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These are the people who actually rule the world.
A 2013 Oxfam report found that 80 people had as much wealth as 1/2 of humanity, and now here's the list.
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IMO, the amount of wealth tied up in one billionaire redefines many games.
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One of my Facebook friends shared this article unironically.

I don't understand how someone can conclude that a person who works full time at any job doesn't deserve to have food to eat and a roof over their head. Mostly I think the people who believe this kind of crap are the ones who don't know how to feel good about themselves without putting someone else down.
Dear fast food workers, It's come to my attention that many of you, supposedly in 230 cities across the country, are walking out of your jobs today and protesting for $15 an hour. You earnestly believe -- indeed, you've been led to this conclusion by pandering politicians and liberal pundits...
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Finally saw that unironic post. The actual irony is, that person probably makes less than $15/hr after overtime and stress factor in.
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Doors anyone else see this and think "lithium" (atomic number 3)? Seems like a questionable logo design.
Atheist pride tattoo. Looking forward to getting one of these in a few years.
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I see the Star Trek insignia...
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1. Copy text of G+ comment.
2. Click share.
3. Paste comment text.
4. Click post.

I feel like there should be a button that does this for me. Good comments often make good commentary for a reshare.

Or maybe better yet, public reshares with commentary should just be presented alongside comments on the original post.
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Nobody who isn't building a new GUI toolkit should ever implement their own scrollbars, or any other standard GUI elements. Standard UI elements have all kinds of features for users who are blind or otherwise disabled, mobile users, or users who just have less-common habits like wanting to scroll with arrow keys. Hand-made artisanal UI elements may look a bit nicer, but they're just not worth it.

I guess I can make an exception for software as art, but...on second thought, no. Way too many people think their app/site is a rare gem that's too good for standards. Just look at how many artist's web sites are nigh-on unusable unless you happen to be using the exact browser and screen size it was designed for. Something tells me they weren't trying to make a piece of meta-art that highlights the importance of handling corner cases, but that's what they end up doing.

(And yes, I realize Google+ itself is a great example of how not to build an accessible UI.)

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 I have never needed a GUI, I just get these build dependencies that drive me nuts. 
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Nice historical analysis.
This is a repost, with modest updates, of something I wrote a year and a half ago. Today seemed an appropriate day to revisit it.
Slavery and genocide are the Original Sins of the American Republic. We haven't and probably never will pay for the genocide. It was so successful that there aren't many Native Americans left, proportionately speaking.
But slavery was also successful, to the point where there were an awful lot of slaves. Today about 12% of the population is black; about 85% of those are the descendants of slaves, or about 1 person in 10 out of the overall population. It required a Civil War and the deaths of around three quarters of a million people to end it as an institution. Take a look at the voting patterns in the last Presidential election -- you can see the Civil War in how the states voted, clear as day.
The loss of the Civil War directly led to the extraordinary aggrieved tribalism of white conservatives. They conceived of an "America" in their image -- white, Christian, male -- and in the middle of the 20th Century, it looked as though the wounds of the Civil War had been healed, because the image wasn't, then, wildly wrong. The country was at least run, more or less, by white, Christian men, and conservatives could identify with that.
A conservative friend once asked me if I saw everything through the lens of race. The answer is no. But I do see most national American politics through that lens. For a long time the split of conservative/liberal was hidden, politically, because there were elements of both in both parties. But the Civil Rights Act of 1965 broke that. Conservatives left the Democratic Party, and for a while dominated the country's politics -- because liberals didn't leave the Republican party, immediately. As a result you saw Nixon beat McGovern, overwhelmingly; 49 states to 1. You saw Ronald Reagan beat Mondale, 49 states to 1. It was an extraordinary moment in American history, directly due to the exodus of conservatives from the Democratic Party.
But, eventually, northern liberals left the Republican party. It took longer. They were chased out, as much as left -- conservatives despised RINOs almost as much as they despised Democrats, maybe more: the internal enemy is always more to be feared than the external. But it happened in the long run. Republicans purified their party, destroyed Reagan's big tent, and started losing national elections. Clinton beat them -- but at least he was a Southern white man. You could understand how it happened; misguided white conservatives voted for him. Then Gore lost to Bush and Republicans, led by Karl Rove, chattered about a Permanent Republican Majority -- and about 3 years later lost both the House and Senate in the wave election of 2006. Two years later, in an inconceivable shock, a black Northern liberal was elected President. The conservative tribal reflex was batshit crazy -- it made their response to Clinton look mild. But they were reassured by the 2010 elections, and were flat-out convinced -- universally, almost without exception -- that the country had seen the error of its ways, that the United States was still essentially a white, Christian conservative country, and that Kenyan liberal Muslim commie would Get His in 2012.
You know what happened in 2012.
In very broad, modern conservatives and not-conservatives (which isn't just liberals -- it's everyone who's not a Republican conservative) -- don't identify with the same country. When conservatives moan that they want "their" country back, they're being perfectly literal. This isn't their America. They didn't lose an election; they lost a way of life. They lost, in short, their second Civil War. 
"Why don't Americans fight back?" I was asked recently. In the context in which we were originally discussing, we surely don't. We don't fight for our freedom, for the control of our country, to keep the ultra wealthy from stealing everything that's not nailed down, for health care, for a fair shot for our children --
How could we? We're far too busy fighting each other, 150 years after the supposed end of the Civil War.
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Who could have imagined this? Besides everyone.
Here's a 2007 compilation of the various reasons and outcomes of TSA's SPOT / Behavior Detection program referrals. Before you click, try guessing how many of them have anything whatsoever to do with terrorism, weapons, explosives, or the like.

