Well, it's official: Google+ is going away.

This makes me very sad. Even with all the ups and downs over the years, G+ has remained a vibrant and thriving community where I've connected with countless interesting people -- people who are as passionate about gadgets, systems, and other geekery as I am and who love discussing and debating those things in respectful and intelligent ways. As I'm sure I don't have to tell you, that kind of community is incredibly rare and difficult to find.

I can't say I'm entirely surprised Google is pulling the plug at this point, all considered, but I'm still extremely disappointed. But, alas. Here we are.

G+ isn't set to sunset until next August, so we have some time. And I'll stick around for now, as long as other folks are still here. Looking forward, though, the absolute best way to keep up with me, stay connected to what I'm doing, and stay in touch is via my weekly newsletter: https://www.androidintel.net

I'm also on Twitter, if you'd like to connect there as well: http://twitter.com/jrraphael

This has been a wonderful experience, and that's 100% because of all of you. Thank you for creating such a lively, fun, and thoughtful community within these virtual walls. I will really, truly miss it.
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