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You type that out on your watch? 😜
You're Doing It Wrong.
(As a guy who owns an Omate Truesmart, I've come to the opinion that ANYTHING that involves typing on a smart watch is just a bad design idea) need for voice input.
No good for my stubby fingers.
If I ever get wear, I won't be getting this. Misses the point.
I wonder how minuum would look like on the round display of Moto 360.
It's going up take some developers a bit longer than others to realise a smartwatch isn't just a tiny phone
Doesn't this defeat the purpose of a Android Wear  isn't the purpose for us to be less tied down to a phone and interact more with our environment and people around us so you go from staying at your phone tapping out text messages and ignoring people around you to typing out text messages on your watch and ignoring people around you I have a LG G watch voice recognition works great no need for this shit
Nope, I wouldn't want to do this. It seems like such a pain in the butt. 
Work more on noise cancellation and voice recognition. That is how I send messages with my gear. I"m not going to try to type out anything from my wrist. I don't care how well the predictive text is. 
they just want to make money and be bought by another company.. Don't blame them.
1px fonts are pretty evil. Typing on a watch is silly. Maybe we can have Android class rings where you get to select an emolji. 
I can understand that voice replies may not always work, but... no. Just... no.
Sweet. Now we can make phones only two inches big. 😍
Careful here, +JR Raphael. Telling people what they can do with their devices is that other company's philosophy. This is android. It can power a satellite, pour a beer or run a watch. It didn't accomplish these things by avoiding things that violate the philosophy of being a phone OS.
Hey, I'm glad they're giving it a shot, seeing what can be done on the new format.  

And as much as  noise cancellation and voice recognition and such are important, Minuum is a virtual keyboard company.  That's what they do.  And they absolutely should try to make the best dang virtual keyboard on every dang device out there, including the ones strapped to our wrists.
+Beau Champion My remarking that something seems like a terrible idea certainly doesn't prevent you from using it if you so choose.
My Mrs has a Moto-X.  She rarely types on it.  Most of her interaction with is starts "OK Google Now".  

Seems like if that is becoming the norm for something as large as a phone, it would be the natural interaction with something as small as a wearable.   
+Roger Weber totally agree, if they can bring voice recognition on smartwatches to the level of Moto-X then I'm sold. 
+Thabo Mboneni actually the voice recognition on the Android Wear devices is really good, I am from the Caribbean and it has no problem understanding me with my accent.
I can certainly see a use case for this so I don't know why so many are against it. What if you work in an office? Are you going to reply to texts using your voice and possibly disrupt other people? What if your phone is a good distance away and you still want to reply to that message quickly and silently? People aren't going to be texting from their watches 24/7 with this but to just shut out something is naive.
andy wear is designed for voice controls.
Because your phone is just a few feet away, if you use this - you sir are a douche
+Michael Jones as a gear live owner if my phone is too far away, or if it would disturb someone then I wont respond. Phone etiquette rules still apply
Wait.... What if you're on a bad date? Loud club? In a meeting? With the in-laws??!  -are you all really going to speak into your wrist or discretely message someone without the obvious phone at the dinner table...  I see plenty of practical applications to having this.  Not for daily use but there's a time when it will be handy.
New Google accessory: Tiny Android Fingers! Tap with TAF
I realize a lot of people on this thread have never used an Android wear watch
+Marlon Thompson so if there was an option for you to silently respond and still fall in line with traditional phone etiquette you would rather not respond than type? I don't really understand
And for the record I have a G watch and I can see how this could be useful if done right.
I agree with andre outlaw look how little the button are my damn finger wont fit u can keep that bullshit 
+Michael Jones I repeat again some people have never used an Android Wear device. Some apps are just not practical. We have quickly reached a point where people think because it can be done it should. Sorry that is not so as +Phil Nickinson said on twitter "Miniuum on Android Wear is not aboput typing on a Smartwatch. Its about advertising for a $3.99 Android Keyboard." +Rick Merritt i have one.
Hahaha. I'll give it a go. But keep my expectations low. I don't see the point. Might as well use the phone. 
Marlon when u sent your comment did u use your android wear device?
+Marlon Thompson At this point, merely several weeks into Android Wear's lifetime, I'm not ready yet to say "some apps are just not practical"... even if I suspect that plenty of apps are just not practical.  I want crazy devs to try crazy stuff anyway.  99% of it will suck, and will disappear.  1% of it will be awesome, and will make my life better.  Hooray for the 1%! 
+Jason Colby thank you for your point of view, and I love that Android is this open space where people can create a ton of different things. I am not saying that devs can't go crazy but I can have an opinion and say that some apps are just not practical and are implemented badly. And I am an original Kickstarter pebble user so I have seen shit on the wearable platform but I have also seen that platform produce some really great apps. I want devs to look at those platforms and see what worked and bring it over to Android Wear. I would love someone to do a port of Pebble Notifier as notifications are still a hit and a miss on Android Wear. I would love Facebook/Swarm to update their app as their implementation on Pebble is pretty good and could be so much more awesome on Android Wear where you get contextual tips just appear based on your location or time of day, like suggesting eating places around lunch time. and one click to navigate straight from your wrist. Hey if your a dev call me I got ideas. And trust when and if Apple launches their Smartwatches we are going to see a ton of highly polished apps that make sense for Wearables immediately .
I don't think I'd use it, other than a quick reply such as ok... I'm glad to see development being pushed and options for people who might want to tap a few words out on their smart watch.

