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Two well-timed deliveries today. Weekend, here I come!
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Awesome! Did that sticker come with the Pixel?
Welcome to the club! We just doubled our membership!!!! ;)
I want one so bad.. it fits like 99.9% of what I need a laptop for. I have two other chomebooks (beta ones) but this is the cadillac. 

i've read a few reviews on the pixel that pretty much spell out the same things: addressing the eye-popping price and the de-facto comparisons to the macbook.  hoping for some additional insights around this from you.
I do not miss my zenbook... Still loving the pixel. Lack of a power supply option could eventually become a major issue.
Ski Mask... Check
Crowbar... Check
JR's Home Address...Check

Could you um...  turn the sprinklers off in the backyard please.
+JR Raphael ahh gotcha.  so basically the loaner convinced you to getting your own.  just curious, do you own any mac products?  wondered if there was any personal comparable differences you had.  
I was excited when I got my first Chromebook, but that quickly wore off.  Hope this pricy giant does a better job.
+Michael Dubnik I can, but I should warn you that I employ four full-time guard ostriches -- and man, do they get vicious when provoked.
+Chris Hsu I don't own any myself (never been my cup of tea), but I've certainly used 'em before. This hardware's very much in the same league -- actually a bit nicer in some ways. The platform is obviously a night and day difference, though. 
I am so jealous if that sticker came with your Pixel, because no sticker came with my Pixel! I am over a month into my Pixel ownership, and it has been great. Enjoy!
JR, any idea if VMWare can be installed on the Pixel equipped with Ubuntu? I have to have a Windows Environment for work unfortunately.
wondering if people can share why they bought the pixel over a "relatively" priced macbook.  interested in thought processes on making the investment here. +Kevin Tofel +Sara Carr 
+JR Raphael I would love your take on a touch screen Chrome Book VS a Standard one. Just curious how much I'm missing out on with my Sammy.
+Chris Hsu My answer is not very exciting - I bought the Pixel because I wanted to and was able to sell enough stuff in order to fund it. I had a Samsung Chromebook that I loved, it completely replaced my Vaio that ran various Linux distros. Also, I was intrigued. I like the Macbook line, but they just aren't for me. 
+JR Raphael Yep I read that one. I was wondering if you're planning on following up with a "Now that I've lived with one for a while..." article.
+Chris Hsu I just found the Pixel a more interesting machine than comparably priced Macbooks.  It is actually replacing an aging MBP and after using a Samsung ARM CB for a while, I believe Chrome is a better option. 
+Paul Eddy interesting to hear.  can you give some specific examples of it being more interesting and better option?  i'm curious to know.
Ha so you DID get one! Hooray for tax write-offs! I still don't know what I would do with one...
+Chris Hsu I think my choosing it over a Mac is more about ChromeOS in general than the Pixel in particular. Fast boot times, automated free upgrades, no virus issues, and virtually maintenance free.  I have been using an Samsung ARM since introduction and it has been the go to PC at my house since it got here.  The advanced hardware of the Pixel is a bonus.

Full disclosure, I did not compare with any current generation Mac, but the display and speakers alone are worth the cost.
+Paul Eddy cool thanks for the explanation.  sounds like the purchase has been well worth it :-)
+Chris Hsu Well, it is only the second day, but it has been well received at the house. I have two teenagers and they are awestruck by the capabilities.
+Bruno Barrera Yever I sprung for the LTE model. I tend to use a Chromebook as my primary work system while traveling and have found the integrated connectivity to be very useful in the past (on older models). Even though I can always tether from my phone, having the built-in access and secondary network option often comes in handy for me.
+Mike McLoughlin What size would you suggest for the latest Samsung Chromebook? The information on the site is a little unclear.
+JR Raphael I almost regret not having the LTE version and I may more directly in the future. At least I have been able to use it these last few weeks ;-). I will be very interested to see how you like the always on functionality.
When I finally decided to buy the Pixel it really did not make sense for me not to get the LTE version.  I don't think I will use the LTE often, but the price point and extra storage made it worthwhile for me.
+Michael McNeil For the 'full laptop' sticker? Or the small one? The latter is fixed size at 5"x3"- ish. The laptop skin comes in various sizes - my ARM Chromebook is not to hand so I cannot measure the back is 11"x8" so the 10.8"x7.1 would be the one I would go for, personally. 
+JR Raphael Cool, I would probably also buy the LTE version, but do you know if you can use it on networks other than Verizon? Internationally?
+Bruno Barrera Yever I haven't had a chance to test it with any other carriers firsthand, but this is Google's official line:

You may use any carrier with your LTE Chromebook, however the device is only certified for Verizon's LTE service. So, this means you may get lucky on another carrier, but we can't guarantee any level of connectivity/service with any other provider, in any other market.

(The system has a regular SIM card slot that comes preloaded with a Verizon LTE SIM.)
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