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Is the standalone "Google Store" about to become a reality?

No idea if this is actually true, but it's certainly an interesting notion.
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I hope so! Would love to see a store with Nexus devices everywhere!
Of course it is, and it'll sell that Chromebook Pixel thing.
hopefully, miami, being a large city, we get a store or two... right next to the apple store in the mall would be good :D
a Genius Omniscient Bar would be cool - maybe a Google Apps for Business area for signups/help too
Funny comment from someone on Twitter:

Will they be able to keep anything in stock? Or will it just be an empty store with pretty pictures?
Of course, a Google store would have everything in stock... but when you try to buy it, you'll get a 404 error, and the Plusser behind the counter will offer you a cached version on which all of the logos have been replaced by a ripped postit note.
The idea of this needs more +1
Wonder if they would open up shop outside the US... Still no Google wallet or Google talk in Canada.
I think Google pushing into the retail space (and for that matter the carrier space) is inevitable.
I'd like to know when it's a possibility in my area, I would open one up in a heartbeat here!
It should help sell products. I went to Staples in Woodland Hills, CA in the Los Angeles area before Christmas and was browsing the 15+ tablet section and no Nexus 7. They had a wide variety or tablets including the Kindle Fire. I asked an employee if they had any Nexus 7s in stock and he didn't know which tablet that was. I asked a manager and he said they did have 4 in stock in the back. I asked why they weren't out on display and he said their "display guy" hadn't gotten around to it and it was the only one in stock not out on display.
So yeah,.... A Google Gadget Store would be great. 
+JR Raphael , something unrelated to the main subject here. Will you be reviewing the Xperia Z? Thanks.
Hopefully it won't just be ONE store ONLY in Kansas City. 
Yes yes yes!!!!! Will they sell fiber there???:-)
How much could they sell though.....unless they start selling Google stuff like that android desk light.....I mean right now all they have are 3 nexus devises and a hand full of chrome books....but I would still hangout there just to be cool......
yeaaa,now we will have a place to camp out at months before the next nexus device goes on sale wooohooo!!!
Maybe apple owners can now come in for directions to Google maps... 
+Robert Tan I hope to review it at whatever point the U.S. variation comes around.
Thanks, +JR Raphael. I had wanted to wait a bit longer for more reviews to follow, but I've now decided to go ahead with it anyway. Since time has now come for me to change devices, I realized that what I really want foremost from my next gadget is to try out another Android environment. It's a bummer that the Nexus 4 is not available here (that was my first choice), so the XZ will have to take its place. Wish me luck. :-)
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