How smart or useful is something if it's held back by doing simple tasks?
+Dave knaus and there is another app idea. On the pebble, there is an app I forget the name where you can send short messages as a reply straight from the watch, I don't know if this can be done with Android Wear but you could have an app on the phone where you can write and save your custom messages and if an email or a text comes in you can give your short quick response using your stock responses right from the watch. That is far more practical than building an entire keyboard as you would only be sending short responses anyway.
it's not a wrist-phone! it's a supplement! Like rooting a Nook Simple Touch won't make it more than an e-reader, adding features to android wear won't make it more than what it's intended to be. lol.
Why can't we just leave functionality to some things...
I can see use cases when this would be good, but I wouldn't dare to call it everyday solution 😉
-___- ...... how in the freaking world....
Didnt captain kirk talk to his wrist?
Well... I think it's a great idea. Imagine being out and no internet, voice dictation doesn't work without internet, so how would you respond with your watch without this?
Wait, now.... Typing on that Lil screen is just...... Ugh!!!! 
How could you type on that thing?
May as well get you're phone out and type it, it'd be much quicker.
Maybe next year's update or next generation of watches will allow us to just think what we we want to say and it shows up on the watch. Whatever. 
I think voice input would be the way to go not typing. If you type, there should be a customizable list of responses you can choose from "brb", "i'll call you back", "Ok", "OMW" stuff like that. 
U cant type that out if u have fat fingers how would i see type o negative with a manafier
Android Wear was never meant to have an input method where you're supposed to touch the screen, it's all controlled by voice, so that Minuum keyboard coming for Android Wear will be a big fail.
+Jak Khawk and to everyone else the point is to be a part of life. Not let it go on around and without u. Bad date? Excuse urself and be honest. Damn be real. With the in-laws? So ur gonna be rude and text on ur watch instead of rude and text on ur phone? 
I just don't see the point of this.  At all. 
Only 2 real uses.
First, see notifications. Second, pretend you're Michael Knight.
I will probably never talk to a device in public and if this helps me respond 'ok' or 'no thanks' or 'home soon' then great, I would totally use it and I love that I will have the option. 
Tom C
So getting this, so I can be frustrated.
Notice they don't show the guy driving his car.....
I'm gonna go on a rampage beating people with their smart watches soon. 
I know people have already said this but typing isn't the only input. There is voice recognition too. Neither of these options are the solution but using one or the other depending on the situation is what it is meant for. Also some features like quick response would greatly improve it. Sometimes you must text and can't talk plus it would be a distraction to get your phone out and this fills the gap. By using both input method on a case by case basis it makes android wear better all around. Furthermore I see it possibly going in the direction of a virtual keyboard that only you can see. one last note you don't have to use it and some people want to use it so condemning it simply because you dislike it takes away from others experiences it will enhance some people's experiences as for the rest it is an extra feature not a mandatory interface.
You should just talk to text on something that small.
Well, this is okay for people who have a voice that's just so hideous, you have to scream at voice recognition...In a quiet place, even. At least this lets you correct your mistakes without having to scream random shit into your wrist 2-3 times.
U gotta be kidding me. Next thing they will come with stylus accessory :))
+Jason Efstathiou the point is to are lives easier and by giving us a multitude of features it doesn't limit what we can do. we can choose what is and is not practical for our daily Lives. So we should encourage devs to make all the crazy apps they want then if it helps you download it if not ignore it that is the same thing we do in our phones and since this is an accessory to a phone should it not have the same chance. I mean look at all the things people have said were stupid but now are an important part of our lives.
I'm holding out for a USB mouse accessory to this accessory.
Voice recognition on my iPhone 5s sucks. I can't imagine it's much better on that device.
Now u know there's no way u can type on that thing lol it way to small
Although it really does kill the purpose of watch for most people, but I'm sure there are some that will find it useful
Agreed... Defeats the purpose of android wear.... At a glance design and concept... But android all about choices... So.. Go ahead and make the wrong one... Lol
Attention +Mitch Gersbach I am from the Caribbean and speak with my native Trinidad accent and my gear live has consistently recognized my voice inputs. I take your point about the recognition but a keyboard on your watch is not a solution. An app that can give quick preprogrammed responses would be better any longer responses use your phone 
I like the idea but typing would be a major problem. 
Cute, but very impractical - I would advise against it.
No! Stupid. It's not a phone. Voice command is better.
that looks difficult to say the least, I can just about see the letters
If you're into having less options with your watch don't download the app... Or better yet get a ios device 
Jay S
I really like this watch
Old news. Done a long time ago on the OG Galaxy Gear
