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Google Voice and DashClock, together at last

A new extension lets you add info from Google Voice and other services (including G+ and Google Talk) onto your DashClock widget.

Check it out:
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Works great... +JR Raphael any way I could use this extension to set more then one notification?
Sorry, I got that... multiple notifications can be set up using the pro version
I have used it for a few days and found the refresh rate to be too slow.  I could have 5 GV notifications, but the app indicates 0.  I am not sure if it is a DashClock or AnyDash problem.
But I didn't choose to be born in the UK...
Too bad you can't get Google Voice outside US of A. :-( 
+Jeroen de Bruin Curious -- I haven't heard of issues anywhere else. I've passed the info along to the appropriate people to investigate, though. Thanks for letting me know.
You can add more than Google Voice...
+JR Raphael Thanks, but the problem is here with Telefonica (the biggest unfortunately); I just managed to open your articles using another provider.

They must be blocking these sites as the name resolves to the ip address just fine.

Can't be bothered to wait on the phone for an hour to be told to restart my modem though...
Nice!  Now if I could just add an ICE app to the lock screen I could get rid of WidgetLocker...
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