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"Part of being open is that people are going to do things with" Android, Rubin said. "People are going to do dumb things with it. And if they are actually dumb, it'll fail. But if they build something that's awesome, I can learn from it. ... It's a mistake to think that one company can create the world's inventions."

Some interesting bits of info in this article -- including the fact that +Andy Rubin built a robot whose sole function is to inscribe the Android logo into the foam of Googlers' coffee. 

(The robot runs on Android-based software, of course.) 
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Gotta say that this is a nice quote:  "It's a mistake to think that one company can create the world's inventions."
But one company sure can pretend!
And we know one company that has succeeded in improving on technology other people didn't think would become major products that google now is a part of. Oh shit, guess people don't know apple has been at the forefront of the computer and Mobile industry for a long time.

Get a clue google fanboys. 
Just shows how quickly android has expanded with Andy Rubin's mindset.
I agree with +Bruce Smith unless you have built a multi billion dollar company from your garage then you have done nothing major to contribute to the world or the economy of the U.S.
+Joaquin G really? You look as you sound. ASBO for you, me thinks. Do you have to start a business in a garage? 
I'm a Android lover different strokes for different folk!!!!!
+Joaquin G strongly disagree about the your contribution to economy statement. I mean...people have to BUY your product. That in itself is contributing the economy. Just stating...
Pretty sure the humongous ad revenue that Google has created is helping the economy quite a bit. Android was created to be a delivery system of adverts right to the consumer. I'm pretty sure it is working quite well for both Google and the companies that use Adsense to get their products out there. If that's not helping the economy, I don't know what is.
+Eddie Buford You don't have to BUY anything any company produces. Let the economy collapse. It might be a good thing. Then maybe people will really understand what is important when they have to make their own stuff. And work together on more important issues than what mobile devices are the "best". 
You're living in a world of consumers brother. Yes, if that scenario ever played out, we would appreciate what we had. The problem is, if there is a demand for something, someone else will make that thing available to the masses for a cost. That's just economics.
I have every cell phone ever made. That's how rich I am. Lol. Peasants. 
El Nibo
"Unlimited budget" using limited phones??. just like everyone else, the hype of using the fruit phone.. closed minds
+Priv Hudson android is for people that like excellent features and awesome products. Iphones are for people who Don't know better or for people that want to try to be cool - either way only an insecure trollish fanboi would make a post like that...
Why is this necesarry? Is this a war? Calm the f*** down, fa***!
O please Priv Hudson. Are you serious. Always an excuse. 
I love all tech products. Except Microsoft products. 
Seems to me that these days Android appeals to people on both sides of the spectrum -- geeks who want to tinker and others who just want something flashy and cool. Not to mention people like me who want it all. Regardless of who you think is the better company -- Apple or Google -- I'd say that's a pretty good recipe for success.
I still get a kick out of all the people thinking they're "rich" or "better" just because they buy apple products. Lol. Talking about people who need to get a life! Poor delusional SIMPs!
The stats are that an operating system that is only installed on 1 (ONE) manufacturers phone is out sold by an operating system that is installed on, oh I don't know, let's be conservative and say 6 other manufacturers. Hardly a big achievement. I wonder what would happen if Apple released its OS to another phone manufacturer.

I'm not saying this from an Apple owners perspective, but from a realists one. Android phones appeal to many types of people, but the sales figures tell you part of who that is: people who can't afford an iPhone.

iPhones are the most counterfeited phone on the black market. They are the most stolen phone on the planet. This should tell us something.

Apple have a loyal customer base, but they also appeal to people who like what the phone does and how it looks.

Being a person who calls an iPhone owner names because of the phone they prefer to own is one of the most pathetic indictments of a human character flaws.

I'm just saying.

And before the torrent of a use starts ('cause you know it will) let me say that my next phone will be something other than an iPhone simply because they've changed the connection size, making my accessories obsolete - if I bought a new iPhone.
Robert jones; iPhone can send to iPad without wires or cloud, but it depends on the service provider. I didn't know that so got a free app that links them via wifi (not cloud). In Australia & New Zealand (amongst other countries) the Bluetooth function does it because he networks allow them to. That's not Apples decision. 
+Geoff Ruscoe sorry, you missed one of the 3 groups of people that use iPhones.

The last happens to be people who want a phone with a lot of features that still to this day outperforms all android phones and gets a yearly release into an ecosystem that has a very universal experience.

That universal experience is what's allowed apple to become the biggest phone maker. Even if they don't make as many phones as say, Samsung, they still provide a vastly superior product. 
How refreshing to hear an interview with a humble yet hugely successful executive. If this was Steve Jobs, he would have spent the whole interview talking about how revolutionary Apple is for doing something like adding an extra row of icons.
Let's not forget the one free feature that comes with every Apple product since the early 80s - the ability to turn the buyer into an insufferable prick with a superiority complex over a piece of technology.
For decades, we've had Apple users (Mac and iPod and iPhone) blather on and on about how wonderful and cool they've become by using these products and how others are stodgy and old. Hell, the company practically encourages such behaviour starting with the 'I'm a Mac, I'm a PC' ads. Why can't you use whatever suits your purpose and shut the fuck up instead of showing off?