OCR'd version:
A controversial Transportation Security Administration program that uses “behavior indicators” to identify potential terrorists is instead primarily targeting undocumented immigrants, according to a document obtained by The Intercept and interviews with current and former government officials.
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I am shocked that profiling is going on in this establishment.
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As a lifelong nerd, it's bizarre to have become more "manly" not because I have changed, but because nerds are more accepted in the boy's club now. I don't like it; I'd much rather see my profession filled with passionate, intelligent women than with brogrammer jocks.
*Feminism = Equality for all. Because it's 2015 and people still don't know that.

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And then I lament, for I cannot hope to educate or destroy them all.
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As someone near the top of the 99%, this resonates with me a lot. I can live quite comfortably provided I stay in the good graces of the actual 1%, and that's a hell of a caveat.
Via +David Auerbach 
“We are the 99%.” It was like a gift from on high. For decades, the Left had been trying to come up with a slogan that was both inclusive and oppositional. A slogan that put a relatively complex critique of class society in the populist language of American egalitarianism — something that spoke ...
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+Matt Hudson somebody put up a really insightful little formula a few weeks back where you put in your income for the year 2014 and it would show you what your percent rating is in the whole world. I am a widow on a fixed income and I came out in the RICHEST 1.27%. Remember all people's income was calculated and included the workers in Ghana and the slaves on shrimp ships in Taiwan. Those people are our brothers and sisters also. It is a big world out there. BTW I am adding you to my circle of working class heroes and I hope you will take the time to visit the blog of my brother and hero +Brian Rush and pick up his two FREE non-fiction books to download.
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Devil's (i.e. God's) advocate: In the universe where this story takes place, the babies all went to heaven, but the pharaoh's soul needed saving.

The Bible makes a lot more sense if you read it as science fiction.
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Has anyone else used KDE lately and noticed it's kind of awesome? Why do people use Unity?
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#2 can be fixed easily in recent versions, but the rest? Not so much.
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asexual porn star, born-again atheist, crypto-anarchist zealot, professional geek, amateur feminist, chaotic evil NPC
As of this writing, a product I helped create is the top seller in the home electronics category on and It was also Time magazine's gadget of the year in 2013. My coworkers also took the #8 spot, and my neighbors made numbers 10, 7, and 6. I know more about the computer and software business than you do, and if you like watching cat videos on YouTube, you should come work with me! I'll split my referral bonus with you if you accept an offer, and I'll buy you anything in the Play Store if you go to an interview and don't get one.

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