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He was on top of the Android world -- then stopped all development and went silent for 17 months. Now, out of the blue, he's back.

So what actually went on with ADWLauncher mastermind Ander Webbs? I reached out to him to fill in the blanks.
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I have honestly been wondering.. TIME TO READ.
Nice article, sheds some light on the life of a popular developer. 
I didn't even know there was a new version. Time to go back to good old adw launcher 
I loved ADW on my Fascinate running 2.3.x. I put it on my families phones that still run on Gingerbread. Its a great launcher. 
Just got done reading the article, interesting read, I feel bad for him that he got the run around for so long and missed out on updating his launcher, I haven't used a custom launcher since I got my phone with Android 4.0 on it but I have been thinking about it lately.
Did anyone bother plussing +Ander Webbs into this yet?  He's a great guy and an amazing dev, and it would be nice for him to see the support he has here!
I was wondering what the hell happened to ADW.
now we know...
I have a history of using adw....
now we know what happened to Ander Webbs
I wish him luck!!
Yeah. Can someone find federico carnales? Haha. He suddenly disappeared without a trace haha
Interesting read, and ADW was always a great launcher +Ander Webbs , I'll try the new version soon.  Can't wait.  I'm also curious about  federico carnales.  That was the first launcher I ever used, and at the time, he seemed like he was going to be unstoppable, then all at once he kept promising a re-write, things stopped working, and he started working on that music app, and that was the end. 
I have used ADW launcher since I got the fascinate, though had to stop since it was not updated until now.
Check out Ubuntu for Android.  Developers are about to go on a roller coaster ride implementing a PC style interface with linux running side by side with Android, and everything all in one.
Love to see developer of Launcher pro back in action 
I've been rocking ADW_EX since inception.. even when the updates stopped I held on. I updated to the latest as soon as it hit.. Loving the new look, especially the widget previews. Not crazy about the new App drawer scrolling effects so I stick to the originals. Hopefully +Ander Webbs will clean them up a little more but I'm not complaining.. at all.. The Man is a pioneer.. Along with +Koushik Dutta , +Joël Bourquard and of course +CyanogenMod ... 
I personally never used this launcher but I'm glad nothing bad happened to the dev.
What happened to Federico Carnales and LauncherPro? That was an awesome launcher.
Is it ironic that his last name is "Webbs"? Or is it just me?
Glad youre back ADW, will try your new release
Yea stear clear of cali tech companies.. esp ones with investors in china..
Glad these great devs are alive and kicking. Hope it's the same with the Launcher Pro dev as well.

The world we live in is way beyond Android. Bad things happen. Just hope he's good. Nice interview btw. 
I thought maybe apple had him held hostage and forcing him to give into there evil ways and he fought tooth and nail away from there grips and now he is back and better than ever. 
Great interview. I used to have adw. Gonna check it now
Great read. I've been using ADW for almost two years now and love it.
Great read about an android dev. I love how he's still passionate about pushing things and refused to let a little bump on the road stop him from crafting beautiful work. Behind every app lies a dev that obessess over user experience. When sh!t doesn't work you could get programmers block so it can be tough.
I know where he was...he was playing with his Apple IPhone 5.
Welcome back...we missed you Ander Webbs
Man, being jerked around by companies supposedly wanting to buy you, that must suck. 
Didn't know about you (+Ander Webbs) until reading this.  But I do use your product and enjoy your work.  Welcome back.  And look forward to staying in touch with your work.  Good luck.
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