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OK, I get it now. My last cat picture for a while :(

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Adorable it !!! What do you mean by 'you get it now'? Why your last cat picture for a while? Who said what??? +J Schippnick 
how cute they look like my friends lol hahaha
Kittens like to play and they look very cute.
One of the best I've seen. Love it and sharing it. Keep 'em coming, mate.
Absolutely adorable I love this photo, please keep posting, as it brightens up a gloomy world!
Thanks everyone for the nice words
Check out the carpet...
Looks like they're fighting over a game of Twister.
Cute! :)
Nikki G
Yeah show em who's boss....hahah
I might throw the black one out of the house !
Zumma W
Cute and adorable
I don't believe twister is played this way. :)
I love to watch kittens play.
+J Schippnick looks like the +'s you have going on this one are in your favor. Keep posting your photo's...there is always going to be haters no matter what.
So cute of the 2 kittens ....
AWW! They are SO cute! I wish I could have a kitten!
Thanks so far to everyone who has reshared my post!! 
Paul V
You got 3 trys...then your down! 
Remember to be like a ducks back, and remember haters are generally unhappy people trying to spread their unhappiness... So don't let them get to you! Btw, cute pic ;)
Oh!-they're a wild, cute, crazy UFC kitten fighters...
J, tell them to shuddup. Tell them we said so. CUTE CATS RULE!
The kittens are normal. That's also the bad news.
Your cat posts are terrific.  Keep them coming.  Feel free to make us smile with all your cute felines.
Kitty ufc, two jabs, then a superman punch.
I hope you don't let the few haters out there change what you find fun about the Internet. If you like posting cat pictures, I say keep doing it. Those who don't like it can go somewhere else, and find what they do like. Personally I think they are cute, and I post these things too. To each his or her own; and if this makes you happy, then by all means do it. No harm, no foul :)
I'm the mom passed out in the background.
That white kitty seems strong, but those warning strikes to the eye would take some of the fight out of yea...
I like them:-) :-) the strips on the back are really sharp
And there is momma cat sleeping?
"Whacha gonna do, whacha gonna do, huh?" "This!" Lol That is too cute.
slap slap slap "oh no now ur gonna get it" "oh no please don't hurt me" tackle 
No...more cute kitten boxing please! The kitten videos are stress relievers!!! ;)
Absolutely Adorable!....this tape is the cats meoooow!
Lol so cute I like the white cat
Love the kitties!  Thank you for sharing!  I hope it's not your last video.
Ah, sibling rivalry.  I thought the little one with the white in his fur showed admirable restraint -- just waiting for the right moment, like...until they get right in front of mom!
They are adorable! I'll teach you to smack me three times in a row! <3 =] Please keep posting, I need to work on my captions! 
Priya K
Cue lovely kittens
Those are adorable kittens
Even a small guy can fight back n no one will be able to stand them!!!!!!!!!!!!
awwww so cute, i wish i have one like them
So cute, really love them
there is something in ur cute!!!!!!
hahaha they are cute and funny!!
Sibling rivalry in kittens...helps sharpen the skills for a real fight in the future. Love the way the little grey & white isn't gonna take that slap in the face challenge and attacks.
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