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Well, how 'bout that? The Chromebook Pixel is real.

$1299 for Wi-Fi, $1449 for LTE. Starts shipping next week.

What do you guys think?

UPDATE: I've posted some initial thoughts on the device:
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um, yeah. A little bit on the expensive side for me. But I would want to play with one first before totally making that decision.
I think everyone who called my Surface Pro overpriced should be slapped. 
Uh, yeah, gonna pass. I really liked the thought of the Pixel, and I'd like to have one, but $1,300 is nuts. 
I'll let you know when pricing/availability gets announced in Canada.  Until then, it's just another nice toy that we can't get here.
(Although yeah, the price does look a little on the high side, come to mention it)
Of course it's real & #google  decided to leak a new video this morning; I had a feeling when #ubuntu  became flashable  they weren't just about to sit quietly...
Yeah it's real, real expensive!  Why not buy a MBA for that kind of money?  They need to shave like $500 off that MSRP.  Thing is, the $249 Samsung is almost too cheap, and the $449 Samsung is not a great deal either.  
Eehhh... I'm not sure.  I'm not a fan of the design: I don't like blocky laptop edges that cut into my wrists like that.  Plus, if i'm going to drop $1300 to $1500 for a computer, it'd going to be one hell of a desktop with a full-blown "real" (for lack of a better word) OS on it... 

not to mention that battery life... yeesh.  I had a test chromebook back in the day and that thing ran forever.  Only 5 hours?  No thanks.
Honestly, the only thing that surprises me is Google's decision to call it a Chrombook Pixel.  So when does my Samsung Chromebook get a Chrome OS update?
Play Store going upmarket. Interesting, now they need those physical stores. Comparable Ultrabooks are less than this, though. 
I think it is pricier than expected, but it doesn't really seem out of line for what it is offering.  Tempted to jump in but would like to see reviews.  Help us out here +JR Raphael Problem is, if the reviews are good, it will be out of stock for ever.
Nearly had a stroke since I just picked up a Samsung Chromebook last week... until I saw the price. I rather like my new Chromebook, and the Pixel's hardware is extremely enticing, but I can't imagine myself ever being able to justify $1300 for such a limited use product.
with all love to my ARM-Chromebook, this is overshoot.
I like how Google are pushing a philosophical/strategic view that the cloud should be our primary storage option, and I own the C7 and I'm happy about that. However, $1300-$1500 for a cloud laptop? That's a lot!
I mean, it's got enough pixels to give you full-blown 1080p anyway but still... 
I liked the design and the multtouch screen, and i love the OS... but it´s out of my budget.
+Derek Traini My initial reaction is that it seems a bit steep, but I'll wait until I've actually had some time with the device before I form any real conclusions.
...only if 1Tb cloud by 50$/Month x 36 = 1800$ makes sense.
Want! Oh, hang on, over a £1000? Don't want. I'll stick with my series 3 Samsung ARM. 
IMO If you just consider the hardware the pricing can be justified: retina-class multitouch display, intel i5 processor, and premium components. Also consider how the one with a larger solid state drive and an LTE modem comes with 2 years subscription of 100MB/mo baked in. Frankly, considering it's a Google product I'm sure there will be room to dual-boot Ubuntu and run a desktop-class OS on there. I held off from buying a Chromebook because the hardware just wasn't up to my standards. This premium device looks very compelling to me.
Whatever happened to, "Pixel real? not so fast." Lol
Pricey, BUT, I noticed it includes 1TB of Google Drive space for 3 years too. That would be like $1700 on its own, so if you want the Google Drive, you might as well get a free Chromebook with it. :P
Google has gone insane. It's the Nexus Q all over again.
after started using 16:9 or 16:10 displays 4:3 displays annoys me some
+Derek Traini poor college students with a beautiful woman on their lap are not allowed to complain :)
Waaaaay too expensive. Not interested in the slightest at this point.
+Tomas Haley-Ohrt haha well put. For $250 I can overlook the lack of a "real" OS. For $1300, it's just not an option.

