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Wait so Ballmer's marketing strategy for Win Phone 8 is "you won't be able to see tv, open a mag or a newspaper without seeing a microsoft ad -- Steve Ballmer"?  I think I know the problem Microsoft is having, Steve. 

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out the front of the new house

If you are bored, feel free to come paint at the new house.

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Can't believe she is old enough to do this by herself.

VPN working with 64 bit Linux. That was way more effort and hacking than should have been required. Dear Juniper, you really could make that one piece work with 64 bit Java.

Hello Seattle

This 1am flight from Seattle to Minneapolis can be summed up as the drunk angry Packer flight. 

Line of the day: "The space shuttle landed in California.  I wonder if they will find any intelligence on that planet."

A day of lows and highs. Dads interment ceremony at Tahoma National Cemetery. Now the family is headed to the Puyallup Fair for fun.

Hey look.  Today is "Respect for the aged" day in Japan.  I will not make a comment about April's birthday.  I will not make a comment about April's birthday. I will not....
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