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The speed that Samsung are updating the S2 has made me only want Nexus devices from now on.
Sony.. definitely Sony. Promising that all their 2012 Xperia phones (some launching with GB) would get JB, then publishing a list that excludes a number of them. It's been happening since before 2012 too.
Can we get a dishonorable mention for Verizon/Samsung/Google, since the Nexus name is a promise for prompt updates and all, and the train wreck that is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus remains several updates behind?
+HTC also fail on the Desire HD ICS upgrade (although +Rob Beane got it going via Aospx).  My next phone/device will be a +Nexus .
Yea, HTC has been a miserable failure. My phone is still Gingerbread, and it's due for replacement in March. I'm betting it will be replaced before it will be upgraded, and that's only to ICS, not Jellybean. I'm going Nexus for my next phone.
Oh the HTC front, due to the Hardware similarities to the Desire HD and it's Botched/mishandled ICS upgrade promises, I'll happily place the blame on HTC ;)
+Wendy Haagen and yet when they put those updates Code to the Open repositories the likes of Cyanogen, Koush, etc. can make them work, I have a G1 that's running Android 2.2, Better than it ever did the stock 1.6 rom.
+JR Raphael I know I was more just pointing out why I lay the blame at HTC's feet and not Verizon's, Though I'm sure they are at least part of the problem ;)
Direct promises, or implied promises?
+HTC promised jb in October, I received it half December. The worst is that there are still One X owners who are waiting. 
+Motorola Mobility , +HTC , and +Sony Xperia are among the worst in terms of updates this year. +LG USA Mobile has not gotten worse cuz they were already bad to begin with... and freaking +Verizon Wireless gets in the way of updates. I'm a Motorola razr maxx over here, on Verizon, so naturally, I'm crying in the corner over the lapdock fiasco... and over the lack of updates... :'-(
+Martijn Kuenen That's the beauty of carrier dependency for ya.

If fast and frequent upgrades are a priority to you, two words: Unlocked Nexus.
+Mike Stone Now let's just see if they manage to get the damn things back in stock by then... (grumble grumble)
After nexus series, galaxy series mobiles receives updates quickly than any other mobiles. 
My votes go to +Verizon Wireless and +Motorola Mobility ... Bionic and XOOM, still waiting. 

Or I would be waiting except I have gone to Nexus4 on TMobile, and am very happy thus far TYVM.
Let this be a lesson.  Don't bitch about how terrible Android is when you're buying terrible devices.  Stick with a Nexus device or stop your bitching about the lack of support.  Google supports their devices via Nexus.  You could give me a free HTC or Moto phone/device and I still wouldn't go near it.  Or go with the iphone and plea retardation. 
I know that this article is really about phones and updates to the operating system.  However, I wanted to touch upon what  +Jonathan Jorge had to say about going with a Nexus device and Google support.  I recently purchased the Nexus 10 and love it.  It worked great for almost a month.  Now it isn't acting right.  Last night I called Google and in less than 10 minutes a replacement was ordered and on the way.  They offered GREAT SUPPORT!

I am tired of waiting for updates on my cell phones, and as soon as my current contract expires I will be getting a Nexus phone also.  I have been encouraging all of my friends and family since before Christmas that if they were getting new devices, go with Nexus only.
+JR Raphael No kidding. There's news that they're going to be available in T-Mobile stores this month, and I can't imagine that Google would have them available in T-Mobile stores and not their own. Here's hoping.
+Mike Stone Unless they signed a contract before they knew what was going on.  How much you wanna bet some Google executives are really pissed off at how this whole thing is going down VS. how it could have gone?   The situation may suck for us, but I bet it sucks for them too!
I'm simply frustrated by people who blame Android for all their problems and run to an iphone, thus praising how it solved all their issues.  First off it'll always turn out that they owned some horrible HTC/Sony/Motoralo device that was super expensive when it came out but 8 months later hasn't gotten one update, thus making it worth less then 10.00.  There are bricks that are more expensive. 

Secondly they'll sit there and blame Android as if they really wanted Android to suck.  I've heard every story under the sun.  Platforms like this can only do so much to educate.  Some people just like having something to hate and blame for their own ignorance. 
+Jonathan Jorge The key word is ignorance.  People don't usually understand android and where the problems come from.  Get a nexus 4 (pure android) and kiss your problems goodbye.  Screw you Sprint for giving me a Nascar app and all this other bloatware that made my phone run like crap.  The only option is to root and flash a new rom, but that isn't a good answer for newbies.  I don't blame them for running to iphone after that.  Tables have turned.  Google is fighting the battle now.  And they are doing a good job (minus production).
+Brad Arnold pretty much.  Been using this Nexus 4 for the last two weeks and it's pretty damn flawless.  No bloatware, no bullshit Carrier saturated apps (Nascar, Mobile Mall bullshit).  Pure Jellybean is amazing. 

