, professional geek, amateur feminist, chaotic evil NPC
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