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I wish my promotional pictures looked this good … :)

Sorry Billy, this just isn’t hot! When I saw this photo, I tried to figure out what the photographer and ad agency was thinking.

I got nothing.

And, this picture sure does not make me want to run out and buy a PC or Microsoft software. Actually, this picture reminds me of why I am such a committed Apple loyalist.
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Yeah Bill has done well - but have to say I agree, Apple rules :-)
In 1980s, PC does not have good sexy product and promotional somewhat lack. It was mind of business and industries I was boy and falling in love with Apple product how Apple made! 1984 Apple Mac Plus computer was very popular and increadial powerful. All was falling to PC 1990, but Steve Jobs brought it back in 1998 with his magic. I see Steve Jobs many promotion pictures. Hope Apple will hit 1 trillion dollar record.
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