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it looks decent. Wish it scrolled much smoother and quicker.
+1 for using a holo design.  Good for them!

Also, is it just me or is anyone else generally underwhelmed with all of the "iOS favorite" apps?  Maybe they fix problems on iOS that don't exist in Android.
+Mike DePaul Right on here. They fix issues that iOS users have because of the lack of existing feature-set in the native apps. However, Android has a ton of fantastic stuff that and there is less of a need for some of these iOS favorites. I find the Google Calendar app much better than this one.
If they had a free version to try, I would give it a go, but as +Mike DePaul and +Derek Duncan say above, this doesn't solve a problem for me. The stock Google Calendar on Jelly Bean is great. About the only thing I don't like about it is the "month view" which is virtually useless. 

This app looks beautiful, but I can't justify even the small price they are charging for it. 
+Mike DePaul youre not delisional. It is classic "want it because we don't have it" complex. Then the app comes and people are like "oh, that's it? It isn't magical?"
 I am still holding out for something like iOS calendar that also supports To Dos. Pocket Informant is the best I've seen so far.
Here's the biggest example of an app to close an iOS functionality gap: Instagram.

Because iOS still doesn't do sharing properly! Completely pointless on Android. I take a photo, share it to any number of vastly superior photo editing apps, maybe through several to get all the edits I want, then share it to any social media network I prefer, instead of creating a whole, new, redundant network for the purpose! Use Andmade Share, and I can simultaneously share it to fb, g+, twitter, gmail, gdrive, drop box, flickr, tumblr etc all in one movement! 
The Google calendar refuses to work on my nexus 10, so I downloaded and configured aCalendar from the play store this afternoon. Maybe will try agenda if it doesn't work out, but so far I like it :-) 
"aCalendar" has a customizable desktop widget. I use the free version of a calendar.
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