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tl;dr: "Everybody in this country should in fact have at least a minimum and dignified standard of living."

He hedges a bit on whether UBI is the specific policy he would support to achieve the goal of everyone having a minimum standard of living, but he's very clear on the goal.

I'm a supporter of Sanders not because I think he can necessarily win, nor because I think he can implement his policy proposals if he does, but because I believe in his priorities. I want future politicians to look at his campaign and see that coming out in favor of making sure everyone is taken care of is not political suicide. I want it to be normal and unsurprising for a major political candidate to run on a socialist platform, and take away the ability of the right to shout "socialism" as if it's something nobody in their right mind would support.
There’s an increasing number of people asking Bernie Sanders if he supports the idea of universal basic income. You may …
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+Gregarious Antithesis Have you been reading what I have said....the term socialist or socialism in the context of the US presidential race is misleading and inaccurate. In the OECD there is no point at which you can say......"yes, this is a socialist country" or "no, this is not a socialist country" because there is no way to measure that
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I'm always more inclined to +1 something when it has a bunch of +1s already. I suspect others are the same. Sometimes I wonder about the broader implications.
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+Isaac Kuo​ Good points regarding Luke.

As for Rey, while she is a legitimate badass, I still think it's a stretch for her to pick up a weapon she has no experience with and beat a space wizard who uses powers she also has no experience with. It's almost like Jedi/Sith powers are all about natural talent, and training is irrelevant.

The only thing that makes Rey's victory plausible to me in the face of Kylo Ren's vastly superior training is that he had just previously been shot by a Chrewbacca's weapon, which, as we see earlier, would kill any ordinary mortal several times over.
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Anybody wanna clue me in on what's actually happening in this picture? #caturday
This catnip is the bee's knees.
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Catflow. Typical.
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The media will tell you how to think, and who to fear... 
In the mean time, We are bombing the hell out of other countries all in the name of Liberty.
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Following her election last month, Carolyn Walker-Diallo was sworn in as a civil judge for the 7th Municipal District in a Brooklyn.
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Baby steps, but encouraging nonetheless.
MPs in the British Parliament are being asked to consider the question of introducing a universal basic income paid unconditionally to all citizens. An Early Day Motion on the policy, tabled by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, calls on the Government to commission research into the idea’s effects and examine its feasibility to replace the UK’s existing social security system.
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An open letter to the people running our country.
Dear Plutonomy,

You don't like Sanders. We get that.

What you need to understand is that Bernie is our compromise offer -- a last-ditch olive branch.

After the way you treated Occupy Wall Street -- which came to you in peace, prepared to discuss some very necessary changes and work out solutions that everyone could live with, and which you dismissed with pepper spray and arrests and property confiscation and mass-media propaganda -- we were pretty pissed off, and you haven't exactly redeemed yourself since then. You've completely failed to police your own, or even to take any steps towards accountability.

On the contrary -- as far as we can tell, you've doubled down. Your solution to people being kicked out of their homes because of the housing bubble you engineered or the broken lending regulations you broke, or to not being able to pay their college loans because they can't get the jobs they were promised by your propaganda, is to make it harder for people to protest these things, and to increase surveillance of our day-to-day activities so you know who to arrest

Your solution to global warming is to keep pumping out propaganda to convince people it's not happening, even as you're pumping out the carbon dioxide that makes it happen, and even as you try to build yet more pipelines so you can pump out even more of it, and to make more international "trade" treaties so nobody can stop you.

What you don't seem to understand is that the more you clamp down, the more the pressure builds. It doesn't go away; you just keep it under wraps for a little longer.

The solutions Bernie Sanders offers are the solutions we need.

You may succeed in convincing people that he's promising magic ponies, and we may thereby end up with one of your lackeys in the GOP as president -- or even, saints preserve us, Donald Trump.

(You may not like Trump either, but don't try to distance yourself -- you paved the road that Trump is now cruising. You laid down the bed of alternate-reality beliefs that lead people to vote Republican -- but Trump knows how to work a crowd better than your lackeys do, and he realized that they weren't fully exploiting the rich vein of stupid you had sown and carefully nurtured these past few decades.)

People like to compare Sanders to Trump when they're trying to diss Sanders, so let me say something about that: Trump is an extremist; Sanders is not -- but they do have one thing in common: they're both agents of change, they both threaten the status quo, and that's why they're both so damn popular.

Consider this, though: add the support for Trump to the support for Sanders, and consider that as an approximation of the level of dissatisfaction there will be if one of them doesn't win.

The idea of a Trump presidency rather frightens me, for a number of reasons -- mainly because I simply don't think he's competent to govern, and also because of his disturbing fascistic tendencies. So you and I, o plutonomy, seem to be largely on the same side of this one issue.

Consider your own unease at the idea of a Trump presidency, and then consider that he is but the epicenter of a much larger tectonic shift underway in our society.

A Trump presidency or a Sanders presidency would relieve some of that tectonic pressure -- possibly with bloodshed and mass incarcerations in the former case -- but if neither of them win, the pressure will continue to build. If you think Trump and Sanders are scary, you haven't seen what will come next.

Sanders at least offers a peaceful solution that works within the system. Neither of us really knows what Trump will do, and we both know Clinton (or, saints preserve us some more, any of the non-Trump GOP candidates) will do nothing of significance; the pressure will keep building.

My point: you should be supporting Sanders. He's our last, best hope for a peaceful resolution to this crisis.

You need to stop the anti-socialism propaganda and call off your attack dogs. Universal healthcare, free college, and other planks in the Sanders platform will save your hide if you will let them. That's why they are there: they are solutions to a problem.

If you don't, we're all going to be in a lot of trouble -- including you.
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Spiders for #caturday. (Yes, I know it's not Saturday either.)
Apparently everything alive will chase the red laser dot...
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Certainly true in my experience.
Short Answer Questions: Name and describe the five key phases of software development.

1. Denial
2. Bargaining
3. Anger
4. Depression
5. Acceptance
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That's not wrong
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For over a week some parents in one Virginia county have been keeping their children from school, and now have forced the entire county school system to shut down over safety concerns.
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One of those things that should have been obvious all along.
> As you’ve no doubt realized, I’m saying that droids, if they are sentient, are slaves. There isn’t any doubt about it; there’s no stretch in this analogy. They’re bought and sold against their will, forced to work at whatever job their master sees fit to give them, tortured if they refuse to comply, and their wants, needs, and desires are always considered less important than those of the flesh-and-blood creatures. Oh, and then there’s the one way they’re actually treated worse than slaves: If a droid gets ornery, or seems troubled by something, or if you’d simply like them to forget that they were built by one of the most evil people in the galaxy when he was a kid, you can just erase their memories. No need to ask them if they want their memories erased; just go ahead and do it.

via +Kimberly Van Orman

// “Human slavery is wrong, insecure, and demoralising. On mechanical slavery, on the slavery of the machine, the future of the world depends.” - Oscar Wilde
I talk the talk, and I walk the walk: I love 'Star Wars.' But there's one question about the 'Star Wars' universe that, when you think about it, makes you realize just how screwed up things are there. Continue reading →
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+James Karaganis A slave is, by any common definition, a person, so it makes no sense to say a machine is a slave unless you consider it to be a person. Droids in Star Wars are arguably people, but no machine that exists today is sufficiently person-like that I would consider calling it a slave.

Things will get interesting when we start making machines that might have opinions.
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