Very small you should call it a mini phone
This is truely useless. Gesture typing would be better but even then it's not the real point of a smartwatch.
+Julia Parsons It's not a phone, it's a watch powered by an OS called Android Wear, and they were advertising a keyboard for it which will be a big fail because there is already voice input in Android Wear.
If you like it, download it, if you don't like it, don't download it. Why all the drama?
+Alvins Str Are you kidding? Android Wear uses voice for input, not keyboards, so it's pointless.
+Jay S They weren't advertising the dang watch idiot, they were advertising a failed keyboard coming to it.
+Serban Alexander Manea Why not? Because there is already voice input powered by Google voice search and imagine that keyboard on the Moto 360, total fail.
I think I'll wait for the Rolex
+Ta'Nya Wells , +Endya Smith They are advertising a keyboard for Android coming to Android Wear, not an Android wear watch, what idiots. Have you ever heard of Minuum Keyboard for Android? I think not.
+Sam King , +ccjpretty J. It's nowhere close to cool, Android Wear is meant to have voice input, not keyboards, so it's a fail. And a reminder, the video was advertising a keyboard for a smartwatch OS called Android Wear and they weren't advertising the Android Wear watches in the video.
I already have a phone. Android wear is a watch, let's keep it that way
How can u actually type with that thing??? It's really small. It looks cool but I don't think its worth the money.
-_- why does one need to type on a watch? pointless :/ 
Now I'll have to hire an even smaller person to take dictation. ..
Typing on a smartwatch is highly impractical. Voice input is the way to go.
Yes... If only voice recognition was something available to the general public :)
U might as well keep your phone in your pocket then. Lol
Lol,..smartwatch will getting bigger and bigger over next couple of year just like smartphone does and people will get use to it. Typing even better. Hahaha...
Voice command should be enough for smartwatch lol.
I say we go the same route as the phone. I see a flip watch with a keyboard. Not!
At least we all know what there will be a surplus of at pawn shops
+Saeed Siddiqi , +Jayden Arroyo-Sanford , +Ash Archer , +Itsno tthat , +William Stiggers For crying out loud, the video is talking about a keyboard for Android extending to Android Wear, a smartwatch OS from Google, and NOT Android Wear, Android Wear watches themselves, or a phone. And Android Wear watches are not designed for touchscreen keyboards, so don't even try complaining about Android Wear watches being hard to type on, because it's designed for voice input. And again Android Wear watches are NOT phones, so don't compare it to midget phones that people have. I know I'm repeating this a lot, but Android Wear smartwatches are not small because they are not supposed to be phones, so they are not small.
+Dustin Jackson the concept is cool, but I think we're a little bit away from a truly functional execution of it. That's all
Jag J
Now if it used predictive text to know what you wanted to say before you type it, that would be useful !
Ok,there is not way this is going to work for all of us people who wear glasses. I think companies need to make bigger wrist tablets. So I can actually read the text without busting out the magnification glass.
that is so stupid!
it takes about longer than it takes to just take out your phone and start texting
+Jag J Forget the predictive text, this keyboard already sucks, both the Android version and the Android Wear version, because this keyboard was designed for Android phones and tablets first. It sucks especially on Android Wear because Android Wear was never meant for third-party touchscreen keyboards.
+Cody Milunsky Exactly, or just don't use Minuum for Android Wear at all and settle with a voice input so you don't have to take out your phone at all.
+Kim Khin khin Android Wear was never meant for touchscreen keyboards, so Minuum for Android Wear already sucks.
Does it tell the time as well ?
That aside, is this an extension of a phone or a stand alone device ?
Doesn't it have voice recognition so you can just type a text on that? 
+Justin Kremer, yes, and it really works quite well (at least in American English).  My only issue is that it doesn't always know when to end sentences or clauses and insert punctuation, and it also misspells a ton of names and other proper nouns.  So far my attitude has been "oh well" and send it anyway, but it is irritating.
How do you even type on that the keys are so small??!!
Believe it or not Motley Fool says this kind of thing is going to be the next HUGE thing..Apple is investing huge money with Nike and others to make it work...this is not eve a prototype. 
I think the keyboard looks to small and I'm only ten.
Why not. I'm deaf and I want to wear damn android watch. It would benefit me when I type for anything on watch to get information or keep in touch. 
Gonna have to go with no. Screen is just to small.
Fat finger discrimination. Why keep using the screen as there is a whole human body circuit to lock into? 
Most of you guys have obviously never used minuum
even though you need tiny fingers that's pretty cool 
Google now works perfect for me. So i would definately not be typing on a wearable.
The way minuum works in low profile mode, you can either type normally and depend on autocorrect/prediction, or you can briefly hold it and it will pop up with the keys within the area and then slide and select the letter you want. Definitely not good for long posts or reponses, but if you just want to quickly respond to something, this would do just fine.
Jose C.
Just another advertisement trying to hype up android wear.

