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The bathroom police vigilantes strike again!
As previously mentioned...
"It's difficult, you're dressed like a man."
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WTF is wrong with people?

I wish I could find some of the harassers and kick them in the teeth. Nobody deserves to be harassed, but it's especially galling to me when it happens to someone as accomplished as Frazelle.

(BTW, the headline paints Docker in a much better light than the article itself. Frazelle isn't exactly backing up their claim that they did everything they could to help her.)
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And yet people still do it. 
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As a reminder of why search-and-replace can be a dangerous tool, and in honor of both Her Majesty's 90th birthday and her 32,000th viable brood, I present you with this classic bit of science knowledge.

(Details of the typo at ; thanks to Ed Yong for the find)
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Children in US schools are "scared and depressed" by Trump rhetoric, report says.
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Trump makes me feel scared and depressed. 
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If you've ever wondered about how to use coordinate systems to represent locations in a hexagonal grid, then boy do I have a treat for you!
Hexagonal grids are used in some games but aren't quite as straightforward or common as square grids. I've been collecting hex grid resources for nearly 20 years, and wrote this guide to the most elegant approaches that lead to the simplest code, largely based on the guides by Charles Fu and ...
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I expect more of the same in the near future. This is the inevitable consequence of the current rash of bathroom laws and related anti-LGBTQ hysteria.

(also via +Woozle Hypertwin​)
For those confused as to what I mean when I say this paranoia fed by hate of trans people puts me in danger...

I'm happy with my skin. I never wanted to be a boy, I just wanted to do all the things people tried to tell me were boy things to do. Climbing trees in a dress is..humiliating, so I learned early to wear clothing that suited the things I wanted to do.

When I was 2 1/2, my aunt tried to take me dress shopping for my uncle's wedding. I flatly refused. She laughs to this day impersonating my foot stomp and blunt I don't want to wear a dress, I want overalls!

I've never changed. I'm relatively androgynous in appearance at first glance, and get frequently called Sir at first contact with service industry folks. I've learned to let the unmeant insult slide right off a duck's back. But I get a lot of looks in women's bathrooms. I always try to catch the woman with my eyes so she can see me. It's the people I can't get to see me as me that I worry about.
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Can I get immunity for barging into the women's room with both guns blazing? Being a cop sounds AWESOME 
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A confusing set of survey results. A majority rejects "capitalism" per se, but there's no clear consensus on what should replace it.
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Way to go, M-W!
@MerriamWebster did you change the definition of racism to "something only white people can be" or is still the same old "wrong" definition? Uckema - Photog · 3h3 hours ago. Uckema - Photog @Uckema. @kevbatgirl are you trolling?
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Well done!
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And they called him a liberal…

Two weeks after Clinton signed the big crime bill in September 1994, he enacted the Riegle-Neal interstate banking bill, the first in a series of moves deregulating the financial industry. The juxtaposition between the two is kind of shocking, when you think about it: low-level drug users felt the full weight of state power at the same moment that bankers saw the shackles that bound them removed. The newspaper headline announcing the discovery of this amazing historical finding will have to come from my imagination – Back-to-Back 1994 Laws Freed Bankers And Imprisoned Poor, perhaps – but the historical pattern is worth noting nevertheless, since it persisted all throughout Clinton’s administration.

For one class of Americans, Clinton brought emancipation, a prayed-for deliverance from out of Glass–Steagall’s house of bondage. For another class of Americans, Clinton brought discipline: long prison stretches for drug users; perpetual insecurity for welfare mothers; and intimidation for blue-collar workers whose bosses Clinton thoughtfully armed with the North American Free Trade Agreement. As I have written elsewhere, some got the carrot, others got the stick.

via +G Kochanski
The former president made sure low-level drug users felt the full weight of state power at the same moment bankers saw the shackles that bound them removed
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They called him a liberal because he didn't destroy enough lives fast enough.
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Hooray drones :-(
This is messed up.
I am in the strange position of knowing that I am on the ‘Kill List’. I know this because I have been told, and I know because I have been targeted for death over and over again. Four times missiles have been fired at me. I am extraordinarily fortunate to be alive.
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So much for the accuracy of these high-tech weapons or the process itself. How many people killed to get one man who lived to travel to the UK? If he on the kill list, how was he admitted? If he isn't, why are so many around him being killed?

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