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I spread the love & joy of social media one friend at a time!
I spread the love & joy of social media one friend at a time!

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Remember that contest I was part of last fall? I'm proud to share my team's marketing & branding journey with the women of +West Coast Roar Motorcycling in Victoria BC. We would love your feedback! #yyj   #yyjbiz  #victoriabc
Freebird Collective $10K Brand Transformation Contest Winner: +West Coast Roar Motorcycling

We're delighted to share with you the story of our journey with $10K Brand Transformation Contest WINNERS Greer & Joley of West Coast Roar Motorcycling. 

#yyj   #cowichan   #bc   #canada   #business  

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Social Media Examiner has two great podcasts with all the latest info on social media marketing for small business. I highly recommend it! #socialmedia #smallbiz

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Cool or scary? What do you think?
Awesome !
A swarm of 56 drones controlled by a mobile application

#geekandbuzz   #drones   #mobileapp   #control   #gif  
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Great info on Google+!
The Hard Numbers for Google Plus Activity

JUST PUBLISHED: +Eric Enge's massive study of over half a million Google+ profiles

Click here >>

Learn how much public posting actually occurs on Google+ from real data on real Google+ profiles.

Please share this important study!

Read at


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This is awesome ;)
If you are not following me on Instagram (do it here:, I'd posted this earlier and it is too good not to share with you all!

The tyranny of client expectations and budgets. I'm laughing and crying at the same time.


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Super interesting article [with audio version] on Google+ - and how it's missing the mark - by former Google employee Chris Messina.

Great to see you here on Google+ +Julie Atkinson ;)

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Love this ;)
Good morning, boys and girls!

I am on my first cup of the day and things are starting to look good.

How's your day going?


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Awesome NEW video from +Tourism Victoria! Well done! #yyj Thanks for sharing +Angela Rafuse 
Introducing our new video, "Victoria… It's More Than That", a story about what it means to be a visitor to Victoria. PLEASE SHARE if you love our destination as much as we do!
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