Maybe we should pre-order one so that when they cancel it due to lack of interest we'll get a free one :)
Wow... No wonder why they need those retail stores. Who is gonna buy something at that price that they can't touch first?
+Toby Johnson why thank you very much! :) I guess you're right!...the Pixel is still sweet tho! haha
Um, okay...but what can it DO?   For $1299, it better do more than show me pictures of the sun.
Relieved. My $250 Sammy just got a lot better looking (even with that weird bend in the middle).  I was worried this would be a similarly priced product with a better screen and touch. Luckily this is far from that.
Seems like a different focus from "fast startup;" it doesn't say startup in eight, ten, or twenty seconds like the others! What happened to that? on tablets and touch on chromebook..will this merge into androbook? or chromedroid? i'll wait and see before i'll do the 1299 usd beta testing... 
No USB 3.0, lol? In what world is google living?
Yep. What happened to the latest and greatest having USB 3.0???
+JR Raphael What do I think? I think the next time the blogosphere sees something and starts doubting it, they should first sit and do some thinking of "is it possible to manufacture today". I looked at the video and the first thing I said "sure, Google can build that, no problem". So from the moment I saw the video, I said where there is smoke there is fire. And I said so in some of my comments. So I'm glad to see that Google has done it, and well ahead of schedule (I had it for Google I/O).Unfortunately, I also had predicted a price of $999. :( 
I don't want to know whats in it cause I can't afford this... knowing will only make it worse.
This is the kicker: this design was started 2 years ago when high powered ARM cores were not available. Just think what is going to happen in the next couple of months and years to the cost/performance model given that this is the starting point.

They are going to drive the cost/value of laptops in the next iterations the way that they did phones to the Nexus 4! 
BTW love the 3:2 screen ratio. Been gritting my teeth with all these low res 16:9 PC screens of the last generation.
Sounds like a cool device, but I cannot see where the device picks up a market... As a toy for someone who has money to burn and loves all things Google? I would rather blow that cash on Google glass.
+Johnny Zed  Google claims 5-6 hours ... but that might be at lowest brightness, with WiFi and LTE disabled, and not streaming any music or videos. TheVerge got a few review units (so they'll have real world numbers soon enough), and their review units seem to be running a stable channel of Chrome OS which lacks many of the improvements that I believe are meant for the Pixel's touch interface. 

I hope JR gets a review unit (sorry if he stated he already has one) because it is always nice hearing his take.
+Johnny Zed Quoted at five hours. (Too early to have any real firsthand impressions.)
I have a loaner coming so no hands-on experience yet. But, I'm stuck on the price point and value. Maybe I'd feel differently if the touchscreen was used to support Android apps. We'll see!
+Kevin Brooks I'm certain there is a team at Google working on exactly that; Android apps+Chrome OS apps = 1 laptop
+JR Raphael Excellent! I'd like to know if these review units are shipping with stable channel or not. It would be nice to see if Google is or already has addressed some of the first hands on stuff I've heard about the device.
+Jesse Dietderich & +JR Raphael I'm really curious about the "in the wild" numbers.   Battery life is a pretty big thing to me, before I'll even consider a laptop.  5 hours is about minimum for what I'd like to see, and I'd like to know if, in real-world usage, it comes out to that.  There's a huge difference between "in optimal conditions" 5 hours and "how a real human being would use it" 5 hours.
+Jesse Dietderich I'd imagine it would be on the stable channel by default, but I'll find out for sure soon. 
+Jesse Dietderich FYI, I'm told by Google that touch-related changes have been filtering down for a while now and are already present in the stable channel.
$499 nexus 10 with bt keyboard and you have same functionality. 
Pleasantly surprised by the 4:3 screen. I hate having to work on 16:9 or flatter. 
+Pieter Lamers Maybe. Or it could just be a cool-looking decoration with no hidden meaning. :-)
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