Now when the shoe's on the other foot, with Apple throwing tantrums and lawsuits over stupid patents got by exploiting the broken American patent system, or the latest iPhone being underwhelming instead of being God's gift to the smartphone market, the same Apple users cry foul.
+Peter Preston Oh please. If you're going to compare prices,look up the price of a Galaxy S3 or an HTC One X, they're premium flagship devices that sell for as much or more than an iPhone, running comparable or better hardware.

And as for it taking millions of Android devices versus 'ein Volk, ein Phone, ein Fuhrer Herr Jobs', might I remind you that each one is unique as a snowflake, from dozens of manufacturers in different form factors, running different manufacturer overlays (this is a good or a bad thing depending on who you ask) - and each and every device is customized and personalized per the preferences of their users, be they ever so tech unsavvy.

This whole 'they bitch because they can't afford it' snobbery is the wonderful Reality Distortion Field that's in effect. Because in Apple land, paying several times more for a vaguely defined 'experience' that utterly limits you to using a device the way God, sorry Steve Jobs intended trumps any sort of value for money.

The most ridiculous notion of course, is that of attaching a luxury connotation to a computing product that has a six month lifespan before being superseded by one that's faster and works better. Luxury products are built to last and appreciate in value over time, and are actually handed down as family heirlooms or fetch millions at Sotheby's a few decades later. We're speaking of Omega watches, limited edition Ferraris, $100,000 Caran D' Ache jewelry encrusted pens and the like.
Your mobile phone, laptop etc won't go more than 3-4 years before the battery croaks, and in the case of the iPhone you're stuck with a sealed battery anyway. Let's see who values your iPhone say ten years from now.

High end Android device buyers can most definitely afford an iPhone, it's just that they're smart enough to value their money.
Jesse H
Ha ha. good points Raja. LOL.
this thread is like reading comp.sys.mac.advocacy from 1990. 
Jesse H
Your comments are good and funny with a twist. Keep it up Raja.
All good mistakes should be made. Even some bad ones. And any developer should look at this history. Problem is, some 'mistakes' lead to great discoveries, or at least some interesting developments.
Oh well.
Mike M
+Priv Hudson I would rather have my GalaxyS3 over an iphone5 anyday. And the note2. Which is also more expensive then the iphone5. But I guess you're not rich enough though, it's ok. 
People with money will buy a Rolls over a VW, for status, vanity, or like a dog who licks his balls 'just because I can'. And I would be the first to claim a Rolls, or better yet, a Tesla... but in the back of my frontal lobes of reason, rather than the primordial one-up-mans-ships that got us here... the thing I need is something that works, gets me from A to B. The rest is pure vanity.

And that's why I like trains. No f*g idot is going to crash me in a train (statistically)

That said, I want a good functioning android tablet.
Jason Edwards the reason why (I can't speak for others) talk to apple fans as to the stuff android can do is because I am tired of apple fans telling me how great their phones and tablets are. The apple fans I now are always trying to show me what their phone can do and the new features the next iPhone has. I just want to give them a dose of reality that the normal average cheap android can do a lot of the same stuff and did it first. One such example was the dude tried to show me that apples were the most nl y ones who could take screens shots. Proved him wrong. Oh and when iPhone 5 came out he was raving how it could take panoramic pictures. My phone could do that a year before his phone came out, hell my 4 1/2 year old Samsung non smart phone could do that. The list can go on and on. Why can't everybody agree that both systems are great in their own right. If you want a phone that just works pick an iPhone (even though this is less of a point with the newest android os's) . If you want to actual make the phone your own choose android. That is the reason I choose android. I get to choose what browser, keyboard, and launcher I wish without having to root/jailbreak. Freedom rocks. 
It's true!!! Apple is becoming the next Microsoft cries :(
I can afford an iPhone and yet it choose android. The misconception that if your using anything other than an iPhone is laughable. Both android and iPhone have great things going for them and its all a matter of what the individual wants in a smartphone, I love android for the simple fact that I can make it MINE. Who gives a shit about what OS outsold the other or what company is #1 in selling phones. I just want to be able to have my phone do what I want it to do. and if you ask me, fighting or arguing over which is better is very silly and childish because your NEVER going to change someone opinion. We are adults for God sake, lets act like it....... Please 
+Peyton Lassiter Microsoft was never like this. Apple's current behavior actually make them look good, so that's saying something.
I just dislike the way Apple does business. The iPhone is just an overpriced piece of eye candy. Great optimizations, but no innovations. Apple has copied the improvements of android and the cydia communities. There is nothing special that they've done but act like they came up with the innovations themselves. Then they parade their "new" technology and raise the price $100-400 above the industry standard. (ex. ipad mini and iPhone 4s, as well as the iPhone 5) this company somehow has manipulated the stupidity of modern Americans into thinking that if it looks nice and it has a high price tag then it's a good piece of hardware that's "worth" the money. Yeah no. I'll take a real screen, and control of what I put on my phone as well as HOW I put it there any day. Oh, and NFC doesn't hurt.
Apple did a lot of good things for the industry as a whole, that cant be denied but their conduct in the market today is destructive to themselves and detrimental to innovation as a whole. 
Android dominates the market. Again. 
B Lenny
GOOOOGLE mania!!!!!
+Joaquin G lol Apple is pretty much is a Microsoft "product". Who do you think funded them to keep them alive before this whole iRevolution (ipod, iPhone, etc...). Sounds like you love Microsoft "product's" to me.
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