Update on +Mach 30 ground station at New Space 2013. We tried a couple of times to listen to satellites flying overhead, but were unable to acquire signal. Without a second rig or other tools, I can't tell what the problem is. :(

But, there is more to the story. Two booths down from the Mach 30 booth is the Skycube booth (http://www.southernstars.com/skycube/), a kickstarted cubesat. And they brought the bench top copy if their satellite to New Space (complete with transmitter). So we decided to join forces. Skycube is transmitting and we are receiving. Woot!!

Better yet, Tim from Skycube asked me to join him for a panel he is on to do a live demo for the New Space audience. We go on at 1:30 PDT. :D
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