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Creak, creak, creak

Not the kind of sound you want to hear (or movement you want to feel) when you press on the top of a smartphone.

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A one off maybe? Has anyone else noticed this?
Not sure if you're the outlier here or if I am, but mine doesn't creak in a single place. It'll bend a little if you really twist it, but no creaking at the seams at all.
Maybe Samsung built it and Motorola slapped their logo on it :-) 
My Wacom tablet does that every time I lean my wrist on it. Drives me nuts.
That said, my fingers themselves make that sound. Is that bad?
+Andrew Martonik Hmm... could be a limited defect. Doesn't help boost my confidence in the device's build quality, either way. :/
+JR Raphael Really think that's a bad unit / Moto has bad QC. This thing may be plasticky and slimy, but the one I have seems very well built.
Doesn't most of HTC's models crack, except for the One.. :-P 
Por tener cosas de plástico en dos partes no hay como el unibodi
That's just redicul-oh yeah this is Motorola. It's not broken (they say), that's a feature!
Or he found the hidden button that unlocks Moto Magic! 
+Phil Nickinson ? My N4 creaks are the bottom and right above the unlock button. My N7 screen creaks on the left side where the infamous screen lift issue is. Nexus' do, in fact, creak. Both of these issues are pretty common as a simple Google search shows.
+Kyle Chaisson bumper case seems to cure all when it comes to the Nexus 4. Had one on mine since day 1 and none of the creaking or wear and tear issues reported by others. 
+Matt Wilkins I have it. I switch off between in and no case. It doesn't always bother me, just stating that Nexus' aren't amune to creaking.
Can't believe I just watched 25 seconds of creaking haha
+JR Raphael what do you think of the Droid Maxx vs the Moto X. They both seem identical ( spec wise) - the bigger battery and screen. I will be up for an upgrade in a couple of weeks and was thinking about the Moto X, but since the Droid Maxx has the same specs but with a way better battery and a larger screen (+ the fact that my wife has the previous Maxx and it seems to be a good phone) I think that the Maxx will be a better fit for me. Any thoughts?
Thanks +JR Raphael ; it seems to me they I will have to forego the finesse because battery is way more important for me at this point. Thanks again.
But wait... +JR Raphael, don't you realise that It's really a feature leak?  The new Droid Cricket is coming soon!  Order yours today!
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