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PSA: North Texas has experience a lot of high winds in the last couple of weeks. Of course this has led to a lot of "roofers" driving around with a ladder knocking on doors and offering to fix roof damage. Some of these people may be trained roofers but here are a couple of things you should ask before you let them on your roof.
1) Always ask to see proof of liability insurance. This is by far the most important. This protects you as the home owner if they damage your home or worse, fall off your roof.
2) Ask for references and/or check them out online. And if you research them online, make sure the person at your door is specifically listed on the website. Then check!
3) Are they going to use the same brand and color of shingles to match your existing shingles? Or will they just use whatever they have in the back of their truck?
4) Do they offer a workmanship warranty in writing?

Have a great spring!

With spring upon us we start seeing a lot of wind damage to our roofs and shingles. Once the wind has started to work its way under one of your shingles, it immediately starts causing damage to that shingle. But sustained wind over several days will spread the damage. As the wind caused the shingle to flap back and forth the shingle pulls loose from the nails. If you are unfortunate enough to have staple holding your shingles on, the damage happens faster. Even after multiple shingles have been damaged or completely come off your roof, the repairs are still inexpensive. However, the cost of repair can go up dramatically when we start adding rain to the mix. Over time, the plywood under the shingles will form mold and start rotting. Depending on the severity of the leak, you may have sheetrock damage within the first hour or two.
Don't wait to have roofing repairs done. We can usually get the problem corrected before you ever see damage to the inside of your home. As always, roof inspections and estimates are free anywhere in DFW. Give us a call.

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Wind Damage Repair
Wind is another threat to your roof. Wind can lift shingles, allowing rainwater to make its way inside, likely resulting in a leak. After a wind storm get in touch with the expert crew of roofers at J. Riley Roofing who will conduct a complete inspection of your roof to make sure it is still reliable. If any issues are found we will get them repaired quickly and affordably.
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