Left using a Nexus S for an HTC Sensation, which was a huge mistake.  Touchwiz and HTC sense are junk skins.  Motoblur is a waste.  I know that most of us know that Nexus is IT in terms of performance, but this is for all those doubters out there who were trying to cheat their way through life.  Stop listening to carriers; they are liars and they only care about themselves. 
I'm surprised you didn't mention Toshiba which just upgraded its Excite line to Jelly Bean (4.1.1). Needless to say, I'm thrilled. 
a Nexus won't give me a waterproof phone with mobile wallet (FeLiCa) and mobile TV.. ;)  I'll stick with a slightly out-of-date OS (ICS is still good enough), but still fully-functional, with the features I want. Android is great for giving us a choice.

Then again I have yet to see a promise from Fujitsu to upgrade their phones, so they're not breaking promises, they're just being Japanese and assuming if I want an update I'll get a new phone.
+Patrice L. With your mind set people would still be using horse and carriage..since it's more "dependable" (was the argument they used back in the day).  To each his/her own which is why Android provides something for everyone.  Look at all the options Android has for users and people still try and hate on how it's not good enough.  Go figure
+Jeff Badger It's actually mentioned toward the bottom of the story -- as one of the manufacturers that recently stopped making specific promises. 
I saw that. I'm just thrilled that they actually upgraded it as I didn't expect that. 
raw raj
HTC sucks whts up with their new models? They just are too stubborn to include a front camera!
ATT with mobile wallet and Motorola stating JB updates for many of their phones and after the supposed release date we are told the phone will not be receiving the update. Then they try to give a $100 of our next device but it has to be Motorola. I dumped Motorola and went with Samsung.
+Jonathan Jorge no, with my mindset people who like to use red cars will use red cars, and people who like black cars with automatic transmission can use those, too. Wasn't saying anything against progress, but sometimes the newest and shiniest isn't always what suits needs the best. And sometimes it comes with bugs (cf all the complains about lag in Android 4.2 on Nexus 7...).

I like my options of having waterproof phones, they may not be Nexus and may not have all the latest updates, but they give me features I want and have come to depend on or even brag about sometimes ;) And you won't find me whining about how Fujitsu doesn't update my phone, because it's a conscious choice I made and I knew full well before buying it that I wouldn't get the Nexus experience on it. In fact I was surprised when they upgraded my old 2.3 phone to ICS, just a week after I bought a new phone! (figures)

And that was my point. The Nexus experience, well-loved by geeks (and by myself too --> poins to Nexus 7), isn't the best all-around experience for everyone, and I quite like my Fujitsu, and my HTC Sense experience too (Sense being a lot more consistent than stock Android, though Stock Android is gradually making its way up there among the best).
in my experience I can talk about +HTC (desire z problems, no ICS) and +Sony with the recent problem with Xperia U and Sola JB upgrade: phones with only a few months of life and alredy without upgrades...
+Patrice L.  You're basing a phone on it's performance by whether or not it's water proof.  I do feel the same way about just getting a new phone though.  Even though I support the Nexus Platform I'll always be upgrading to the newest version of them each year. 

I was super close to picking up the GS3 when it first came out but couldn't leave the Galaxy Nexus I was using at the time over Touchwiz and the GS3's one button design.  Having no physical buttons on a phone is pretty freaking futuristic if you ask me. 

Back to the water proof thing; Unless I work on a boat or live in a rain forest I wouldn't care.  It's like people who say they won't buy a phone because it's too fragile.  Yet, they don't want to buy a case or screen protector. You can complain all you like about a phone not meeting your standards but Software is EVERYTHING.  Pure Android experience is unlike anything else.  Ask anyone who's up to date with this stuff.  No skin right now can go up against pure Android in terms of performance.  None, zero.
My vote is Motorola and Verizon, as I type on my DroidX2 with gingerbread... Promises and then, no not for that one! Just to keep you purchasing new devices. 
+Jonathan Jorge but.. it's not waterproof!  You don't have a fingerprint reader! Nor mobile TV or Japan's mobile wallet system! (See, your argument is as good as mine, we look for different things in our phones... Stock Google Nexus isn't the be-all-and-end-all, that's all my point was)
Here's my take on the whole "updates" thing:

Dear HTC,

I just replaced my Sensation 4G. As I promised, it wasn't with a phone made by you. 6 more months to replace my HTC View 4G tablet... guess what brand I won't be considering? That's about $1,000 in purchases going to one of your competitors. 

If Google and Apple can provide updates to even their older devices, and you can't, well, I don't care about WHY you can't, I just care that for about the same amount of money Apple or Google will sell me a device and then support it for it's useful life... and you won't.

They've earned my business, and you haven't. Might want to think about that next time your sales reports come in.

Oh, wait, you already announced that it's poor advertising that has you in a pickle. Good luck with that....


A formerly loyal customer
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