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How to force the official 4.0.4 update for your Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Clever little hack -- worked on the second try for me.
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+Saeed W If it's the GSM version of the phone, you probably already have 4.0.4.
Worked for me after turning off wi-fi, woohoo! (thanks!)
It's getting really funny. Have mine phone rooted because of an update (no update in fact). You have to fc some service. Will J require naked dance in the moonlight prior to update???
Just to add to this (for those having trouble):

Go to : Settings -> Apps -> All -> Google Services Framework
Click the Clear Data button (you might have to wait a sec for it to be clickable)
Once the data has been cleared, IMMEDIATELY turn off your phone then turn it back on again.
When your phone has rebooted, go to Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates -> Check Now
It should prompt you to update to IMM76K.
Still waiting for my Razr Maxx to to update. Should be any time now.
Bionic, still waiting.  #Sigh
i like the green monster!i know that thng i just said was stuiped but seriosly it's cute
can't wait to see it on S2X on june 12th!
it means that like most of the android user I can't wai to have an update too!
Worked for me over wifi (weak 3/4g) after couple of attempts
Worked on 4th attempt. Thanks from Orlando!
Worked for me in Tampa .
Worked for me! Thanks for sharing!!!
Now can you do Droid razr maxx
I'm sure there is a greater possibility that it was already in que for your device and by checking the date it was ready
ha totally worked on the first try! thanks ive been at this for a week
Awesome noticeably better signal strength!
Worked second time for me .thanks
worked for me after the 2nd time... and yes it was worth it... it is a lot smoother and faster now :-)
Not sure what's new..need time to mess w/ it . Rumor is battery life is better. That's a win!
I'm not sure what's new either since within 15 min after opening my phone out of the box I got the 4.0.4 update.. that is of course I have the unlocked version from Google Play so.. lol
whats so cool about this phone anyway its better than iphone NO WAY.
Mines just keeps freezing on "Google" screen after I download and click to restart & install.....#@%*!!
holy crap. that worked on the first try! awesome find! thanks!
Worked for me on the first try.
no se usar google+ .. porqe me llego un mail con tu publicacion
Ruben C
This fixed my Navigation text to speech issue.
im not even sure what a verizon galaxy nexus is
if applied literally the meaning could be something resembling a transgalactic power cell
but humanity doesnt have those yet especially not on mass production
so im going to guess its a mobile made by windows
my main backing for this guess
is that android is used twice in the 3 clicks link
which i refused to click
Already updated. Don't need the help on this occasion. Also I don't see the importance of an update when this phone works perfectly fine.
Oh and pep cookiedoe if your gonna plays the smarts card Microsoft make windows. Windows makes nothing and its a phone made by Samsung and google... thanks
waitin on the long rumored 4.0.4 for my transformer prime.. i think google and ASUS developers are being lazy with android right now.. they introduced google play, but it hasn't changed one bit since it's release. there's been a huge slow down on new app releases, and the supposed 5.0 jellybean is just android 4.1, because google doesn't want to announce a 5.0 cus it's too much work right now. they're too busy working on secret google x projects(self driving car, project glass, etc.) to give a shit about what's currently thriving their company..
+JR Raphael; What about sprint? Any ideas?
i feel so outdated on 2.2.. maybe i need the Galaxy Nexus and 4.0.4
This isn't going to magically cause it to work or be pushed to you guys but enjoy it and +Alexader Walker get off of 2.2 already man your the reason why the % hasn't shrunk yet for 2.2 lol
+Jonathan Hayes what are you talking about? Google play was a rebranding and they always revamp it at I/O besides its changed with the last update by allowing you to see what device the commenter is using as well as being able to filter through the comments based off your device specifically.

How are app releases slowing down? 5.0 (which was a rumor) has nothing to do with work or lack there of, your sounding realty ignorant right now buddy.
Can I just clarify for my angry friend windows phone 7 is the windows operating system on mobiles and android is made by Google on a Linux operating system and has nothing to do with windows and sending angry emails do sent make you correct
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