First of all, this is something that can be done on your phone.

Second of all, who doesn't ever have their phone on them?

Third of all, is a phone really something so uncomfortable to have on you that you need something small and tiny on your wrist instead of just pulling out your phone and messaging someone?

This is such a gimmick and just another way for the rich to get richer.
I can barely get my hands to type on a phone trying to type on of these seems like a darn mission!
The actual keyboard is wack... but I wouldn't mind a voice input keyboard for messaging apps like this. 
what is this instrument phone,music  or sms only
even though i dont have one, i find this frustrating
tooooo small!ypu have to squint your eyes and use your pinkie to type
If you haven't tried minuum keyboard you should. I've used it & it's pretty good on the phone even in the the compact mode for how little room it takes up but I don't have a smartwatch so I can't test it on that.
This is the very interesting point where all the head nodding folk step forward and show that they don't really get the concept of Android wear and to a larger extent they don't get why wearable technology needs to be actually brilliant and not just what you did on your phone with a smaller screen. 
If you haven't tried the minuum keyboard, you should. I've always used Swiftkey, but right now I'm using the stock android sliding keyboard. But the minuum is interesting and work really well, even if all the keys are on one line! The perfect keyboard for a watch
I can't wait for the first Bluetooth portable keyboard for Android Wear. And accompanying mouse.
omg can we have a casio calculator watch skin
+Hina Javaid I hate those people who just add other people to their circles even if they don't know them.
They make apps like this then people are going to complain about how smart watches are a stupid idea when they see this.
I want one how much and where can I buy them? 
Di Rod
Bad design idea! That's just moronic!!! what about voice commands to typing!  
Why don't just use with voice only