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J S Crail
I ride an anima wave with my griffin muse.
I ride an anima wave with my griffin muse.

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My Deluxe #Communion CD by #YearsandYears arrived today complete with a lovely silver autograph surprise! After immediately dancing my way through and giving my husband a listen, we decided we need the Super Box Set for the two extra tracks and vinyl platter.*/*/Communion-Super-Deluxe-Boxset/4E7Z0000000

As a former teacher, I delight in witnessing young people of talent, compassion and drive becoming their true selves and that story is told thematically throughout Communion.

Years & Years’ exploration of communion trounces narcissistic teen faire and opens them up to a wider audience. You feel them discovering the truth of interpersonal exchange, navigating the politics of emotion and power in a sublime and corrupt world.

Y&Y elicits a deep emotional connection to their music with strong songwriting fu, giving Communion depth in dots and letters. Lyric insight and diverse musicality combined with performance grace show early sophisticated communication an order of magnitude beyond their peers. Y&Y moves the mind, body, and spirit, delivering what young audiences are rarely afforded, quality, thought-provoking, humanity-connecting content.  

Well done, Lads! Very well done, thank you!

Whether young, old, listener, dancer, joyous or melancholy, everyone can find something to connect with in Communion. I look forward to the musical and theatrical development of Olly (Oliver Alexander Thornton) and to hear where the muses take Years & Years.

Years & Years
Olly Alexander

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The dad everyone deserves! #RealMan

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Writing is an act of Heroism
Be Fearless!

Today's literary #meditation
#writier #writing #amwriting #writetip  

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Suzama Design™ will love this substantive design.
Unsurprisingly, Wallpaper Handmade at Milan Design Week did not disappoint in its 5th year, with works from Raw Edges, Scholten & Baijings + more:

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Still one of the best zines around.
This month National Geographic magazine explores how we can feed our growing population without overwhelming the planet. #FutureOfFood

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Today's Meditation: Be the Sea Otter.
In the wild, most northern sea otters live in rocky coastal habitats near points of land where some of the areas are protected from wind and waves. In the world of sea otter real estate, a nearby kelp bed is an added bonus!

Come learn more about sea otters during #MarineMammalMania this weekend (April 18-20)!

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Writing Inspriation
Art Basel in Hong Kong 2014: Discoveries Sector Selections
5 Photos - View album

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"May every sunrise hold more promise, and every sunset hold more peace."

Sunset on the Waikoloa Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii by Patrick Gey
I simply love to visit his Pinterest at:

#Sunset   #Photography   #Buddha  
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