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Early #caturday
A cat can love a rodent...

... if the rodent is bigger. 

Puzzle 1: What is this thing?

Puzzle 2: Where do they usually live?

Puzzle 3: Why have they been seen in the wild in Florida?

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To answer question #1 above, I think it's a capybara.
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Does anyone pay attention to a county clerk who does their job?
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This makes me wanna see some movies.

This is my new favorite thing: a masterfully-edited supercut of every nightclub/dance scene in every major scifi film, seamlessly integrated into one phenomenal, star-studded alloy of pure Awesomium. 

Why are you still reading? Go watch it! I guarantee you will laugh out loud every time a new character makes an entrance...or exit.

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Probably worth a read if the headline doesn't make you say "duh".
In 2014 nearly half of American households said they could not cover an unexpected $400 expense without borrowing or selling something.
WHEN Ken Martin, a hat-seller, pays his monthly child-support bill, he uses a money order rather than writing a cheque. Money orders, he says, carry no risk of going...
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LAPD: shoot first, ask questions later.
And in case you thought it was only the British police who were being "interesting" today, we have this story from LA. Two police officers were stopped at a light when their rear window shattered. They immediately got out of the vehicle, saw a man standing there, and executed him on the spot.

"LAPD investigators are working to determine what caused the window in the patrol car to shatter," according to a department spokesman.

If you read this and wondered, "wait, they don't even know if this man had anything to do with the window breaking, or even if the window broke due to anything a person did at all, as opposed to, say, a cracked windshield shattering due to heat, so they preemptively killed the nearest person the saw, and then started the investigation as to what happened to the window? Is that how police are supposed to work?" then I suspect that you are not alone.
Los Angeles police officers shot a man to death after the rear window of their police cruiser shattered while the officers were at a stoplight in Van Nuys, authorities said Sunday.
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Most, not all, of the GOP candidates can only agree on these 4 things. 
Iran Contras →

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When biology meets number theory.
In the late 1960s, a species of bamboo called Phyllostachys bambusoides--commonly known as the Chinese Mainland Bamboo or Japanese Timber Bamboo--burst into flower. The species originated in China,...
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A silver lining to Trump's popularity?
The true issue dividing Donald Trump from the rest of the Republican Pack of Dwarves? He has realized something that strikes terror into the hearts of the Kochs and Murdochs and Saudis who have grown accustomed to treating the Republican Party as their private legislature.  That the angry white men who make up the GOP are ready for some populism to mix with their gruel of guns and confederate values. And hence, Trump calls for tax increases on the uber-rich, while Jeb Bush and the rest reiterate their wish for ever-lower rates for the skyrocketing oligarchy.  
To be clear, what did the GOP do, back when they controled every single US lever of power?  From 2001 through 2007, they had locks in the White House, Congress, the bueaucracy and the Courts. So what did they do with all that power?  Did they pass immigration or health reform? (Even versions based on conservative values?) Did they balance the budget or bring entitlements under control? (Deals were on the table and ready, but Fox shrugged them aside.) Did they even do a thing to make abortions harder to get? Or seal the borders? Or increase aid to Israel?  None of those things.  In fact, those Congresses are documented as the laziest in the histgory of the republic, meeting the fewest days, holding the fewest hearings, issuing the fewest subpoenas, passing the fewest bills… despite continuing rhetoric and anger, they did nothing to decrease the size of government.
Their only assertive efforts were (1) Bushite wars that bankrupted us and (2) tax favors for the super-rich. Then more, then more for oil and coal, then more for Wall Street.
If Donald Trump is leveraging the disappointment of millions of angry white males, perhaps we should cheer a bit that at least he is pointing out: “hey, the foxes and goppers have been lying to you, like mad, too.”
A proposal would cut taxes for everyone, but the effects would be felt most strongly at the top of the economic ladder.
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The prison industrial complex in action. How much do you suppose these people are paid?
NO wonder unemployment is so high, I would bet NONE of those convicts are hired permanently by any of those companies once they get out of prison.
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Sorry but says your a convicted fellon. We can only hire you while you are inside of jail.
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Yet another reminder that US democracy is a sham.
I'd missed this one from a few months back but apparently it's now being cited as a reference by a judge in a lawsuit brought by some people from Guam about a tax refund program:

I really do need to catch up on John Oliver segments...
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