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Got Android 4.2? Want awesome lock screen widgets? Behold: 
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Awesome!  Just what I was looking for !
??  It goes right to the article for me.
your articles always give us the best tips and tricks! thanks, and keep it up!
Still waiting for a google play music lockscreen widget. It's taking way to long lol
+Eric Ramos There actually is one -- it's just contextual. It automatically shows up on your main lock screen anytime you're actively playing music.
+JR Raphael Yeah, just wish it would stick around when I'm not yet playing music for quick access lol
4.2 sucks. Don want it
Rob.... WTF is that on your chin? 
+Chip Estrada Soul patch with a piece of poop attached to it. Lol, just playing. The picture got distorted where my soul patch is. You don't know what a soul patch is?
4.1.2 is where it is at. I flashed back
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